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08 July 2009 - 08:35 PM

Want to join the next biggest thing to hit MS since Ismexy? Organization XIII is here and we are taking over, we are active and always growing. We have all lvls from 20 to 90+, we do NX drawings monthy. What makes us so great? I knew you were going to ask. What makes us great is we stand up for honest players. We do not accept the harrassment of lower lvls, we do not accept cheater and hackers, we are not here to ignore you like most guilds I have been in who are just trying to be big, we want to be big so everyone can play without the worry of being picked on or having items stolen by a hacker. We are here to take care of our members, if you need us, we drop what ever we are doing to come help. Our motto is :Those with power fear us, those without power seek us! I am leader XionTheGreat and I am here to start a revolution, a REAL guild, if you want to join please message me or find me in game. I would love to have anyone!!! Thank you.

One Who Knows Nothing, Can Understand Nothing.
Join Organization XIII: Those with power fear us, those without it seek us!

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