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LPQ Guide.

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 10:24 AM

For now, people aren't doing LPQ much. However, it's way more fun than monster bashing in CPQ. I'll tell you why.
Ludibrium Party Quest (Crack of Dimension) Guide
Table of Contents
-1. Why LPQ?
-2. Getting Together A Party
-3. Getting In
-4. Inside the LPQ
-Stage 1
-Stage 2
-Stage 3
-Stage 4
-Stage 5
-Stage 6
-Stage 7
-Stage 8
-Crack In My Wall
-Determine to Adventure
-5. After the LPQ
-6. Other necessities
-EXP Chart
-7. Version History
-8. Credits and Legal Carp
Why LPQ?
-First of all, there are many reasons to LPQ. Some of them are overshadowed by CPQ, but whatever.
1. Good EXP (refer to the EXP chart in Section 6)
2. More fun than CPQ
3. Better prizes
4. More challenging
5. Broken Glasses == Spaghettiman Necklace

-However, there are cons to LPQ as well. Some are
1. Lots of people are noob
2. Hard to find a good party
3. 6 people, so if two D/C you have to restart (one doesn't matter)
4. If one member is afk, you will actually have to wait for them.
5. Alishar is a hard lard roflcopter whale with nipples.

Getting Together A Party
-First of all, with Cygnus Knights out, regular classes are outdamaged. That's not to say with a 43+ Assassin/I/L/Crossbowman you won't be accepted, it's just that Cygnus will regularly outdamage you. That's all.

-The LPQ happens at Eos Tower 101st floor. That is accessed by a hidden portal at the top of the Eos Tower 100th floor. Go to the top, there's a door. Go inside.

-Anyway, you'll need a party of 6, and there ARE two requirements.
1. You need a Sin/Dit/NW/WA with Dark Sight or Wind Walk.
2. You need a I/L / F/P / Cleric / BW with Teleport.
3. You need a Sin/Hunter/XBowman/NW/WA with max range.
4. You need at least a Lv42+ char who can hit Shar, the boss (refer to chart in the section where you fight Shar)

-Spam J>PQ or R>PQ with necessary number of @@@s to get someone to recruit you, or recruit someone. Add AM LVXX and I HAVE SKILL for emphasis. It's always alright to act like a noob when searching for a PQ.

-So therefore, a good party would look like this (Of couse, 4X means something that can hit Shar).
1 Lv4X Assassin/NW
2 Lv4X Warriors/TBreakers/DW/TBs
1 Lv4X Mage/BW
1 Lv4X Cleric / Anything
1 Lv4X Anything

Getting In The PQ
-Getting in is the hardest part of any PQ. There can be simultaneously 19 people LPQing in each world MAX. Meaning you have a hard chance of getting in. Don't worry, since it's not that crowded, usually one or two channels are free.

-Track them. If you know/saw someone go in, channel surf, but keep a regular tab on what their party is doing inside. To do this, /find character-name. For instance, if you saw xxnarutoxx12 go in (lol narutard) you'd have to do /find xxnarutoxx12 to see where he is. This doesn't mean a good 100% chance of getting in, but you do have a raised chance @ you're PREPARED.

-To get in, have the leader click the Red Sign and click the first option.

Dimensional Crack - Stage One
-Alright, you're inside the PQ. A few basics for all the stages
-Click Coloured Balloons for info and proceed to next stage
-Click Sgt. Anderson to GTFO
-Passes are dropped from monsters
-If you're missing a pass, go check to the right and left of the map, where the tower might be hiding some passes.
-For this guide, exp rewarded is like 1337 (1338). The number outside the brackets is the exp rewarded when you finish bonus once, but the exp inside is for the first time you LPQ.

-In stage one, you'll have to move up, and kill Ratz (PC) and Black Ratz (PC). Collect 25 passes that drop from the monsters. Passes cannot be stolen by the Steal Skill, like before. Once you have collected all the passes, the leader clicks the Red Balloon. The door will appear, and you will gain exp. BUT WAIT!

-Select 1 or 2 people to go to the next stage. Have them break the second box from the top.
You'll know why in the next section.

-2100 EXP (3000) rewarded.

Basic Monster Info
Ratz (PC)
HP: 3700 Exp: 260

Black Ratz (PC)
HP: 4300 Exp: 280

Dimensional Crack - Stage Two
-Easy stage. If you got sent to break the second box from the top, break it, you'll be teleported. Send a message saying "clear" or something like it. Move up and break the boxes and collect the passes.

-When you get the signal "clear", go in and move down, breaking boxes and collecting passes.

-15 passes are required to complete this stage. Once you have 15 passes, give them to your leader, and have him click on the Orange Balloon.

-No monsters in this stage.

-2520 EXP (3600) rewarded.

Dimensional Crack - Stage Three
-Basically a combination of Stage One and Two. Send two people to move up and four to move down. Two up top should be single attackers, bottom four mobbers.

-Break the boxes. Bloctopus (PC) in sets of three should come out. You can either face them where they stand, or lure them to the bottom, where lots of mobbers will own them. In the top, face them one-by-one, or three-by-three. Collect the passes, and click on Yellow Balloon to proceed. 32 passes are required to proceed.

-2940 EXP (4200) rewarded.

Monster Basic Info
Bloctopus (PC)
HP: 4900 Exp: 288

Dimensional Crack - Stage Four
-In Stage Four, your party is going down a linear tower, with 7 portals to go into. In these portals, you must kill Shadow / Dark Eye From Another Dimension and collect 6 passes.

-The top portal and the bottom portal are fake portals, and do nothing. They are not considered portals.

-The monster(s) in the bottom two portals have low weapon defense and high magic defense. The second portal from the bottom has 2 monsters. Subsequently, the monster in the three portals at the top have high weapon defense and low magic defense. But you don't usually have three mages in a party, so send a high-leveled person to deal with the mage portals.

-3360 EXP (4800) rewarded.

Monster Basic Info
Dark/Shadow Eye From Another Dimension
HP: 7100 Exp: 340

Dimensional Crack - Stage Five
-There are six portals you have to go through, and break all the boxes and collect passes. The top portal requires a Mage with Teleport, and the bottom requires a Thief with Dark Sight. The other portals have one rope, and you have to jump from the rope to collect passes. Ask the thief to give Haste if s/he has it, as it really helps.

-DO NOT JUMP INTO THE PIT OR DOWN JUMP INTO THE PIT. The monsters there have liek 99 999 HP and are semi-invincible. And deal lotslots (8k) touch damage.

-I'd give the monster info, but you can't kill it anyway, so who really cares?

-3779 EXP (5400) rewarded.

Dimensional Crack - Stage Six
-In this stage, you have to jump on the correct box number and press up, like in a portal.

-The combination is 133 221 333 123 111.

Am too lazy to finish, will do later. MCPQ guide should come after this, as well as perhaps EPQ guide after I try it a few times.

Edited by Fumbi, 31 August 2009 - 06:20 AM.

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 11:34 AM

Leak my private MCPQ techniques; I'm kicking your love. They're not for the general public.

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 03:04 PM

Most of this info is already known but it's great that you want to help out those uninformed.

I really liked LPQ but now I'm too high level for it. mush1d.gif

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Posted 28 August 2009 - 07:39 PM

mkay @ Jon, you mean the one or the other one? I'll tell 'em to abuse Protectors and don't summon monsters / experiment.

And I'm working on the rest of it on word, I'll edit it later

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