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Magician Guide Version 2.0

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Posted 23 June 2008 - 04:31 AM

MapleStory Magician Guide Version 2.0

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Builds
3. Magician Career
4. Training
5. Second Job Advancement
6. Skills

1. Overview

What is a Magician?

A Magician is a character in almost every single RPG, MMORPG, etc. They use their wisdom, in this case intelligence (INT), to make their power as powerful as possible. Magicians in MapleStory are then split into three separate classes – Fire/Poison Wizard, Ice/Lightning Wizard, and Cleric. Cleric in MapleStory aren’t like in other MMO’s, they use INT instead of DEX, STR, etc.

Why choose a Magician?

Because I said so! No not really, appreciated though ^-^. Magicians are one of the powerful characters in MapleStory. You’ll suffer at the beginning at Maple Island to Victoria in the levels of 3 to 14 (when you start getting Mana Claw).

*High Magic Damage
*Highest Mana character around
*Fun to level!!

*Lowest Physical Damage (whatever)
*Lowest Health character around
*In some instances, wastes a lot of money on MP Potions
*Level 30-35: HELL LEVELS!!! (Goes to all the MapleStory characters!)

2. Builds

What stat roll should I try to get?

I suggest you get a 4, 4, _, _ in the roll (STR, DEX, INT, LUK).
In some cases try getting 5, 4, _, _ and vice versa 4, 5, _, _.
In other cases, NOT RECOMMENDED, try getting a 5, 5, _, _ roll.

What should I add?

Well it depends; you can either be a Magician with LUK or no LUK. Magicians with LUK will be able to wear equips for the specific level (i.e. Wands, Staves, Overalls, etc.). Usually this build will make your LUK +3 your level (level 8 Magician should have 11 LUK, 9 with 12 and so on, the rest on INT). Others choose to be LUK-less -- meaning that they have a minimal amount (4~6 in this case) – which makes all their AP go to INT.

So remember that normal LUK Magicians have +3 LUK from their level and LUK-less Magicians have minimal LUK and all AP going to INT.

3. Magician Career

So, what do I need to become a Magician?

Well, first of all, you’ll need to be level 8 and have 20 INT. The second thing is to have MAGE SPIRIT! YAH! Ok… moving along XD.

Where do I go to become a Magician?

To become a Magician, you must go to Ellinia. When you talk to Shanks in Southperry, check world map (‘W’) in Maple Island, he’ll send you off to Lith Harbor. From there, talk to Phil (he’s right below the boat’s deck). Talk to him, look and read through what he says, and then choose Ellinia. From Ellinia, walk all the way up, I mean to the VERY top, or take shortcuts (version 56 has yellow circle things that show you shortcuts when you pass by them). Talk to Grendel the Really Old to become a Magician.

4. Training

Where should I train?

Of course this depends all to you, but over the years I found this very successful to me. Remember, choose a place that gives a fairly good EXP but that doesn’t cost you much Mana, try to balance it out.

Levels 1-8: Maple Island, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you do many to all the quests, but once you hit level 8, you leave Maple Island. Newer patches in MapleStory have now given new players items to start off.

Levels 8-18*: I suggest you train with Slimes all the way through, many players train on them until they’re level 15 or so, but for newer players who are not funded, I suggest you go through this route (and it’s good EXP too!).

Levels 15-18: Ribbon Pigs, Octopuses, Slimes, HPQ (Henesys Party Quest), Bubblings.

Levels 18-22: Green Mushrooms, Horned Mushrooms (used to be called Horny Mushrooms) XD.

Levels 22-30: Horned Mushrooms, Zombie Mushrooms, KPQ (Kerning Party Quest), Wild Boar, Crow, Flaming Raccoon

Levels 25-30: Zombie Mushrooms, KPQ, Evil Eyes, Horned Mushrooms (not much this time ^-^), Wild Boar, Crow


5. Second Job Advancement

Yay! I’m level 30, now what?

Well, go back to talk to Grendel the Really Old back in Ellinia. He’ll tell you that you have improved and he gives you a letter to go talk to the job instructor. Listen to what he says, because I forgot =P, and go there. Look at your world map (‘W’) to see how to get there.

Before you go make sure you:
* Restock on potions (both Health and Mana)
* Carry at least one Town Scroll (can be purchased in any given potion store)
*Anything else you think you may need. XD

Yay, I see the lady, what do I do?

Talk to her, she’ll be at the very top of the map. Once inside, you must collect 30 ‘Dark Marbles’. These marbles may be obtained by killing the monsters (they DO NOT drop them at a 100% rate), I found the drop rate a bit horrible – about 1/3~4 chance of getting one). Once you have all 30, talk to her again and you’ll get a Medal of Honor or something like that. Oh yes, if you die in there, I think that you will lose all your marbles, if not, you’ll lose them when you enter again.

What do I do next?

Use the Town Scroll, located in your ‘Use’ section of your Inventory (‘i’). You should be in Ellinia now. Now go all the way up the Ellinia map if so not already and go in there. Then talk to Grendel the Really Old. Read the second job descriptions and choose the one that you like or gives you appeal. Congratulations you are now a <enter the job chosen>!!! CONGRATS!!! XD

6. Skills

What skills should I add?

Widely used question in many games. These are some skills that are widely used throughout MapleStory, some of which make their own unique way.

NOT funded Build

Level 8: 1 Energy Bolt (leave it as LEVEL 1!!!)
Level 9: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 10: 2 Improving MP Recovery, 1 Improving Max MP Increase (this will give you more Mana every time you level.)
Level 11: 3 Improving Max MP Increase
Level 12: 3 Improving Max MP Increase
Level 13: 3 Improving Max MP Increase (Yay, it’s now maxed!)
Level 14: 1 Improving MP Recovery, 2 Magic Claw
Level 15: 2 Improving MP Recovery, 1 Magic Claw
Level 16: 1 Improving MP Recovery, 2 Magic Claw
Level 17: 2 Improving MP Recovery, 1 Magic Claw
Level 18: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 19: 2 Improving MP Recovery (Yay it’s maxed!), 1 Magic Claw
Level 20: 3 Magic Claw
Level 21: 3 Magic Claw
Level 22: 3 Magic Claw
Level 23: 3 Magic Claw
Level 24: 1 Magic Claw (Yay, it’s maxed), 2 Magic Guard (THE MOST HELPFUL SKILL IN FUTURE LEVELS, not much at lower levels)
Level 25: 3 Magic Guard
Level 26: 3 Magic Guard
Level 27: 3 Magic Guard
Level 28: 3 Magic Guard
Level 29: 3 Magic Guard
Level 30: 3 Magic Guard (Yay it’s maxed!)

1 Energy Bolt
10 Improving Max MP Increase
16 Improving MP Recovery
20 Magic Claw
20 Magic Gurad


Level 8: Energy Bolt
Level 9: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 10: 2 Improving MP Recovery, 1 Improving Max MP Increase
Level 11: 3 Improving Max MP Increase
Level 12: 3 Improving Max MP Increase
Level 13: 3 Improving Max MP Increase (Yay, it’s maxed!)
Level 14: 3 Magic Claw
Level 15: 3 Magic Claw
Level 16: 3 Magic Claw
Level 17: 3 Magic Claw
Level 18: 3 Magic Claw
Level 19: 3 Magic Claw
Level 20: 2 Magic Claw (Yay, it’s maxed!), 1 Improving MP Recovery
Level 21: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 22: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 23: 3 Improving MP Recovery
Level 24: 1 Improving MP Recovery (Yay, it’s maxed), 2 Fairy Guard
Level 25: 3 Fairy Guard
Level 26: 3 Fairy Guard
Level 27: 3 Fairy Guard
Level 28: 3 Fairy Guard
Level 29: 3 Fairy Guard
Level 30: 3 Fairy Guard (Yay, it’s maxed!)

1 Energy Bolt
10 Improving Max MP Increase
20 Magic Claw
16 Improving MP Recovery
20 Fairy Guard

Will be adding a bit more soon, I got to sleep =P.

Well that’s about it. Oh yea, I hold all rights on this guide, if you need to borrow parts of this, give me credit and a PM, thank you. Don’t mind that it says version 2.0, version 1.0 was before MS Patch 56 (never posted anywhere). If you need me, you may contact me to any of these characters (currently active in Windia):

iMagedUp (active)
TechJoe (active)
Rutsuhei (sometimes active)
Twilsword (sometimes active)
WizAViz (Broa – barely active)
MagicianJoeM (Bera – barely active)
… BAI!!!~~~

I’ll try to update this guide further~~
Make Cleric Guide
Make Ice/Lightning Guide
Make Fire/Poison Guide

© Joe Mejia 2008 xD

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