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Another topic full of hate.

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Posted 03 September 2009 - 08:30 PM

This is a completely old issue I want to address about before any other people start making up more assumptions about me.
I remember a while ago, I had a fellow permanent beginner tell me I would become the next 1Hero, simply judging by my motives and by everything else I did.
Alright, to everyone else that would be like a compliment, as if never would the day come true when you’d be compared to one of the top beginners in GMS! Like, oh my gosh?

Hell no. You want to know why I say no? I don’t want to be a liar who spends his time starting BS and then leaves it there as if nothing happened. No, not acceptable. It just happens to be that permanent beginners ALWAYS, ALWAYS have some sort of drama, and this is indeed no exception. I don't blame it on myself for this; literally I don't care and I don't want it mentioned. But because people mention it, I might as well have to address it.
Let’s rewind back three to four months ago. Remember that beginner from Scania who makes a lot of videos, puts out his claims as “highest level non-leeching beginner” and once owned one of the largest and most active beginner guilds ever created? Yeah you know, 1Hero.
No, I no longer have any gripe on him; this was too many months ago that it’s all easily forgotten about. Or... maybe I still do. Maybe not. This post is simply to reflect the past and why I now have to be reminded of it again. Now that he’s completely gone from MapleStory, there would be no reason to throw another pointless insult at him again (unless “liar” counts as an insult, which to him I think it does). Yet I still have lots to say.
So... do you remember 1Hero’s videos? Yeah, every single beginner must’ve loved them, because tons of them took him as inspiration. (I wasn’t among those people in the first place, but anyways...) I remember his video showcasing members of his guild, NoClass. It was fun times indeed, because everyone I knew in NoClass wanted to be in this video, cause it’s 1Hero, god dang it!
Oh really? No really. Just watch this. A video that was once filled with joy, a video that once felt like an accomplishment to be in, now looks like a ridiculous hate-fest thanks to those messages that he’s recently added in. You must realize that I’m obviously among those being bashed. You should read about the comment on me in the video, it’s hilarious. In the stupidest way that can be redeemed possible. (If you’re really so curious, skip to 1:50 on the video.)
To admit, I did log on his account. I did screw around with his guild for a little bit before he disbanded it himself (no, I did not disband it; he had his own SS of himself doing all that stuff posted on Basil and elsewhere.) But did I ever job him; did I ever steal his stuff? Again, no. I don’t recall giving out his account info to a friend, and it is absolute BALLS because he gave his account info away anyways, so why is he blaming me?
And that is why people have been trying to grab me by the balls. Hard. Because of misreading everyone thought I hacked him. Not everybody (only this one guy) but whatever.

Oh wait, it’s just a silly defame that only occurred a week ago as I type this. All that stupid drama, all that dumb love I’ve been talking about earlier happened about 3 months ago. So... ARE YOU FOR REAL? You’re pissed off at me because I apparently did something I guarantee the majority of the MS population would’ve forgotten about already at this point? Why do you care so much still? Is 1Hero the guy’s life or something?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that smega was by 1Hero. But then again, I never said it was by 1Hero. (This smega occurred a bit after 1Hero’s timely demise.) But yeah, you’ll see why I say it like that later on.
To me it feels as if 1Hero completely jobbed himself, went back into puberty just so he can try to grab my balls too so he can also drag me under with him. Yeah, bad example. I’m just only stating what I felt at first when he quit, but still, that was what I had felt.
Of course, I haven’t explained why I hated him. Now that would be an even longer story, but I’ll try to sum it up for you. Trust me, these two words would’ve already pissed him off just by one glance, and this is what I’ll say about it: He lies.
He lies when he says that he doesn’t lie at all. He leeched. And unless he can remind me what I did by apparently “giving his account to a friend and getting himself hacked” or providing some sort of proof, then he’s completely mistaken.
Why do I have a gripe about the fact that he lies about even the smallest things I shouldn’t even be pissed off about at all? Simple; because he goes all angry and rabble babbles that I make such an “assumption” that he lies. Because I have never ever seen anybody make such an exaggerated reaction when I tell them that.

I mean, COME ON. Right by this point I’m not going to care that I think you lied that you got hacked. (Yes, I suspected you, and I still suspect you. Get on with it. Nobody could gain back their items by completely “buying it all back from the MTS for 80k NX” within a single day. Even that never happened to me that quickly. And 80k NX is a ridiculous amount.) It’s about lying about EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. The proof is in your videos. Look at this one (stop it at 0:12). You leveled without killing a monster. Good job. You leeched. END OF STORY. You’re not the “highest level non-leeching beginner”. Such a hypocrite.
Oh, he got hacked? Yeah, that’s what he said. He got hacked, then about a day later he comes back with all his stuff still in one piece. No, not just the same looks, it’s his stuff with the EXACT SAME STATS ON IT. It’s too bad I don’t have proof of such, but it happened and that’s what there all was to it. There was no denying it. I could bring up people who would back me up on this if I wanted to.
Why am I making this topic? Two reasons. Haters of Readers: Leave your comments to yourself, because all you’re doing is believing in BS. (Thank goodness 1Hero’s YouTube channel doesn’t seem filled with such comments.) Secondly, people mention it to me whenever I mention it to them, or if they just so happened to watch 1Hero’s videos. Which is why I have to say all these things.
Now, it sounds like I’m still trying to bring up and start up more BS. But I’m asking for all this to stop. It doesn’t matter how late this response is, it doesn’t matter if people still hate me for whatever reason, but it seems the one who started all of this still wants to do the job. (Even if it has been forgotten for months, it doesn't matter. It's still going on.) And that is balls, literally because I wasn't the one going crazy in the first place.
Oh yeah, and I did say that 1Hero jobbed himself. No, he didn’t get his love hacked by me. He jobbed himself. He’d probably make a video about it if he actually got hacked, because at least he’ll have his fans over on his side or anything. Even at least I would’ve been on his side if that had actually happened. But nope. What I bet happened was he just simply jobbed himself because he hated that I caught all his stupid lies. Then he makes up more BS by using his fame to do so, because now he’s gone from MS and there would be nothing I can do about it, so he uses his fans to finish the work. Now that would be a lot of hate. (No, I really doubt that was what he did. But then again, I’m reflecting the past, so I might as well say it like that.)

He resorts to going crazy, forgetting that friendship is one important thing, and that being truthful is what keeps you friends.
Because what would be the point if you cannot be trusted?

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Posted 04 September 2009 - 03:02 AM

Legit forever!

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