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Ariant Coliseum Challenge

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Posted 30 June 2008 - 08:28 PM

Ariant Coliseum Challenge

The Ariant Party Quest is a PQ in which players weaken and capture monsters, known as scorpions, in order to win.

-You must be in the level 20-30 range in order to participate.
-You 'should' have the "Mark Name and Hp" of monsters set. To set this, go to "System Options" and at the bottom choose the setting "Mark Name and HP" or "Mark Hp".

In order to "come in 1st place" you must be the one who has captured the most scorpions. "Come in 1st place" is in quotes because you can't lose in this game, you will always gain exp and points.

~Getting There
In order to get to the Ariant Challenge you must go to Henesys. In Henesys, go to where the mushroom park entrance is, and go to the bottom of the hill. There will be an Arabian there, talk to him and he will let you in the Event.

~Getting In
As you know, you must capture as many scorpions as possible in 7 minutes. To get in the Game, click on the Arabian at the far right of the map, he will show a list of the Games that are ready to be played. Click on one and you will go into the waiting room. When in there, you have to wait for the 'leader' to start the Game. The 'leader' is the person who opened the room.

If there are rooms empty, start one of your own. Simply click on one of the rooms and choose the minimum amount of people inside(2-6). Then when you want it to start click on the Arabian, and he will start the match.

~The Game
When it starts, you will be on the top of the map. Click on the Arabian, he will give you Element Rocks and Bombs for Hunting. These should be quickly issued a hotkey. I'd recommend putting the Element Rocks on your spacebar, and the Bombs on any other. Now go down and start to weaken the scorpions. When their bar is nearly to the end, click on your Element Rock hotkey, and it will capture them. Continue to this through the end of the game.

This means it was captured

This is when it can be captured

Your Bombs are also another useful item. When they explode, anyone who gets hit by the Bomb, will lose a portion of their captured scorpions(gems). They will then be stunned, giving you time to collect the gems. Be careful though, other people will try to take your gems and place Bombs when your around.

If you kill a monsters, relax. Sometimes they drop items that can help you.

Gives 1 Bomb

Increases your speed and jump for a period of time

Fist that increase your ATT

Shield that protects you once from a Bomb

This reverses the movements the rest of the players

When the 7 minutes are up, the monsters will die, and it will show a score board, check where you ranked. You will then be teleported to place where there are two people. The crazy-looking lady will exchange your gems for exp and points. Depending on how many people where in your game, there is a different set of exp you can get.

The crazy old bag

The guy who gives you your chair. He also keeps track of your points

Points are used to buy the all-popular Palm Tree Beach Chair! You will need a total of 200 points to get one, and theres no limit as to how many you can get. Depending on the rank you got and the amount of players there were, you will get a different amount of points. The max you can get is 10, which needs 6 people and you in 1st place, and lowest is 1 point.

After you got your spoils, go to the right and enter the portal, there you will be teleported to an island with a portal in the middle, go through that one and your back at the Event place.

Coming soon!

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