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Training Guide 45+ and other things for FALess Crossbowmen

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Posted 10 July 2008 - 01:28 PM

-comment: I'm glad that mapletip has a works in progress section!

Training 45+ & lots of other things guide for Crossbowmen

NOTE*** The training and builds in this guide are meant to be FA-Less. If you think FA is a good skill to use then no offense but gtfo… xD this won’t help you.

I have two reasons for making this guide. One is that I can’t seem to find a training guide specifically for crossbowmen other than snipers (an extensive one anyway). My second reason is that I’m obsessed with making guides. (Anyone who’s seen one of my warrior guides before knows this. Not like they have any major reputation or anything).

~Version Updates~
v1.0 – 45-49 training, skill/stat build, do it yourself- weapons
v1.1 – added approved links (approved by me), added ligators and sakuras to the training list
v1.2 – edited do it yourself guide and added all level 40 hats/tops/bottoms, edited key

Table of Contents (In outline format!)
I. Training levels 45-49
II. Preferred skill/stat builds (FA-Less)
III. Do it yourself! The “what monsters drop my equips?” guide.
1. Level 40
2. Level 50
3. Level 60
4. Level 70
IV. Self-approved and very helpful links.
V. Credits (don’t say they aren’t there!)

>The appropriate level range to train on each monster will be color coded.
-Blue: 45-49
-Green: 50-59
-Orange: 60-69

>The rating of the experience earned while training on each monster will be indicated.
*****-Excellent! (Recommended)

>Other symbols will indicate other features of training.
(X)- Lots of experience!
($)- High meso drops.
(#)- High equipment drops
(^-^)- Awesome music in the area! In other words, more fun =P
(T_T)- Bad music in the area! >=( No fun.
(HP)- Easy on hp potions
Do it yourself items:
>Each item will be color coded specifying gender.
Green will indicate that both genders can wear it.
Pink will indicate that the item is meant for only females.
Blue will indicate that the item is meant for only males.

Here goes-

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I. Level 45-49 training guide

Kiyos and Sand Swarves (Level 45-49) **** (X) (^-^!)

This is honestly my favorite training spot out of all listed here. It’s a very secluded area in Ariant known as Sunset Road: The Desert of Red Sand. It is completely flat with a few resting ledges above. All the monsters are on one level plane, so Iron Arrow is extremely efficient. One or two iron arrows can take out 6 monsters due to their abnormally low hp and defense. It is made even easier due to the instantaneous spawn. However, don’t try to jump over the sand dwarves as their hats thwart any attempt to do so. The money isn’t great but the average drop rate gives you plenty cash to deal with.

Ligators (Level 46-49) ***** (#) (X) (HP) (^-^)

For those of you that don’t feel like traveling to train, go to the first Swamp of Despair from Kerning City. The spawn of ligators is very high and the ledges provide excellent mobbing opportunities. They can be killed with 1 hit 90% of the time once you reach level 46, but you will be mobbing a lot as well. Since the monsters do low damage and you will be mobbing frequently, you save money with hp pots, even though they don’t drop a substantial amount of mesos. I like swamp music it’s all jungly!

Sakura Cellion (Level 47-49) ***** ($) (X) (#) (HP)

Everyone knows about Sakura Cellions but if you don’t… well read this. They can be found in the first two monster areas of Amoria- Purple Plains 1 & 2. Sakuras are almost identical to their parent cat, Cellion. They have the same drops and mesos, however all the stats and experience is identical to it’s fellow kitties. So, by level 45 or 46 you should be able to kill sakura cellions in 1 hit. The higher level drops (40+) are very common and the mesos is three times what you’d get off anything else. If you’re poor and not concerned with leveling fast, go here immediately! It may be difficult to find a spot however if you are on a crowded server.

Retz (level 48-49 ) *** (T_T)

By level 48 you should be able to 1-hitkill Retz most of the time. Although I hate the ludibrium towers for bowmen, the screws do provide some sniping ledges. Mobbing is also somewhat possible, but the straight walled off ledges make training difficult at times. It’s not great but if you get bored with cpq and are in ludibrium its close.

Scuba Pepe (level 45-49) *** (^-^) (HP)

I only suggest Orbis Tower <B2> area for these because it’s easier to go up and down killing them, not having to stand on the ledges. Shoot and swim! Since they drop more air bubbles than you’ll need, there will be virtually no damage taken from the water or the monsters, unless you happen to run into one while looting. Since hp pots are not in use, it saves money, however the the meso and equip drops are by no means extravagant.

Lupin/Zombie Lupin (level 45-49) **** (T_T) (HP) ($) (#)

Personally, I don’t like training there (bad music! No fun!) but since there seems to be a whole guide on the subject I rated it a great 4 asterisks. Although since Monkey Forest 2 was recently rearranged after a patch, creating sniping spots, I still find it a hassle to stand on the edge of a ledge and wait for lupins/zlupins to come to the side you’re on. Also, since it has high spawn you end up getting whacked by lupins/zlupins when you go to get your loot. Nice money, nice equip drops, sort of saves HP pots… Idk I just don’t like it, you can try for yourself. Refer to Copious’ guide for more information <a href="http://<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/showthread.php?t=1396199" target="_blank">http://<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/showthread.php?t=1396199</a> .

Tick-Tock (level 45-49 ) **** (HP)

The best map out of the two they exist in is the Whirlpool of Time, in the Toy Factory of Ludibrium. Why do they save potions? Because their abnormally slow speed allows you to avoid whacking and helps with easy mobbing along the ground floor. The spawn is consistent and it’s easy to train in a regular rotation around the map. The money is good and the equips are also average in quantity and quality. Rarely, there is the chance of a 60% claw scroll $$$! I think it’s really good training, not much of an opinion on the music but I bet the majority of people reading this don’t care mush1z.gif.

Barnard Grays and Chief Gray (level 45-49) **** (X) (#)

I’d suggest going to the hidden street that some people know of, called Barnard Field, accessed from the big meteor in Kulan Field III. They take mostly 2 hits, there are various sniping ledges, and the map has high spawn. Along with the masses of Barnard Grays, there are 3 spots where Chief Grays spawn every 10 minutes or so, providing a little variety to your training. Barnard Grays always drop equipment when I train there, most commonly Dark Shadow (M) and Dark Shadow Pants (M). Their magic does take a toll on HP if you don’t fight quickly, which is why these aliens didn’t receive the gift of *****.

Chipmunks and Red Porkies (level 45-48 ) *** (^-^)

The only map suitable for this training is the area immediately to the left of Mu Lung, Entrance to Sky Forest. The flat ledges are great for mobbing. A disadvantage would be the ropes you have to climb, which slows down training a bit. The rotation for training in the map is very awkward and confusing so just killing by sight would be best. Don’t forget to clear the ground floor of Chipmunks every so often, because the buildup down there prevents spawn on the elevated ledges. Not many equips drop off of the monsters but Chipmunks sometimes supply White Guiltians. Love Mu Lung music!

Chipmunks, Red/Black Porkies (level 46-48 ) **** (HP) (^-^)

Thes best map to train on these would be Sky Forest: The Train. It has small ledges good for sniping, and high spawn good for the use of Iron Arrow. Yay mobbing! Also, I LOVE MU LUNG MUSIC! By standing in the middle on the small snipe ledges, you can save hp potions because the monsters have no magic attack. It doesn’t receive an excellent because it is necessary to clear the ground floor of chipmunks from time to time.

Mateon (level 45-49) **** (#)

Like Barnard Grays, the best map for Mateons is a hidden street that some people know of, called Mateon Field, and accessed through a large rock marked with an alien in Boswell Field III. They have a high drop rate of equipment and their tentacles can be well-used for various quests. All of the monster ledges in Mateon Field are flat and straight, making it easy to use Iron Arrow in your training, if you so choose. However, once again they do not receive the rating of excellent due to quite strong of a magic attack.

Poopas and Scuba Pepes (level 47-49) ***** (^-^) (HP)

The reason you should wait until level 47 to fight both of them is because the map makes it somewhat necessary to kill Scuba Pepes with one attack, and Poopa’s with 2 attacks. These two extra levels make this occur much more often. Go up and down from the snipe ledges, sometimes with a Poopa hovering around, and kill the Scubas. They can be mobbed but the ledges are long so it’s not often that you get the chance. It’s fast and easy kills, since you’re sniping the scubas and the poopas have a limited range attack. Once again, grab the air bubbles that drop if you want to save even more HP. Yay aqua road music!

Freezers and Sparkers (level 47-49) **** (^-^) ($)

By level 47 you should have no problem killing freezers OR sparkers with 2 hits. Note the “OR” in the last sentence. It’s not suggested that you fight in the area immediately to the left of the Aquarium because of the uneven ledges and the small, cramped map. The next two maps to the left have either only sparkers or only freezers, along with a few Poopas. These annoying poison poopas are what brought the rating from 5 to 4 asterisks. These supercharged seals drop a generous amount of mesos, are fun to kill, and I still like aqua road music. The magic attacks can be fatal if you don’t fight fast, so mobbing may be tempting but costly!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

II. Preferred skill/stat build (for this training guide)

AP Build – Conservative
…basically have strength equal to your level, all the rest in dex. (should have 4/4 int/luk)
At level 30 your strength should be raised to 30.  Strength = level due to crossbow requirements.
Level 30 +4 dex +1 str
Level 31 +4 dex +1 str
Level 32 +4 dex +1 str
Level 33 +4 dex +1 str
Level 34 +4 dex +1 str
Level 35 +4 dex +1 str
Level 36 +4 dex +1 str
Level 37 +4 dex +1 str
Level 38 +4 dex +1 str
Level 39 +4 dex +1 str
Level 40 +4 dex +1 str
Level 41 +4 dex +1 str
Level 42 +4 dex +1 str
Level 43 +4 dex +1 str
Level 44 +4 dex +1 str
Level 45 +4 dex +1 str
Level 46 +4 dex +1 str
Level 47 +4 dex +1 str
Level 48 +4 dex +1 str
Level 49 +4 dex +1 str
Level 50 +4 dex +1 str
Level 69 +4 dex +1 str
Level 70 +4 dex +1 str

AP Build- Offensive
Same results as the above, but you only raise strength when necessary.
For example, at level 42 you will need 42 Strength to wield the Silver Crow. You will wait until level 42 to raise 4 strength (the last bow was at level 38, meaning it’s a 4 str gap).
I use the conservative build… it’s harder to make mistakes. The only reason for this build is to get a slight dex boost, temporarily increasing power.
Level 30 +5 dex
Level 31 +5 dex
Level 32 +1 dex +4 str
Level 33 +5 dex
Level 34 +5 dex
Level 36 +5 dex
Level 37 +4 dex +1 str
Level 38 +5 str
Level 39 +5 dex
Level 40 +5 dex
Level 41 +5 dex
Level 42 +1 dex +4 str
Level 43 +5 dex
Level 44 +5 dex
Level 45 +5 dex
Level 46 +5 dex
Level 47 +5 dex
Level 48 +5 dex
Level 49 +2 dex +3 str
Level 50 +5 str
Level 51 +5 dex
Level 52 +5 dex
Level 53 +5 dex
Level 54 +5 dex
Level 55 +5 dex
Level 56 +5 dex
Level 57 +5 dex
Level 58 +5 dex
Level 59 +5 str
Level 60 +5 str
Level 61 +5 dex
Level 62 +5 dex
Level 64 +5 dex
Level 65 +5 dex
Level 66 +5 dex
Level 67 +5 dex
Level 68 +5 dex
Level 69 +5 str
Level 70 +5 str
This pattern continues…

FA-Less Skill Build (credits to Surefoot)
30: Iron Arrow x1
31: Crossbow Mastery x3
32: Crossbow Mastery x3
33: Crossbow Mastery x3
34: Crossbow Mastery x3
35: Crossbow Mastery x3
36: Crossbow Mastery x3
37: Crossbow Mastery x1, Iron Arrow x2 (pay attention ! do not max mastery yet)
38: Iron Arrow x3
39: Iron Arrow x3
40: Iron Arrow x3
41: Iron Arrow x3
42: Crossbow Booster x3
43: Crossbow Booster x2, Soul Arrow x1
44: Soul Arrow x3
45: Soul Arrow x3
46: Soul Arrow x3
47: Crossbow Booster x3
48: Crossbow Booster x2, Power Knock-Back x1
49: save points
50: save points
51: save points
52: save points
53: Iron Arrow x15 (MAXed)
54: Power Knock-Back x3
55: Power Knock-Back x3
56: Power Knock-Back x3
57: Power Knock-Back x3
58: Power Knock-Back x3
59: Power Knock-Back x3
60: Power Knock-Back x1 (MAXed), Crossbow Booster x2
61: Crossbow Booster x3
62: Crossbow Booster x3
63: Crossbow Booster x2 (MAXed), Focus x1
64: Focus x3
65: Focus x3
66: Focus x3 (MAXed if AB)
67: Soul Arrow x3
68: Soul Arrow x3
69: Soul Arrow x3
70: Soul Arrow x1 (MAXed), Crossbow Mastery x1 (MAXed), Focus x1 (MAXed if DS) or Blessing of Amazon x1 (if AB)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

III. Do it yourself! The “what monsters drop my equips?” guide.

Level 40
-->Silver Crow
This item drops off of Bloctopus (35), Lupin (37), Morphed Blin (60), Poopa (40), Rombot (47), Zombie Lupin (40)


-->Red Distinction
This item drops off of Cold Eye (40), Fire Tusk (36), Panda Teddy (36), Wild Cargo (62)
-->Blue Distinction
This item drops off of Block Golem (42), Soul Teddy (63)
-->Green Distinction
This item drops off of Book Ghost (55), Malady (55), Robo (41)
-->Brown Distinction
This item drops off of Cold Eye (40), I.AM.ROBOT (44), Minor Zombie (57)
-->Dark Distinction
This item drops off of King Block Golem (45), Pepe (60), Poopa (40)

-->Brown Piette
This item drops off of Chronos (37), Copper Drake (45), Curse Eye (35), Green Eggy Popp (35), Master Chronos (46), Wild Boar (24), Zombie Lupin (40)
-->Dark Piette
This item drops off of Lorang (37), Red Drake (60), Zeta Gray (42)
--> White Piette
This item drops off of Helly (36), Lunar Pixie (45), Luster Pixie (52)
-->Brown Piettra
This item drops off of Clang (48), Gryphon (50), Iron Boar (45), Jr. Cerebes (43), King Bloctopus (38), MT-09 (54), Skeledog (44)
-->Dark Piettra
This item drops off of Chief Gray (49), Electrophant (41), Nependeath (42), Panda (60)
-->White Piettra
This item drops off of Clang (48), Plateon (44), Tortie (46)

-->Blue Piette Pants
This item drops off of Lunar Pixie (45), Luster Pixie (52)
-->Brown Piette Pants
This item drops off of Brown Teddy (30), Copper Drake (45), Curse Eye (35), Green Eggy Popp (35), Gryphon (50), Lunar Pixie (45), Master Chronos (46), Wild Boar (24)
-->Dark Piette Pants
This item drops off of Dark Nependeath (47), Lorang (37), Red Drake (60), Zeta Gray (42)
-->Brown Piettra Skirt
This item drops off of Clang (48), Iron Boar (45), Jr. Cerebes (43), Jr. Necki (21), King Bloctopus (38)
-->Dark Piettra Skirt
This item drops off of Gryphon (50), Nependeath (42), Panda (60), Sparker (43)
-->White Piettra Skirt
This item drops off of Plateon (44), Tortie (46), Yeti and Pepe (78)



Level 50
This item drops off of Block Golem (42), Propelly (37), Zombie Lupin (40)


Level 60
-->Golden Crow
This item drops off of Bone Fish (92), Book Ghost (55), Hector (55), Ice Drake (64), Jr. Yeti (50), Kru (68 ), Water Goblin (60), Yeti (65)


Level 70
-->Gross Jaeger
This item drops off of Dark Yeti and Pepe (82), Gatekeeper (108), Jr. Balrog (80)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

IV. Self-approved and very helpful links

Surefoot’s “FA-less Crossbowman / Sniper Guide, all 3 jobs!”
<a href="http://www.<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/showthread.php?t=1042232" target="_blank">http://www.<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/showthread.php?t=1042232</a>

xmmx’s “GMS Monster HP to EXP ratios”
<a href="http://www.<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/showthread.php?t=1373472" target="_blank">http://www.<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/showthread.php?t=1373472</a>

Sybaris’ “Sybaris’ Bowman Damage Calculator”
<a href="http://www.<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/showthread.php?t=971819" target="_blank">http://www.<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/showthread.php?t=971819</a>

V. Credits- don’t say they aren’t there!

-->Skill build credited to surefoot of sleepywood.
-->Images credited to http://www.basilmarket.com and/or http://www.hidden-street.net
-->Links credited to … the people that posted the threads!
-->Training information credited to my brilliant research (jk).
-->AP Builds are not by any means original or some breakthrough but I didn’t copy them from anywhere, so technically I credit myself.
-->Weapon drops credited to http://www.basilmarket.com and/or http://www.hidden-street.net

Please do leave posts and suggestions! This is 100% a work in progress I will constantly check the thread for any new comments. (as of July 4th!... well when I typed this idk when it will be released)
This was last checked by the author on July 10th

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