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#1 ohyme


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Posted 07 January 2010 - 03:09 AM

Hai guys i am creating this build purely to see if there are people who feel like following my strange weird build.

This build will need a little bit of funding but not too much because of the maxing out heal and mp eater save alot on pots.

Lvl30:1 Tele
Lvl31:3 Heal
Lvl32:3 Heal
Lvl33:3 Heal
Lvl34:3 Heal
Lvl35:3 Heal
Lvl36:3 Heal
Lvl37:3 Heal
Lvl38:3 Heal
Lvl39:3 Heal
Lvl40:3 Heal(MAX)
Lvl41:3 MP Eater
Lvl42:3 MP Eater
Lvl43:3 MP Eater
Lvl44:3 MP Eater
Lvl45:3 MP Eater
Lvl46:3 MP Eater
Lvl47:2 MP Eater(MAX)1 Bless
Lvl48:3 Bless
Lvl49:3 Bless
Lvl50:3 Bless The reason for 10 bless is so that you have some stat ability and people will like you better in parties (NOTE:NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH PQ'S).
Lvl51:3 Tele
Lvl52:3 Tele
Lvl53:3 Tele
Lvl54:3 Tele
Lvl55:3 Tele
Lvl56:3 Tele
Lvl57:1 Tele(MAX)2 Holy Arrow
Lvl58:3 Holy Arrow
Lvl59:3 Holy Arrow
Lvl60:3 Holy Arrow
Lvl61:3 Bless
Lvl62:3 Bless
Lvl63:3 Bless
Lvl64:1 Bless(MAX)2 Invincible
Lvl65:3 Invincible
Lvl66:3 Invincible
Lvl67:3 Invincible
Lvl68:3 Invincible
Lvl69:3 Invincible
Lvl70:3 Invincible The reason for maxing out invincible at the end is because you will(should)always have maxed magic guard so not having invincible until the end shouldn't be a problem

I cant go into training spots for cleric yet because i haven't actually reached priest yet so when i do they will probably here.

These Are The Training Spot I Did As A Nightwalker And Some Cleric Suggestions But The Cleric's Wont Accurate.
Lvl30-40'ish: CPQ definitely and can train with heal when heal get stable and stronger at zombie mushrooms, jr.wraiths, chronos (or platoon chronos when your heal reaches 15 or so), and zombie lupins (max heal)

Lvl40-50: LPQ once CPQ starts getting slow/booooooring drumming bunnies (pretty good exp and drop decent equips to sell to NPC and dark crystals which some people want and you will want when you get to the 3rd job advancment), platoon and master chronos, and zombie lupin.

Lvl50-60: LMPQ and for monsters I would do the big wraiths no other suggestions for this lvl group so if you find any good monsters tell me. Apparently mp3 is good but only if you hav a completely free channel

Lvl60-70: *CPQ2 PPQ (when you are lvl 65) wraiths, coolie zombies, voodoo/hoodoo (for higher levels).(please also tell me if you find better monsters). again mp3

*The reason for CPQ2 at lvl 60 is because of the much stronger people at cpq2 where you are only at lvl 55 or something. Most likely people wont invite you or boot you the minute you get into a party. If you can find a party then great do it.

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#2 Haelionis


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Posted 07 January 2010 - 06:00 AM

I found training solo faster than searching for parties at PQs.

While I'm not a solo Priest, my Cleric build was that of solo (Except for MP Eater, which is utterly useless, Level 1 is good enough)
My build was:

1 Tele
1 MP Eater
Max Heal
Max Invincible
Max Holy Arrow
Max Teleport
Max Bless

This was a mistake, and ended up costing me more money than it should have, since I was solo'ing at Dead Scarecrows from Level 52 (I'm 83 now, and I'm still there lol)

The Optimal Cleric build for what I did should be

1 Tele
1 MP Eater
Max Heal
Max Teleport
Max Invincible
Max Holy Arrow
Max Bless

If you're heal training all the time, you shouldn't be dying because simple logic tells me that constant heal = constant full HP. At 2nd job, you shouldn't train at anything that you can't take at least 2 hits without MG. If you're constantly healing, and you can stand more than 2 hits, then damage shouldn't be a problem, and invincible can be delayed (Invincible is more useful in 3rd job anyway, where it reduces 500+ damage). Teleport will save you money in the long run as you zip through maps, increasing your EXP rate, because seriously...Invincible isn't going to make training faster.

Holy Arrow isn't a bad skill. Just people need to get used to it.

There's no use for bless if you're not PQing right? So Max it lass. 20+ stats are next to useless at higher levels, but some DKs actually incorporate their accuracy with Bless included. Besides, partying earns more EXP in the long run anyway.

Thanks to Faded

#3 IndoX


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Posted 07 January 2010 - 07:14 PM

Except for MP Eater, which is utterly useless, Level 1 is good enough... Holy Arrow isn't a bad skill. Just people need to get used to it.

Both are equally useless. You need neither to train, and both become even more useless in 4th job.

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#4 ohyme


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Posted 07 January 2010 - 10:47 PM

I max MP eater instead of arrow becuz mp eater will help you a ton in the long run and arrow is good enough at 11 and when ur a priest you will get shining ray which completely replaces arrow. most people say that arrow is better than ray because it has a faster casting speed but think mob makes up for that and is more powerful so mob>casting speed. also what did you do with the leftover sp points by keeping eater at 1? some people ive asked said magic armor but i dont like armor and you should have heal and guard so wats the point? your decision is completely yours and i respect that.

#5 Blade Oracle

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 12:56 AM

Not a bad build, although I would put the 11 Holy Arrow at the end, because it doesn't really help at all at that level (claw is much better). Magic armor is utterly useless. And we needn't debate the Holy Arrow/MP Eater issue; to each their own.

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#6 zel



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Posted 19 January 2010 - 07:56 AM

I'd max MP eater and dump the rest in HA. MPE might be useless but as long as you're training with Heal, it saves some pots and some :sack:
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#7 ohyme


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Posted 20 January 2010 - 08:46 PM


#8 Marble101



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Posted 04 October 2010 - 03:39 PM

Since Big Bang makes Magic Claw weaker, wouldn't you need to add to Holy Arrow for a strong 1-on-1 attack?

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