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The Complete HP Warrior guide from Levels 1-30

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Posted 27 June 2008 - 12:33 PM

Nutshell Guide to Being a GOOD HP Warrior,
Levels 1-30, in 2547 Words. mush1q.gif

Just to let you know I will be referring to the male HP warrior as that is the one I know. So all equips and the like will be male equips. I’m sure if you are a girl then you can work out what I’m talking about. Thanks.

1) The Point of an HP Warrior.
The point of an HP Warrior is to use the main ability of Power Guard (A 2nd Job ability for a Fighter or a Page.) to inflict damage on an opponent. The fighter class is usually more favoured as they have Rage, which lowers DEF, which in turn means more damage.

Pros and Cons:


The challenge.

Having ludicrous amounts of HP, which means you won’t die in earlier levels. Although I did. Somehow.

The feeling of knowing that you are unique as a warrior. (Or of any class for that matter.)

Exploration at lower levels into places that would kill a normal warrior in one hit.


Levelling before 30 is a chore - don’t expect to hit more than 60 at best.

It takes AGES to level.

Ridiculous amount of money on pots.

Did I mention levelling before 30?

2) The Stat Roll.

Perfect Stat Roll (Without SP Resets):

STR: 10
DEX: 5
INT: 5
LUK: 5

Of course, if you had SP resets from the cash shop, you could get a 13/4/4/4, but that isn’t essential. It just means you get 3 extra points on HP in the long run, which amounts to about 300 extra HP (give or take a few) when the skill ’Improving HP Increase’ is maxed. And this is ridiculous because you can’t get over 30,000HP anyway. I suppose then that the upside would be that you would reach that milestone that much quicker, but to be honest, that doesn’t matter.

Quick note about the name of your character - Why not take advantage of your new found status as an HP Warrior? Most HP Warriors have the letters HP in their name, (I do) and it sort of shows off your status. It helps when partying too.

3) Island Life for the HP warrior

With 35STR, being on the island really isn’t hard as it looks. With this, it means that blue snails are a OHKO most of the time and are an easy way to gain EXP. As soon as you reach 35STR, save your SP Until level 15. The reason will become apparent later.

Try doing the quests “New Life”, obtainable from Mai, and “Biggs’ Collection Of Items”, obviously available from Biggs in Southperry. New Life will get you a 3DEF and +30HP “Red Sporty Hat,” a good item to have if you don’t have much STR (Which we don’t) and it gives a nice HP boost. Biggs will give you either a Fruit Knife or a Razor for collecting 30 Blue Shells and 10 Orange Mushroom Caps.

Just stick with it until you get to level 9 and about 70%. Then go to Victoria Island (I will be referring to this as Vic for the rest of this guide.) and talk to Olaf. Just go right from the ferry and speak to him. He will give you a quest, which I think is called “The Way of The Warrior.” Take it, and then go to Perion and speak to Dances With Balrog, right at the top of the city. When you have done so, the EXP you gain should take you to Level 10, the level needed to be a warrior. (If it doesn’t take you to level 10, just go to the portal on the right about half way up, and kill a few snails to level up.) Then speak to him again and say that you would like to be a warrior. Then you should see a ray of golden light spouting from his/her head. Congratulations! You are now a warrior!

4) The Lower Levels

I’d get going to Ellinia, namely the slime tree. The slime tree is the one place where you can survive, especially if you are non funded, (which to be honest is a bad idea, but I did it) and you will funded yourself in a short while. Heehee. I’ll go into that in the “Funding Yourself” section later. Anyway, one slime will net you 10EXP, which isn’t a bad total for 2 or 3 hits. Plus, the sheer abundance of slimes here means you aren’t looking for the spawn.
My Method Of Training!
Gain 5% in one channel and then move on. This way, you can keep looking for the king slime which gives good EXP (And you can solo it, by the way, quite easily) and you don’t have to wait and go up and down for the slimes. Also, if there are people in the channel they won’t be hassling you to change channel - you’ll be doing it in a second anyway. Also, the drops can be very good. My friend (HPSauces) did manage to find the level 64 Maple Glory, which is good for selling (if you aren’t planning to go that high, of course.) to fund yourself.

However, with a decent weapon (Stars and Stripes maybe, +10STR, 30ATK or even a Pig Illustrated) and a Sniper Pill going to Pig Beach could well be faster and more beneficial. There again I’d follow my method of training (5% and then move on) as you may just have to chase the spawn, especially when using Slash Blast. Not to mention the occasional Iron Hog, which is a nuisance at the best of times. Speaking of Slash Blast-

5) Skill Builds

Firstly, the build I have, the Slash Blast Build. If you disagree with anything in this build (Which you probably will) I’ll leave my details at the bottom. Onto the build -

Level 10: Improve HP Recovery +1
Level 11: Improve HP Recovery +3
Level 12:Improve HP Recovery +1, Improve HP Increase +2
Level 13: Improve HP Increase +3
Level 14: Improve HP Increase +3 (MAXED)
Level 15: Improve HP Increase +2, Power Strike +1
Level 16: Slash Blast +3
Level 17: Slash Blast +3
Level 18: Slash Blast +3
Level 19: Slash Blast +3
Level 20: Slash Blast +3
Level 21: Slash Blast +3
Level 22: Slash Blast +2(MAXED), Improve HP Recovery +1
Level 23: Improve HP Recovery +3
Level 24: Improve HP Recovery +3
Level 25: Improve HP Recovery +3
Level 26: Improve HP Recovery +1 (MAXED), Endure +2
Level 27: Endure +3
Level 28: Endure +3
Level 29: Endure +2 (MAXED), Power Strike +1
Level 30: Power Strike +3

You should end up with this:

Improve HP Recovery: 16 (MAXED)
Improve HP Increase: 10 (MAXED)
Endure: 10 (MAXED)
Iron Body: 0
Power Strike: 5
Slash Blast: 20 (MAXED)

The reasoning behind this is that the attacking power is more important than the recovery of your ludicrous amounts of HP. Slash Blast is a great move that allows you hit more than one monster at a time and so allows you to train much faster. Also, it won’t matter about the HP loss when using the attack (obviously) it is only the MP loss that needs to be fretted over. Just make sure that you have lots of money to buy MP pots with.

The Power Strike Build

Level 10: Improve HP Recovery +1
Level 11: Improve HP Recovery +3
Level 12:Improve HP Recovery +1, Improve HP Increase +2
Level 13: Improve HP Increase +3
Level 14: Improve HP Increase +3 (MAXED)
Level 15: Improve HP Increase +2, Power Strike +1
Level 16: Power Strike +3
Level 17: Power Strike +3
Level 18: Power Strike +3
Level 19: Power Strike +3
Level 20: Power Strike +3
Level 21: Power Strike +3
Level 22: Slash Blast +1(MAXED), Improve HP Recovery +2
Level 23: Improve HP Recovery +3
Level 24: Improve HP Recovery +3
Level 25: Improve HP Recovery +3 (MAXED)
Level 26: Endure +3
Level 27: Endure +3
Level 28: Endure +3
Level 29: Endure +1 (MAXED), Slash Blast +2
Level 30: Slash Blast +3

Ending up with:
Improve HP Recovery: 16 (MAXED)
Improve HP Increase: 10 (MAXED)
Endure: 10 (MAXED)
Iron Body: 0
Power Strike: 20 (MAXED)
Slash Blast: 5

If you want the most damage that you can get, then this is the build for you. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t go for this build as it is probably easier to kill up to 6 monsters at a time rather than hit one monster for lots of damage. Of course as an HP warrior you aren’t looking for the most amount of damage that you can do at any one point but the most HP you can get, which gets you to do more damage with Power Guard. If I were you, I would wait till level 30 to do some real damage.

6) Funding Yourself

The main technique I use as a non funded HP warrior is, quite neatly, co-ordinated with the place that I train. I train at the slime tree and so I hunt the king slime. With the king slime, it isn’t the mesos that it drops, but the items it drops. It regularly drops cakes of various sorts, like Cheesecakes, Wedding Cakes, and Chocolate Cream Cakes. They NPC for around 1950 mesos a go, and you should gain about 15 cakes with each kill. On top of this, you can get around 200 mesos and 200 EXP with each kill. That amounts to around 29,000 mesos for every kill of the King.

Alternatively, at a much higher level you could take on the Puff Daddy. These drop maple items which sell for large amounts of money. Make sure you try to pick up the Lv64 weapons as these will generally sell for more than the 35’s or the 43’s.

7) Summary of training

Level 10-20 - The slime tree, Ellinia. Easy kill, easy spawn, easy EXP.
Level 20-30 or until you have good equips - Pig Beach.
A summary. Short and sweet.

8) Equipment

For me, equipment is split into two sides. Those who are funded, and don’t mind being hit and have the money to cover the pot cost, and those who don’t want to be hit as they don’t have the pot money.

Funded Equipment
Firstly, get to Perion and buy yourself some Lolico armour. Be careful, as most of the equipment you will try to wear generally has a strength requirement, and the last specific warrior armour you will be able to wear is the level 15 armour. After this, you could go for a bathrobe for men which you could scroll with DEF scrolls, although this would not do the resale value much good and it could well be a waste of money. Now onto the section I know more about, non funded equipment.

Non-Funded Equipment

For the non funded, equipment can be a pain, with the strength restrictions and such. My advice is to go to Lith Harbour for all your equips. Technically the equipment they sell are for beginners, but for a cheap and cheerful option they’ll do fine. Stick with your first clothes until level 11 and then get yourself a Blue One Lined T-Shirt. It costs around 1,000 mesos and it does the job as a first little piece of armour. Then at level 16 by yourself either a pair of Ice Jeans or Sandblasted Jeans. The +3 on either HP or MP will not make a discernable difference to your stats, but, if you really cared, Sandblaster’s +3 MP would probably have more use. You could also try the level 10 Bronze Koif for functionality (but certainly not for style.) That will probably have to do you up until either you get funded, you get some money yourself, or you reach level 30 and you get Power Guard. At level 30 you won’t want much armour so you can maximise your attack.

9) General Tips on being an HP warrior

Stick with it. It may get boring after a while, but soon enough you will feel the satisfaction of being a truly unique class.

Money probably won’t be an issue up until level 30. The only reason I go on about it so much in this guide is that it will be an issue after level 30 as there will be stronger monsters hitting you for much more damage.

Don’t be tempted to put any extra points on strength. This will mean that you level slightly faster, but you will have less HP. Not good.

Don’t make an HP Warrior unless you have quite a lot of time on your hands. It takes a while to do.

Know a Cleric, or make friends with one quickly. They more than likely will want to train you because they can heal you and it will take a lot and it will gain them more EXP. Even Bishops at level 120 will want to party with a level 40 HP Warrior due to the sheer amount of the EXP they gain.

When hunting for the King Slimes, keep the Wedding Cakes (The ones that look like the pies from Trivial Pursuit)as they recover 2000 MP and more importantly 2000 HP. An easy alternative to buying potions.

Have another character that you can have a break from the warrior on. This way your HP Warrior won’t be left behind.

If you find another HP Warrior, speak to them and make friends. It is best to support each other and let each other know what happens. Also, a bit of competition is always healthy.

When looking for a Cleric, advertise yourself as an HP warrior. This way you should get in a party, quickly. Partying is quite essential for level 30+, because the levels get harder to come across (especially with 35 strength.)

10) Contact Me

If you have any queries about this guide, don’t hesitate to ask. E-Mail me at [email protected], message chizzeh on the MapleTip Forums, or contact me in MapleGlobal’s Mardia, where I am called 35andHP. Alternatively log on to Scania and get in touch with Teignmouth, Chippage or Notebooks. Thanks, and Happy Mapling!

Final Note: Have fun with your HP Warrior. It isn’t meant to be a competitive class in the game. The whole point of the HP Warrior is to have fun, and explore new places. If you want a character that will out damage other classes, this isn’t the character you want. By all means, make him/her the best s/he can be, but don’t expect great feats of godly damageness from your character. Good luck, hope you succeed.

Honestly, the final note now: I understand that this guide may be out of date in places but the reason I have kept the things (King Slime, Puff Daddy) in us that they may be available again in the future. When either I or the Mapling community as a whole receives notification that they will never happen again. This way it can be there for notification in the future. And I re-iterate, I do hope that you have some fun with your warrior. And when I reach level 30, there’ll be another guide winging its way to you. Wahey! mush1q.gif

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Posted 27 June 2008 - 01:36 PM

Why did you bother posting? -.-

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Posted 09 October 2008 - 10:13 AM

QUOTE(Migrant @ Jun 27 2008, 01:36 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Why did you bother posting? -.-

ummm if u mean about the post above yours....thats a bot...it does that automatically...for every topic..............
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Posted 13 October 2008 - 12:46 PM

Good guide for Levels 1-30. mush1n.gif


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Posted 17 October 2008 - 07:56 PM

Good job! mush1z.gif this is a pretty good guide

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Posted 17 October 2008 - 08:51 PM

Nice guide. My HP warrior is currently stuck at lvl 37 right now though the reason why is *audible gasp* that he is a spearman (and future HP mule if I ever get around to maxing HB). Although the IGN has 'HP' is it xDDDDD (HPEchelon)

I might make a real HP warrior someday - just no time right now.

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