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The Monster Carnival Party Quest ULTIMATE Guide

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Posted 30 July 2009 - 07:42 PM

Hello. This is a guide showing how to master the Monster Carnival Party Quest known for its high supply of experience points, no loss of items, and a wonderful system to gain items.

1. Introduction
The Monster Carnival Party Quest is a great form for experience points for levels 30-50. To access the party quest entrance, you must find an NPC named Spiegelmann, who will take you to the arena.

Spiegelmann is a chubby, rich looking guy with a mustache. Here is a picture of him in Ludibrium.

He can be found in various towns, such as...
Kerning City (towards the left side of the town, on a pile of pipes)
Orbis (straight out of the station, near the top right)
Ludibrium (at the bottom left, past the haircut place)

Talk to him, and say "Go to the Monster Carnival Field."
Basically, the Party Quest is about obtaining the most CP (Carnival Points) by killing monsters. I will expand on that later.

2. Classes
There are basically about 9 different classes that I will explain their pros and cons on.

Warriors (Fighter, Page, Spearman)
PROS: Has a mob attack, hyper body for some, powerful defensive skills, high endurance
CONS: Cannot attack from far away, slow in movement without speed/jump up
Overall statement: I would say that a warrior is a medium class to use in the Carnival Party Quest. It isn't that brilliant, but at least it has some mob skills that can be used to his or her advantage. The level 30-35s may not be able to hit some of the monsters.

Thief (Bandit)
PROS: Savage blow can deal lots of damage to monsters when it is high leveled, fast attack, has haste as to make your party move faster, high endurance
CONS: Cannot attack from far away, no mob skill
Overall statement: I would say that bandits are a great class to use for the Carnival Party Quest. While lacking range, the bandit makes it up with the speed of their movement and their attack.

Thief (Assassin)
PROS: Range is far, Lucky Seven is a strong skill, fast attack, has haste
CONS: Cannot really attack from close up, may run out of powerful stars, no mob skill
Overall Statement: Assassins are great killers in this party quest, may be deemed useless if it is without powerful stars or when monsters mob up. If the assassin is DEXless, he or she may not be able to hit some of the monsters.

Pirate (Gunslinger)
PROS: Has range, fires extremely quickly
CONS: Somewhat low attack power
Overall Statement: This person will fire extremely quickly, but probably at a low damage rate. (I have not had much experience with a gunslinger member of the party. If you have additional information, please feel free to PM me.)

Pirate (Brawler)
PROS: POWERFUL mob attack, can make a group of monsters into a mob
CONS: No range attacks
Overall statement: Brawler is probably by far the best class to use for Carnival Party Quest. Not only does it have a strong mob attack (Flip Kick), it also can suck up monsters into a mob, then accompany it with a Flip Kick. The only downside is that the Brawler has no ranged attacks, which should not be an evident problem in smaller maps.

Magician (Fire Poison Wizard)
PROS: May have a strong attack, some monsters are weak to fire, able to move fast by teleportation
CONS: Some monsters are strong against fire, no mob attack, weak when unranged, low HP
Overall statement: A fire poison wizard may only be good in their higher levels where they can efficiently kill monsters that are weak against fire, such as Rombots.

Magician (Ice Lightning)
PROS: Has a mob attack, can freeze enemies, can teleport
CONS: Some monsters strong against ice, low HP
Overall statement: Pretty much the same as fire poison, except in the fact that it uses ice. But at least the ice light
ning magician has a mob skill.

Magician (Cleric)
PROS: The only class that is able to regenerate health for the party, can teleport
CONS: Weak magic attack, low HP
Overall statement: A cleric is wonderful for your party, but I have to admit, will ultimately hold your party back. If your party has a cleric, the cleric may not produce as many points as the other players, therefore limiting the team's points. However, if you are a lower level, a cleric would be a wonderful addition, because then you do not have to worry about health.

Bowman (Crossbowman, hunter)
PROS: Very good mob attack, fast moving
CONS: Probably cannot attack from up close
Overall: Probably not the best attacker for the party, but it is the most stable job. This means that damage will be consistent and they will probably attack at the same rate throughout. Arrow bomb is a great attack, especially if you are partied with a ranged fighter.

3. Finding a Party
Since this is a party quest, you will obviously have to find a party.
Here is my analysis of party making.
If you are levels 30-35, you should probably make your own party. This way, you cannot be denied for recruiting, and some patient higher levels may want to join your party anyway.
If you are levels 35-50, you should either form your own party with higher levels, or you have the option to be recruited by a party in Channel 1 by spamming, "J>PQ."

A party may consist of 2-6 people.

4. Rules
Basically, when you join a party quest, you have two choices. You can either:
1. Wait 3 minutes for another party to challenge your party
2. Challenge another party. If you challenge another party, then you must wait for them to accept.

The basic rule is to keep killing monsters. Do not stop. It doesn't matter how strong or weak you are if you do not kill efficiently. Each monster is worth a set amount of Carnival Points; your team must have more than the other team to win.

Carrying a shicrapload of potions into the Party Quest will not help you either; you can't use potions. So how do you survive? For each monster you kill, they will drop an item that will be used as soon as you pick it up. Potions obviously, heal. But there are other items we will discuss later.

After you are done with the PQ, you will either Win, Lose, or Tie. A tie gives the same experience points as a tie. Your prize EXP will be based on the amount of CP you earned during the Party Quest. Here is a chart...

If you WON:
500+ CP Points (RANK A) : 30,000 EXP points
300-499 CP Points (RANK B ) : 25,500 EXP points
100-299 CP Points (Rank C) : 15,000 EXP points
1-99 CP Points (Rank D) : 7,500 EXP points

If you LOST:
500+ CP Points (RANK A) : 10,000 EXP points
300-499 CP Points (RANK B ) : 8,500 EXP points
100-299 CP Points (Rank C) : 7,500 EXP points
1-99 CP Points (Rank D) : 1,000 EXP points

5. Maps
There are six maps in each channel for the party quest, however, there are only three different types of maps; there are two of each one.

Maps 1 and 2 is a stage shaped like Terrace Hall in Ludibrium. It is a very horizontal map and automatically spawns King Block Golems and Teddy Bears. Hence, this is a good map for the people towards the lower levels.

Maps 3 and 4 is a stage shaped like the inside of the Clocktower, where you can find Chronos. The monsters spawned here are the Toy Trojans and Robos. This map is small, so it is good for mobbers and meleers.

Finally, Maps 5 and 6 is the KSing fest of the "carnival." Basically, Rombots are spawned for each team, but the Robos in this map are free for all. Meaning that if you KS another team, they will not receive the CP for it.

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Posted 30 December 2009 - 03:16 AM

Holy crap, i never knew this PQ was so good. And quite easy..i gues :P

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Posted 31 December 2009 - 08:18 AM

Gunslingers are great for CPQ! I CPQ'd through the levels on my Slinger. They are especially great for the flat map of CPQ. They also have the highest mobility of any class for CPQ (Flash jump is good, but at level 1, it has limited usefulness). Damage though, is a problem, but I never had any difficulties in killing the monsters, due to being excessively funded (10 att wg, pac, 60% scrolled weps dex'd robes, rings, shoes, etc).

Like I said, Slingers have the greatest mobility of any class. Recoil shot is your best friend. If you were like me, and maxed Recoil, you will understand the usefulness of the skill. If you ever get stuck in a mob, just recoil out, then use invisible shot to finish the mob. Need to get to another side of the map? Just recoil + wings. Need to KS and get away? Just recoil. Recoil shot does 2 essential things in CPQ in one swift motion, it's both a strong attack, and a mobility device.

Note that I haven't played my Slinger in more than a year now, but I have really fond memories of owning up in CPQ.

Thanks to Faded

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