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The eternal early level guide

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Posted 23 April 2010 - 07:26 AM

The Eternal Early Level Guide


I played MapleStory for a long time and by now i know lots about early levels(funnily enough, i never reached 70, but im close).
Before you start reading this guide, there are coments added by adventurers, Cygnus knights,arans,and evans.
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This guide includes quests and a few lvl 50+ stuff and pq guides.

Lvl 1-20
Posted Image
Start off as(W00t!) lvl 200. Do a quest and you then watch a video and you are in the snowy island of Rien, and greeted by Lilin, a girl with cyan hair. go through the tutorial quests and you'll be lvl 5 in no time. Then Lilin will give you more tutorial quests(enough quests already!).Each quest will lvl you up.
Lvl 5-10
1.Talk to Lilin, kill 10 murupas(in the map to your right), then talk to her again.
2.Talk to Lilin, kill 15 murupias(1 map rigt of murupas), then talk to her again.
3.Talk to Lilin, kill 20 murumurus(1 map right of murupias), then talk to her again.
4.Talk to Lilin, kill 5 murukuns(2 maps left of Rein), then talk to her again.
5.Talk to Lilin and answer her questions-they're too easy I'm not gonna mention the answer <.<
Lvl.10 1st Job Advancement
1.Talk to Lilin and then talk to the giant polearm.
1.Talk to Lilin then talk to the penguin 1 map left of Rein(Puo).
2.Kill 20 slimes in the training centre near the penguin.
3.Talk to the penguin, and kill 20 orange mushrooms in the training centre.
4.Talk to him again and kill 20 pigs in the training centre.
5.Talk to the penguin(you'll get the combo ability skill) then talk to Lilin(this is supposed to lvl you up to 13 but you'll probably lvl while killing the slimes, mushrooms,and pigs).
6.Talk to the penguin 1 map right of murumurus and he'll take you to Lith Harbour in Victoria Island. This would take 1 minute.
7.If Aran is just released, you'll notice that Lith Harbour has been extended. Go to the top right of Lith Harbour and enter the new info shop and talk to Tru.
8.Talk to Teo(also in Lith Harbour). He'll ask you to get him 10 snail shells,blue snail shells, and red snail shells. To make life easier, talk to the new box npc near John(the depressed old flower guy wo makes you undergo a JQ in Sleepywood. Yeah, that guy)then talk to Teo, then talk to the box, then talk to John(you'll obtain the shells) then talk Teo(2 times to complete both quests).
9.Talk to Tru. Talk to him again and go to the Lith Harbour cab (there IS one.No, not the VIP cab, get out of the info shop and go right until you find it). It will take you to Henesys for free.
10.Talk to Bruce in Henesys and get 30 orange mushroom horns from orange mushrooms. Cynical ones drop them too, and since there's a map near Henesys where there's a whole lot of them.
11.Talk to Bruce and then go two maps right of Henesys then enter the mini dungeon(It's through that big flashy portal). Kill pigs and ribbon pigs until you get 50 pigtails, then return to Bruce.
12.Talk to him yet again(sigh)and kill 50 cynical orange mushrooms(go 1 map right of Henesys then go through the portal at the top-right of the map).Eventually, they'll drop a doll. Take it and return to Bruce.
13.Talk to Tru.
1. Talk to Tru then go to Ellinia and talk to Rowen the Fairy.
2. Go 3 maps to the bottom west in Ellinia, then enter the tree in front of the 'talking tree' npc and kill some dejected green mushrooms(I'm not sure but it might be around 25).You'll need to get another doll from the dejected green mushrooms then turn in your quest.
3.Talk to Rowen then go and talk to the 'talking tree' npc mentioned earlier, then return to Rowen.
4.Talk to Rowen and then to Tru.
5.At lvl 19, go to Rowen and she'll tell you to kill 100 green mushrooms(dejected or not)and get another doll.Turn in your quest.
6.At lvl 20, Rowen will tell you to do the same as in the level 19 quest.
Note: If you aren't strong enough for your next quest, do the beginner warrior quests. If you're still not as high level as you need to be, try enesys party quest.
Posted Image Start off in a farm near Henesys. From then on, keep on doing quests and you'll level pretty quickly.
1.Your dreaming-you must be! You're in some foggy forest place. Go all the way over to the right and-OMG IS THAT A DRAGON!?Yes it is. Talk to it and you'll wake up(phew).Get out of your bedroom and talk to Anna, your mother. Go outside and talk to Utah, your brother.Hey, wait a second! Isn't Utah the guy from the lvl 23 quest 'Camilla's gem'!?HE'S NOT MY BROTHER!
2.Talk to Utah, then go right and alk to Bull Dog, and return to Utah.
3.He'll give you a sandwich. Eat it and talk to Anna (she'll give you fresh juice and milk and a hat).Posted Image ,''Can't I have some ice tea, mom?''
4.Talk to Anna and she'll tell you to go to your father(Gustav) and give him his breakfast. Go out of the house and enter the portal on the left. Follow the arrows and enter the portal, and then talk to Gustav.
5.Talk to him again and kill some stumps under you to get 3 branches. Turn in the quest.(you'll get more milk and juice and a wooden chair)
6.Talk to your dad and go to the top left of the map. Keep walking until you see the piglet. Walk towards it....ARGHHHH!Posted Image ,''Hey, this place is familiar''Hey, it's the forest in your dream!Hey, is there a dragon here too? Keep walking to the right and-WHOA!A gigantic egg!Talk to it and you'll be teleported out. Hey, that's the piglet in front of you! Talk to it and go back to your dad.(note:press the key assigned for skills and you'll see the egg)
7.Go back to mom and shell give you more milk and juice.Posted Image ,''So....when am I going to get my ice tea?''
8.Talk to Utah. He'll ell you to get an egg-no, not your suspicous blue egg! Get one from the basket on your right. Now if you did this, press the skill key to see your egg in an incubator.
9.Talk to Utah and go to the map on the right. Kill 10 of the foxes there.Tun in the quest to get more juice and milk plus a wand that you can't even equip.
10.Talk to Utah then gustav, who'll tell you to kill 20 pigs in the map to his left.
Lvl.10 Job Advancement
There isnt one-well not really. Your egg hatches. Say hi to Mir, your cute little baby dragon.Set up your stats and add points to Magic Missle.
1.Talk to Mir through the lightbulb on is head-Hey, dragons can talk!?
2.Kill 30 pigs and click on Mir once you're done.Then Mir will tell you to give him some hay. Go to the right and up the laderyou took to go to te piglet, except this time attack the hay stacks until you get 3 hay.Talk to Mir.
3.He'll then tell you to get him some pork. Get 10 from the pigs on the map on the left and talk to Mir.
4.Talk to Mir then to your dad, then go back to the map with the pigs. Go to the top and click on the cows to get some milk. Then talk to Mir. You'll get 1first stage sp and some exp-yep, exp from quests.
5.Talk to Mir and go through the dialog.

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