How to make Maplestory Mesos and Nx free.

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29 November 2009 - 02:52 PM

(Before we start, I'd like to point out that my name is a way of expressing my obsession for Prizerebel and my favorite book "The Lord of the Flies") (Well its a three way tie between that, the Uglies Quatrilogy and the Twilight saga)

Guide to Prizerebel!

1) Getting started
2) Things that are needed
3) Things to do before starting
4) Doing offers
5) Getting Credited
6) Getting Prizes

1) Getting Started

Well I think MOST of you know what Prizerebel is, however, I am placing bets that not many of you know how to do offers with lightning quick speed. In fact, if one does it correctly, one may even be able to reach speeds up to 11-12 points per hour. That's basically $11-$12 an hour. Much higher than minimum wage, which many people take jobs in order to get their cards. Yes sad really, however Here I will show you tips and tricks to getting your Nx and Mesos.

2) Things that are Needed
In order to do offers efficiently, you will need
1) Firefox - Yes this is very important so remember that Firefox>IE
2) Greasemonkey Addon with Just say NO!-The next most important thing. This clicks through offers so you don't have to. Just click on Install on that page AFTER downloading Greasemonkey.
3) Access to the websites:
10 Minute Mail/-makes an E-mail for 10 minutes then destroys it. Good for spam blocking.
-Generates fake info so you don't give out your own.
4) Roboform -If you really want to give real info, here is your thing. Also used to fill forms that Greasemonkey can't.
Download both the toolbar and the program
Roboform Add-on
5) A Prizerebel Account. Create accounts here :
6) A Way to make more than 1 account per computer. In this case, a proxy. If you need one, Pm me and I'll give you the link to your own proxy. Basically, with this, you can do the same offers over, and over, and over, and over.

3) Things to do before starting

1. Make sure Firefox works.
2. Make sure Roboform works.
3. Right click on Roboform Toolbar-->Customize toolbar-->Put "Set Fields" onto the toolbar
4. Make sure Greasemonkey is activated(Bottom right, monkey head, rightclick--> Enable)
5. Create a Prizerebel Account with A REAL E-Mail, they don't spam you and activate it.
6. Open 3 tabs, these are your Prizerebel, Fake Name generator, and 10 Minute E-mail.
7. Log into your Prizerebel account
8. Click on the tab "Offers" on the top of the page
9. Then Sort by Points--> Greatest-Least
10. Ignore the 2 Point offer.
11. Revel in your ability to do what about 95% of the friends that I teach this to on facebook can't do.

4) Doing offers
Now that you've finished going through that backbreaking labor, its time to make some money! CARPE DIEM!

1) Go into Tools-->Options-->Privacy(Thing at the top with mask)-->See Cookies-->Delete all cookies(NOOO THE COOKIES weirdface7ut.gif)
2) Remeber to do that Before doing any offer
3) Ok now refresh your 10 minute mail page and fake name generator. You should get a new mail and fake identity.
4) Click on a 1.5 point offer that says something like Walmart vs Target
5) Now copy paste the fake 10-minute mail into the page
6) Next page fill it in with the crap gained from fake name generator
7) Now Grease monkey will do its work. If it fails to click, you click, and if there is a massive wall of things you have to yes/no on; click on the "Set Fields" Button on your Roboform toolbar.
(For those too lazy to customize, Roboform-->Fields-->Set Fields is the same thing)

5) Getting Credited

1) AFTER the entire crapload of ads are done....YOU FINALLY GET......................................... more ads. But this page is special. It will say something like, "You have been chosen to recieve........do one silver offer on this page." The thing is, YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THE OFFER! You just need to click on the offer and let it load, scroll to the bottom, go to "Gold Offers" Click on two ads, Let them load.
2)Click on your 10 Minute Mail tab. It should have an E-mail. If it has 2, make sure you click on the latest one sent by the company that you are trying to get credited from. Then open the E-mail, it will say that signing up will mean that you will be called and E-mailed and spammed(This is why we used fake info). You will then click on the link in the E-mail, go to the site, type in two passwords that are the same. You are now done signing up. WOO. Go back to your prizerebel tab, and refresh. You will see your points. If you don't.....well Clean your cookies and try the offer again. Some times, it takes a couple mins to a couple days to credit.
3) For all other offers, do the same thing, for quizzes, you can use the roboform (Set Fields) to get through it quickly. (When the offer says 1-2 days, it MEANS 1-2 days time to credit often) Some offers don't credit. Don't fret. Clear your cookies and try again. With this method, I made $27.30 on my first account, $18.05 on my second account, $5.20 on my third account, $9.3 on my fourth account, and 18.90 on my fifth account. I dont know how to load pictures so >_>. Not one single Referral. All in the time-span of around 2 weeks.
4) Most offers that are not the 1.5 point offers take about 1 day to credit. Thus, don't fret if you don't see points. On my first account, I had $8.90 and I wanted $.10 to get a Nx Card. I did like 30 offers. I didn't get a single penny. The next day, I wake up, and I had 27 points on my account. Patience is a virtue. I don't have it, thus I made $27 off of it.

6) Getting Prizes

My favorite part, Getting prizes. 10k Nx cards are only 9 points in prizerebel. 20m mesos is 5, 40m is 10, 80m is 20. But that's against ToS and 10k nx is worth about 80m so....yeah not worth it. If someone could tell me how to upload screenshots, I would gladly upload screenshots of my prizes and accounts.

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