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The Buyer's Guide to Surviving Zakum

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Posted 20 February 2009 - 10:33 PM

QUOTE(Hiyochan @ Feb 21 2009, 04:55 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Thanks, I'll be sure to add those in later mush1n.gif If you're a buyer and close enough to get smashed into the body by a summon, you're probably WAY too close so I didn't really add much about it -- I'll add it when I update though just in case.

I've never heard of a priest-less buyer run o__o. How does that usually go? How common are buyer deaths (or do you have the runners go on the accounts)? Also, is this a common scenario in other servers? I can only speak of the servers I've played (Scania until May 2008, and Windia from that point onward).

Yeah, holding left should mostly take care of the bumping. Summons' touch damage can also be dangerous if not looked out for by buyers who have barely enough HP to live, as if they don't heal after touch, Zakum's magic will kill.

Usually when my group runs, we only bring one Bishop, and although he's in the buyer party, he mostly helps attacks, so we don't have a dedicated healer. Most of our buyers do quite well surprisingly (we tell them to pot after every attack). Usually we do 2-party runs, one attacking (me + 2-4 NLs) and one buyer (Bishop, DrK, and buyers) and they go quite well most of the time, although we are a small guild + a few friends in an empty server. I think in most cases in most servers buyers will have healers (especially if its an established guild), but just make a mention about checking with the organizers whether this is the case. Most organizers will never let their buyers rely completely on a healer anyhow.
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