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Evan Q & A Answers and Winners

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Posted 26 March 2010 - 11:30 AM

A big thank-you to all who participated in the Evan teaser site's Evan Q & A event by forwarding your questions via Facebook and Twitter! As promised, we're delivering 10 answers to the 10 unedited questions submitted by our 30,000 Maple Points winners! At the bottom of this page are our 10 random winners of 5,000 Maple Points, so read on!

KnightMeBaby of Bera: When Evan the Dragon Master is released... will you have the option to have his/her hairstyles like You released for Aran? Yes! You will be able to purchase Evan's hair. Check the website on March 30th for more information. Sagittariusi of Scania: Is Evan part of the legend, one of the five heros who defeated the Black Mage? or is Evan just a new job different from the legend? While Evan himself is not one of the heroes that fought the Black Mage personally, he is part of an ancient line of dragon masters that was nearly wiped out by the Black Mage when he fought the legendary heroes. FailSpot of Bera: Will you get a extra Character Slot in your account? Players will get one free character slot in any world that they already have characters in. XiSAvatar of Bellocan: Will Evans have the skill teleport like other mages do? Yes, they can teleport just like other mages. JamrOfAran of Yellonde: Will you be able to equip your dragon like you can the pets with clothes, name tag, and item/meso grabbers?
Your dragon will have special equipments for it, but no-- it cannot equip Pet Use or Pet Equip items from the Cash Shop. Bathier00 of Khaini: Is the full grown in game version of Mir supposed to be as big as Afrien? The full grown Mir will be quite large but not as large as Afrien is in the game. ycnan of Broa: Is there any relation between the Dragon egg and Leafre? None that we know of, but there are many stories yet to be discovered s in the Maple World. You never know what we might find out in the future. iMxSusan of Bera: What is the level required to be an Evan? Is it the same as mages or like the other classes? Zero! As soon as an Evan character is created it is an Evan for life! ThiefXII of Windia: Considering the fact that Evan becomes a Dragon Master, more or less, right after the Onyx Dragon is born, does your Dragon grow with you as you gain levels? Yes, the dragon will grow as the player levels up. This process can be seen in more detail here: http://forum.nexon.net/MapleStory/forums/thread/4452940.aspx RoaDRvnneR of Broa: the evan's dragun need to use summoning rock?? No. Only MP is necessary to use Evan skills.

And here are the winners of 5,000 Maple Points:

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