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The Solo Fighter Guide (Again)

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Posted 27 June 2008 - 03:09 PM

For some strange reason, I cannot repost my solo fighter advice in my solo fighter guide. It may be because of the sever crash, or the fact that I'm currrently mooching off my neighbor's internet, but I cannot repost it. So I'm making another topic and posting it here.

Hijacking my own thread and rewriting my guide.


I. Introduction
II. Job Skills
III. 1st Job Skill point distribution
IV. Training for 1st job
V. 2nd Job Distribution
VI. Training for 2nd Job
VII. Author's Notes

I. Introduction
A solo fighter is a warrior who choses the path of fighter, but instead of having a build fit for PQs at early and mid levels, he/she goes a build that benefits himself/herself. Below are details on what solo fighters train/put points in from levels 1-70.
As you start your journey as a solo fighter, try to roll x/x/4/4 stats. If you are lazy, x/x/4-5/4-5 stats will do. While you are on Maple Island, cap your dex at 10 (dex not needed for Maple Island), and pump the rest of your points into STR. On Maple Island, you can train anywhere you want, because there's barely anything.

II. Job Skills
Saving space, so 1st job skills are here:


III. 1st Job Skill Distribution
Lv 10: +1 Improving HP recovery
Lv 11: +3 Improving HP recovery
Lv 12: +1 Improving HP recovery, +2 Improving Max HP Increase
Lv 13: +3 Improving Max HP increase
Lv 14: +3 Improving Max HP increase
Lv 15: +2 Improving Max HP increase, +1 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 16: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 17: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 18: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 19. +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 20. +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 21: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 22: +1 Power Strike/Slash Blast, +2 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 23: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 24: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 25: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 27: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 28: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 29: +3 Power Strike/Slash Blast
Lv 30: Whatever you want

As you level, put 1-2 points into DEX, and the rest into STR, until you have a comfortable amount of DEX. Once you have, pump the rest of your points into STR.

IV. Training for 1st Job
Lv. 10-19: Bottom floor/second lowest floor of Henesys Hunting Ground I, Slimes, Stumps, Orange Mushrooms
Lv 20-25: Green Mushrooms, Pigs/Ribbon Pigs
Lv 25-30: Catuses, Wild Boars, Ant tunnel, KPQ

V. 2nd Job Distribution
Max mastery, then max final atttack, then max booster, then max rage, and finally PG (Power Guard).

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