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Mage-Cleric-Preist-Bishop Anathema's Guide

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Posted 02 January 2010 - 08:19 PM

Hello I'am Anathema Here's A Guide For You All From Bits Off Other Peopls Guide/Immages But For Beginners But The Rest Is Purley My Work


Welcome to my guild for all class involving Healing, etc There are Mage-Cleric-(Preist)-Bishop Stages if you see a ( ) that means what stage im currently at. This is a guide from my expereince and some would be simulair as i followed a little off random guide's and some would have credit underneath as i might have found that that area was usefull to me ^^.

Why Choose To Be A Magician-Bishop Pro's / Con


-Highest amount of Mp
-Ranged attacks, some of which can go through walls
-Decent accuracy.
-May use MP to replace Hp with magic gaurd.
-Second Job advancement classes have elemental attacks; Clerics have many useful party skills.
-Decent damage at Third Job advancement levels.
- Might be paid heaps For Hs at Third Job advancement
- Most wanted class for Party training
- Great dammage dealt to Ghost monsters/ Affected by Holly Spells


-Drained Mp
- K.O without Magicgaurd
- May be longer to level unlike other classes
- The most affective training is around monsters that are hugley affected to Holly Skills

Being a Beginner

Now that you have created your character, you can start exploring and doing the simple quests on Maple Island. Do not forget to talk to Roger eat his Apple and to talk to him again, so that you can obtain three free Red Potions and three Blue Potions Also, make sure of doing Pio's quest and talking to him again to obtain the Relaxer It is also advisable to doPlease Bring This letter Too Lucas quest to receive a hat which will boost your weapon defense a bit.

Train until level 8 hunting Snails and, occasionally, Blue Snails Try not to waste your time on Red Snails or Shrooms the experience received is not worth the hits you give. It is not advisable either to kill Orange Mushrooms upon Mai's or Bigg'srequest — you will have the hardest time killing them since you only do from 1 to 3 of damage.

When you reach level 8, it is time to head towards your Job advancement. Go to South Perry and pay Shanks 150 mesos, or give him the letter that that that Lucas gives you from finishing all of her training quests,. When you arrive in Victoria Island, you can talk to the man at the ticketing boot and ask him to take you to Elinnia

Beginner Skills
A Beginner gets 1 SP each time (s)he levels-up, until level 7. You can spend these on the Your begginer Magicain Skills Recovery might be quite useful because you do not have much HP.Nimble Feet can be useful for flights and escapes, but once you accquire teleport it will be so no longer. If you're funded slightly, you might want to max Three Snails as it will speed your training to become a magician right along. You will have to have about 100 or so Red Snail Shells and about 50 Oranges (they heal 50 MP) to get to level 8. One way to get these would be to use another one of your characters (if you have one) to get the snail shells and buy the oranges, and then transfer it via Duey or one of the storage keeper people.

Note:The Three Snails Skill no longer requires an ample supply of snail shells, rather, it conjures them out of your MP.

Distributing Ability Points
Since Patch 0.65, you don't need to put any AP into INT or LUK before Level 8, since the AP are reset at the job advancement. Therefore, this guide applies only after Level 8.

Every time you level-up, you gain five Ability Points (AP). These can be used to improve your attributes STR, DEX INT LUK , HP and MP As a Magician, you will only need LUK to wear equipment and INT for magic attack. When you level-up you should go to your character Stats List and organize your AP so your LUK is equal to (Level + 3); and put the rest into INT. Most players recommend not to put any AP into HP, MP, STR or DEX, since this will dramatically weaken the magician in the distant future.

Exemplis grata: Let us say that a Magician has 9 LUK and 8 INT when (s)he creates his/her character. Therefore, his/her Stat List would grow this way (AP):

Level 2: 9 LUK, 13 INT
Level 3: 9 LUK, 18 INT
Level 4: 9 LUK, 23 INT
Level 5: 9 LUK, 28 INT
Level 6: 9 LUK, 33 INT
Level 7: 10 LUK, 38 INT

The general formula (when we finally reach (Level + 3) for LUK)

There's another way to put your AP points, it's confusing but better. Since INT effect how much mp you gain after level up it's better to put just all AP on INT until you need LUK for a equipment. For Example: You're lvl 10 and you want to wear the lvl 15 Moon Conehead hat once you get to lvl 15, this is how put your AP:

  • lvl 10: 48 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 11: 53 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 12: 58 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 13: 63 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 14: 68 INT, 13 LUK -- +5 INT +0 LUK
  • lvl 15: 68 INT, 18 LUK -- +0 INT +5 LUK
Thanks to: Aleczorich

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