HPQ Guide 2.0

#1 Splizes



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02 April 2010 - 10:26 PM


  • Level 10+
  • A party of at least 3
  • 1600 exp
Stage 1:
In this quest you are assigned the task of protecting the moon bunny while he makes his rice cakes. You need 10 of these cakes in order to pass the test, however in order to make the moon bunny come out and make the cakes you need to collect 6x Primrose Seeds (1x Purple, 1x Green, 1x Pink, 1x Blue, 1x Brown and 1x Yellow) from these locations:

and place them in their respective locations:

Once you have done this the rabbit will spawn and start producing cakes at a random rate and monsters will try to attack it and it's your job to protect it. The monsters are as follows:

Rice Cake Hat:
If you collect 20 extra cakes (not necessarily in the same round) and give it to the exit npc you will be rewarded with this hat:
A Rice Cake on Top of My Head

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#2 alewares



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12 August 2010 - 02:22 PM

osum guide (Y)

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