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A guide to meso making and saving

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Posted 23 March 2009 - 05:58 PM

A guide to meso making and saving
It's not about getting the highest price, it's about making the sell.

My personal views on making and saving mesos.

Important notes:
1. This guide has been written originally for Permabeginners! Please keep that in mind when reading it. However, it might benefit others as well.
2. This guide is over a year old, however I've just started updating it again (but this will take time). Therefore, some information might be a bit outdated.
3. I'm not sure where I want to go with this guide. As stated before, this guide has originally been written for permabeginners. Since I've quit my beginner, I might want to make this guide more general about how to make and save money in the game.
4. I'd love to hear your comments. Especially about the contents and note 3 above.


Let me start off by saying I'm not the richest in the world, at all. And also when I made my beginner, I was funded (by my other char, not someone else). And it can be really tough to get things started money wise, which is why I wanted to share some of what I've learned thoughout the 4 years I'm playing the game about making mesos.

This is written for Permabeginners (but any class could use it) who are not funded and do not have NX.

Also keep in mind that this is not a merchant guide per se. These are my views on how to make and save money in the game.

The basic do's and don'ts

1. Don't ever ask for items or money.
First of all because you piss people off. Second of all because it makes you look like a noob. And most importantly for you: by the time you've got your 5k, you could've earned 10k by training.

2. Don't sell if you don't know the price (range).
This is extremely important! You can look up prices and ask people you trust. Don't rush into selling your stuff! I personally don't believe in that sort of scamming. It is your own responsibility to know what you have in store!

3. Don't be rude.
I've got so many stuff for free just by being nice to people. Even if I turn it down, they keep insisting I take it. If you're nice to people and help them out, they'll sometimes give you stuff. I do that too.

4. Don't expect to get the highest price for your item if you don't have a store!
It's just a fact. You will never sell and be forever spamming the FM if that's your attitude. The main rule (see above) applies here: it's not about getting the highest price, it's about making the sell!

5. Don't buy above your budget.
Don't forget, you still need pots! I make sure never to buy over 30% of my total budget (depending on what I want of course, and if I need it for myself or for selling). This does not really apply to low budgets. Note that this is my personal preference. I hate being broke.

6. Don't scroll if you can't afford it.
I learned this the hard way.. Seriously though, it's so tempting to scroll stuff and hope to make it worth more. Only do that if you can really afford it, or if the scroll/item is extremely cheap. Def scrolling always decreases your item in value, so only do that if you really need the item yourself.

7. Do sell fame!
Once you've reached lvl 15 you can sell fame. Now fame is a tricky issue for some.. I don't know why.. but people get worked up if they get their fame dropped. You're a beginner. If you reach lvl 30, people will start faming you because they admire your perseverance. And yes, selling fame is an easy way to get scammed. You fame, and he logs out. Get over it. It happens. And next time, you've earned some money.

8. Do quests!
Yes, they can be boring or hard, but DO THEM! You either get new equips, or you get a scroll which you can sell. Check out the rewards beforehand (on for instance mapletip.com or hidden-street.net) and do the ones that give you something useful. If you can choose a reward, get either the reward you need or (better) get the most expensive reward.

9. Do keep track of the market!
If an item just came out, it is expensive. Don't buy, even if you really want it. Wait a week or two. However, if you found one of those new items, sell immediately. Let at least 3 people offer first so you know the market value!

Building up capital

When you start out, remember that you do not need much money. You only need a (better) weapon. And, especially for beginners, it's nice to get a new one every time you can. Pole arms are the best (best att), but any is good in the low lvls. But this is not a training guide, so I'll move on. I'll divide this section into how much money you have:

0 - 100k
Save save save. Don't spend on anything except for hp pots and if you can afford it a new weapon. You don't need nearest town scrolls (you can die without losing exp, remember?), you don't need to be off of Victoria Island, you don't need to use a taxi (walk for 3 maps and then die) but they're cheap anyway, etc. Just save as much as you can.

100k - 500k
Stroll the FM. Get to know the prices. Start writing them down, if you really want to merchant. If you can, buy cheap and sell for more (but remember point 4!). People tend to hate def scrolls: they put them in for 20k each. But people will buy for 50k~100k.

I might go into detail about this later, depending on your replies, but since this little guide is for people without stores, I think I've covered all the basics. The more money you got, the more risk you can take. Remember point 2!

Update! Start to specialize in certain items. I'm pretty good with (scrolled) capes, HP stuff (gear and scrolls) and INT stuff. Don't get me wrong, I know a fair deal about the prices of other items as well, as should you, but my advice is to specialize in certain items so you will not make a bad buy. It's very tempting to buy an item you think is worth a lot more, and when you try and sell it for more, no one will buy it because, well, you were wrong.
Which items you should specialize in then? The ones you need/needed. It's as simple as that. I usually don't come near items that aren't for my class. I know nothing about thieves, so I cannot predict how popular an item is/will be as well as another thief can. I think this is vital, especially if you do not have much money to spend. You can take more risks when you're rich. Keep all this in mind when reading the rest of this guide.

Update! How to value an item

This can be tricky. Because I'm now going to tell you how I estimate the value of items I do not know the exact value of. Usually, these are scolled items, so this is what I will discuss here. This is my strategy:

1. What is the average clean value of the item?
If you cannot answer this question, look it up. On Basilmarket, ask friends, check the FM, etc. If you cannot find the answer, move on. Don't buy. Leave. If you are able to answer this question, go to question 2.

2. What is the item's scroll history?
Figure out how the item was scrolled. First you look at the amount of slots left. Then you look at the number next to the name of the item. Then you look at the main (or base) stats, usually STR, DEX, INT or LUK. And then the auxiliary stat (like w.att or m.att). This requires knowledge of the scrolls: what does a 30% scroll do, 60% etc. I will write an example below, don't worry. Moving on. I always assume the most expensive scrolls were used. For instance, a 10% scroll could have worked on a slot. I always assume it was a 30% (they give the same stats, but are more expensive). This will help you estimate the value of the item, because it helps you to see how well the item was to begin with, and how well it is scrolled.

3. How well is the item scrolled?
The colors help, true, but they're not perfect measures for how well an item is scrolled. The best thing is a calculator, but I'm too lazy for that, so I estimate. This is how I do it. You know the amount of slots on the clean item (let's say 7). If the item is scrolled with just 60% scrolls, the expected result is +4. If you encounter such an item, the item is worth the clean average value of the item plus the scrolls that worked (!) invested. If the result is lower (+1, +2 or +3), it's worth way less, because I'm assuming here there are no slots left. If the result is higher (+5, +6 or +7) the prices increase exponentially. Now the part why the scrolling history is so important. If a 30% scroll is used (usually on the first slot) and it worked, the item will be +1 but +3 (sometimes +5, depending on the scroll) in stats! This is equivalent to 3 x 60% scrolls (hence the price of the scrolls). Of course, there are exceptions (some 60% scrolls give +2 base stats), but this is usually the case. So this will give our item a +3 base stat and 6 slots left. I'm going to assume here the scroller finished it off with 60% stats, meaning that the expected result on 6 slots is +4 base stats, totalling the item +7. If the item has a higher result, prepare to pay lots more (exponential increase).

4. Okay, so how can I value this thing already?!
My main rule: clean average item price (if you figured out the scroll history and saw the item was well above average to begin with, it will probably be worth a bit more) + price of scrolls that worked + correction factor (answered by question 3) + amount of slots left (if an item is pretty pro, and it has slots left, it is worth way more).

Note that you don't have to be exact. A rough estimation will suffice.

Examples (Windia prices):

Black emerald earrings, 6 int, 10 magic attack, 0 slots left. (+2)
- Clean average value: ~6m
- Scrolling history: this case 2 x 30%, (also possible: 1 x 30% + 3 x 60%, but that would give you 11 m.att, however for the price estimation, both will do).
- Scrolling succes: earrings have 5 slots, meaning +6 base stat is nicely above average.
- How to value: 6m (item) + 2 x 8m (30% scroll) = 22m. Or 6m (item) + 8m (30%) + 3 x 4m (60%) = 26m. I'm setting the correction factor at 10%, meaning the price will lie between 24m and 29m.
- Concluding: if I see this item for lower than 20m, it's a buy. If I have this item I will sell it at 30m and go down to 25m over time.

Evil tale, 6 int, 88 m.att, 2 m.def, 0 slots left. (+4)
- Clean average value: ~500k
- Scrolling history: well it has 6 int and says +4. An evil tale does not have int when it's clean, so this means it cannot just be 60% scrolls (or the item would have said +6). This means it's either 1 x 30% and 3 x 60%, or 2 x 30% and 2 x 100% (possible, but not likely.. why would someone do that, but let's see, shall we?). Avg m.att on an evil tale is 73, and.. no m.def. 60% scrolls do not give def, 30% scrolls do.. and it has 2. So this item is scolled with 2 x 30% (6 int, 10 m.att, 2 m.def). This would give make the item's magic attack 83. It has also been scrolled with 2 other scrolls, it can't be 60% (that would give int), so it has to be 2 x 100% (1 m.att). Now why the scroller did this, I have no idea. Waste of slots if you ask me, but I'm sure he had his reasons. This would increase the magic attack to 85. The m.att on this wand is 88, so that means the item was above average to begin with (76 m.att clean). Unfortunately, that does not really matter with (low level) wands.
- Scrolling succes: 7 slots on a wand, +6 base attack. So this can be compared with 6 x 60% or (what really happened) with 2 x 30%. Probably 10%, but like I said before, I always assume 30%.
- How to value: 500k (item) + 2 x 3m (30%) = 6.5m. Or: 500k + 6 x 1.5m (60%) = 9.5m. Doom scenario: 500k + 2 x 800k (10%) = 2.1m (lol). The m.att is more, however, so we have a few bonus points. This item can be valued at around 6m (mean of scenarios above).
- Concluding: it's a buy at around 4m (for making a profit).

Quick money making

- Sell fame
- Sell clean work gloves (make for 1k + 15 leather, sell for ~150k. Without store, try 50k)
- Sell snowboots (buy for 30k in El Nath, sell for 90k)
- Sell orbis/eos rock scrolls (repeat quest, sell for 30k each)
- Update! Ludi channel hopping. See below.

Ludi cc-ing
Ludibrium Maze PQ is a very fast pq. Good parties finish within a minute, and you receive lots of pots and def scrolls from the quest. Because it's a quick PQ, most parties re-enter immediately and drop their stuff when they are transported out of the PQ. Most people keep the pots and drop the def scrolls. And you can pick them up, and sell them (around 50k each). At a busy hour, when I cc near the big MapleStory screen from ch1 all to ch19, I can get at least 3 scrolls. Imagine how many you could get if you would check on a regular basis and at other log-in spots as well.

Getting better

Yup, it's a must: get a store. Use MTS to sell something. Get 1.8k NX and buy a regular permit. It's all much easier that way.

Fighting for cash

Everyone knows this, but I still feel I should mention it: Sakura Cellions in Amoria.
Sakura's are lvl 33, and drop around 300 mesos each. They also drop Cellion tails (good for exchange quest and selling, since they go for at least 300 each). This is a great way to make money and train your permabeginner.

(Permabeginner) You can train at Sakura's as early as lvl 25 (with at least 55 accuracy), but I'd recommend lvl 35+ (you'll have more hp -> less pots needed). If you'd only be training for money, you can stay there until you're lvl 55.

Saving money by investing (Permabeginner)

Note: remember points 5 and 6! Only do it if you can afford it!

10% (or 30%) def scrolls are your friend! And the good thing is, all classes hate those scrolls, and can't wait to get rid of them! I'll explain the title after I tell you the scroll stats:

10% / 30% Helmet DEF: weapon def. +5, magic def. +3, accuracy +1
10% / 30% Overall DEF: weapon def. +5, magic def. +3, MaxHP +10
10% / 30% Topwear DEF: weapon def. +5, magic def. +3, MaxHP +10
10% / 30% Bottom DEF: weapon def. +5, magic def. +3, MaxHP +10
30% Earring DEF: weapon def. +5, magic def. +3, accuracy +1

Now I've left a couple of def scrolls out: cape and shield. The reason why is because this is a money guide. And def scrolling your shield or cape will decrease the value of the item (exception: wooden fence). The same goes for earrings, but I'm assuming here you can afford the 50k the average clean earrings cost.

If you look hard, you can find the mentioned scrolls for 10k~50k. By def scrolling your items you will save money on potions! This will also help you fight higher level monsters you normally wouldn't do because you'd have to pot every 3 hits. And higher level monsters equal better exp, better money (well, stay at Sakura for that, lol) and better drops.

DEF scrolling vs. HP scrolling
I personally do not exactly know how the two weigh (so I'm asking you to help me on this, if you know), but this is my theory:
10 def = 10 HP. However, 10 HP is either 10 wdef or 10 mdef, or a combination of both. A 10% def scroll would give 5 wdef + 3 mdef + 10 hp = 18 "points". A 10% hp scroll gives 30 hp = 30 "points". This would make HP scrolling more effective, which can be seen by the price of the scrolls. HP scrolls easily go for 10 times the price of DEF scrolls. Meaning you get nearly twice the improvement for 10 times the cash... stick with def when you start out.

Your clean outfit is cheap (lith harbor store items) and def scrolling is relatively cheap. You can save lots of money on potions by investing in def scrolling. Of course, when you reach the big bucks, go dex and hp scrolling.

The End

I'd like all of your opinions, of course. Especially about the paragraph "How to value an item", because I haven't discussed this with anyone else. That's just how I do it.. and I'm wondering if others have a different strategy or not.

Thanks so much in advance!

Edited by Faith, 23 March 2009 - 06:42 PM.

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Posted 23 March 2009 - 06:35 PM

Really great guide. mush1a.gif

An idea is to stroll the FM when you're bored, and write down prices to get the general know-how.

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