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MTD Report '09

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Posted 02 January 2009 - 10:56 AM

~ MapleTip Dynasty Guild ~
Guild Report 2009

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
    • Who we are
    • Purpose of this report
  2. 2008 In Perspective
  3. What's to come in 2009
  4. Conclusion

Who we are
We are the MapleTip Dynasty Guild, the official guild of MapleTip. Unlike other guilds, we are founded by the ideals that we hold here in MapleTip, as well as adherence to the Nexon TOS. In its humble beginnings, it was a place for fellow friends to come together and enjoy each others company within its guild borders. Today, it has evolved from one guild in one server to a guild in 6 servers. Our reach even crosses the Atlantic Ocean to where EMSers reside. Today, it has evolved from being an exclusive guild for only MapleTip Forum members to a guild that opens its arms to anyone that fits our ideals:
  • Honor - To abide by the rules that are founded by MapleTip Forums and the Nexon TOS, as well as abide to the honor of our name and our members
  • Commitment - To always contribute as being part of the MapleTip Dynasty Guild
  • Respect - To be humble and show fellow respect for one another
  • Friendliness - To open our arms and hearts to people, making everyone feel welcome and happy to be with us.
We may not be as highly competitive and established as other famous guilds in many servers, but we have heart like all of those other guilds. If you're a part of an MTD branch or a part of an alliance with an MTD branch... you would know.

Purpose of this report
This is a yearly report from the Overall Head of the MapleTip Dynasty Guild, summing up all of this year and telling plans and goals for the next year. The main purpose of this report is to keep all of our MTD members and staff, as well as the general public, informed of what MTD has done in perspective and will do in the upcoming year through plans, goals, and other misc matters.

2008 In Perspective

When I first undertook this job just about a year ago, of course I expected that not everything would go very smoothly. There would be times that would be rough, and times I would have to make tough decisions. Never in my eyes, or rather in the history of MapleTip Dynasty have we seen what appears to be the most turbulent year MTD has ever had. I've probably been served with more on my plate than past MTD leaders. In just one year, things have changed drastically.

I've seen good people go bad. I've seen wonderful members disappoint and taint our name with their own disregard of our ideals. I've seen hackers wreak apart our branches. I've seen incompetent leaders leaving their branches to languish into a ghost town. I've seen people give up on our branches for something that they thought would be better.

However, at the same time, I've seen with my own eyes more people that I've ever known. I've witnessed the birth of a new branch. I've witnessed new leaders that not only show promise, but hope for MapleTip Dyansty's future. I've seen more activity ever since the guild hack.

I never thought I'd see so much change in the course of one year. In a sense, I guess it's for the best. Yes, we ought to reminiscence on the past, but the times are always changing... and it's about time we start keeping up with it.

What's to come in 2009

Certainly, for a turbulent year, things ended well for the most part. I like to hope that this year would be a tad more quieter in terms of problems, but if I've learned anything within this past year... I can't take anything entirely for granted. As like last year, I can not promise you everything that I list here today... but we MTD Staff will promise you that we will serve and aid in the best interests of MapleTip Dynasty this year. In no particular order, this is what we hope to achieve by the year's end:
  • MTD Scania's rich in history... both good and bad. But now, because of so much problems by everyone in the guild (members, staff, and leaders)... the branch is left as a ghost town. Now... I don't give a damn if the majority of "the oldies" have given up and not accept the present that they are blind of seeing... MTD Scania's too great to die like this. I do hope someday that there is someone inspiring and worthy to take the job as Leader of MTD Scania and give this branch new meaning and new life. It's past is worthy to remember indeed, but for this branch to get back on its feet, we start looking in front of us into the present and into the future. I give an open call to any active MT Scanian who thinks he/she can live up to the challenge (granted... you should be active here in MT too...).
  • What really irked me the most is constant change of leadership on some of our branches. Granted, this is never a good sign for any group or company if you do not have stable leadership. With any hope, us MTD Staff will work together more for issues, concerns, and ideas. After all... I'm open for suggestions here.
  • I'm only one person, and obviously I can't do everything. Although it does come to my decision in the end, I do feel like giving more responsibilities to our MTD Staff... to take on more roles suited to their capabilities to get things done faster and more efficiently. This thinking can also be applied to our Jr. Masters. They should be more involved in the guild than just recruitment and enforcement. We should let them organize events, or deal with small minor issues. By giving more responsibilities in a reasonable manner, we can promote more activity and involvement... which should in turn keep staff positions stable.
  • As with last year, it's important for every single branch to keep expanding and growing. No, I am not asking you to force anyone into the guild nor do I want you to take in anyone without checking their credentials. However, I am asking you to open your arms to good people, even those who aren't MapleTip Forum members or people from other guilds. We have a reputation and a foundation built based on the rules of MapleTip and MapleStory, and I hope that each branch would continue to bring in more people who are respectable, friendly, and fun.
  • Without a doubt... MTD Forums can use a facelift. Within this year, I hope to have these forums organized to be more clean and easier to navigate.
  • As always, I'll continue the MTD Mondays blog entries for the latest news and happenings in MapleTip Dynasty. With Bella as a new blogger and MTD Staff, she also will be a great contributor to MTD Mondays within this coming year.
  • I've said it last year, and I'll say it again. It's not so hard to ask to make more events in-game and in the forums. It always helps to liven things up a little to keep a guild busy and active. I know that it won't be easy in consideration to real life stuff like college (or high school for some of you lol), but it never hurts to try.
  • We have to let non-MTers in our branches know why we are the official guild of MapleTip. Every single MTD member should always try to tell people about who we are and convince more and more trustworthy people to join MapleTip Forums. This is more vital now than ever because of so many members in our branches aren't regular MapleTip visitors. With the use of MTD Mondays, I hope that we can continue further on this goal. In addition, in this regard, we can also hope that by doing this, people will know more about our rules and our history so that this year we'll have less people to add to the MTD Blacklist. <<

Last year was a crazy year. We all have seen the good... the bad... and the freaking ugly. And yet, here we are and we're still alive through it all. It certainly defines us from other guilds because we are still here... together and smiling. That is the true spirit that defines MapleTip Dynasty, regardless of our differences. I've been with you for one year, sharing in the laughter and smiles, and being here in the darkest of times. I might have certainly been brutal at times, but only because I do care about all of you. You're like my friends, and unlike certain people... I do care about my friends deeply.

On behalf of all branches, I hope we all continue to share these wonderful moments with each other... as the official guild of MapleTip. I hope you enjoyed this Holiday Season and I wish for all of you and myself for a greater 2009. Thank you.

~ iamflip ~
Leader of MTD Windia "Consurgo"
Overall Head of MapleTip Dynasty

~ FlameChocobo ~
Leader of MTD Bera

~ Baron K. Roolenstein ~
Leader of MTD Broa

~ Moonlapse ~
Leader of MTD Khaini "Animus"

~ Bellatrixa ~
Leader of MTD EMS Kradia

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Posted 02 January 2009 - 11:11 AM

So inspiring, Flip. mush1n.gif

Now, onwards to conquer make MTD better than ever! mush1a.gif

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Posted 02 January 2009 - 11:25 AM

MTD Khaini could use a recruitment drive, but it sounds like Scania needs the help far more than we do.

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I'm back and representin' Galicia.

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Posted 19 January 2009 - 03:19 PM

Nice yearly report


Much thanks to an anonymous person (Faded) for creating the sig. ^^

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Posted 14 May 2012 - 12:20 AM

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