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My not-so in-depth F/P guide.

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 06:46 PM

Work in Progress, not finished as you can see.

Please understand that I am NOT covering 1 - 30 as a magician. I am guessing that you know the basics of a mage. If you don't, too bad. Look in another guide.

Oh and everything fancy will be added after I add in my information. So it'll be bland. Please try and understand. D:

I think I'm skilled enough to make a guide for my own class. Well... that's me.


Why should you become an F/P? Because I'm one, duh

No, seriously.

  • They are strong in second job
  • Super fast leveling in third job, mist or not.
  • You'll be raking in the moniez
  • In fourth job, you'll have a summon (Elquines) and a "freezing" skill (Paralyze).

  • Unlike I/Ls and Clerics, we don't have a mob skill. (Not until 3rd job at least)
  • Explosion speed casting is slower than Ice Strike. However, the speed can be improved by Weapon Speed, unlike other skills.
  • Assuming you went mist, you'll be using that for 50+ levels. Boring, yes?

Did I convince you? No? Who cares.

Introduction to skills: (Wizard)

F/P exclusive:

Fire Arrow-
Description: Create a fire arrow with the power of magic, and fires at an enemy. Applies 1.5 times the damage to the ice-based monsters, whereas fire-based enemies receive only half the damage.

My opinion: Your main skill if you're a pure fire wizard, but you'll only be using it for 30 levels if you're a hybrid. The strongest attack in 2nd job as for the magician class. Maxed? Depends what build you're going?

Poison Brace-
Description: Creates a poisonous water bubble, and shoots at an enemy. The enemy gets temporarily poisoned with a set success rate.

My opinion: Your main skill if you're a pure poison wizard, but you'll only be using it for 10+ levels if you're a hybrid. Useful as well. Very good if hell levels at DTs. Maxed? Depends what build you're going.

Wizard exclusive:

Description: Temporarily slows down the opponents around you. Can't use it on them twice at once, and affects only 6 enemies per attack.

My opinion: Oh my god, my favorite skill out of all. Snail chase, anyone? Anyways, it is unbelievably useful. Useful at bosses, ghost pirates, grims, and etc. Maxed? Definitely sure.

Description: Meditate for a bit to temporarily boost up the magic attack of party members around the area.

My opinion:
Extra power, who wouldn't want that? But although, due to new NLC pots, this skill is practically useless, unless you don't like buying those expensive pots. You won't be using this that much at third job if you went mist. Maxed? Your opinion. Would you want to pay 5k for 8 minutes or no?

Common Mage Skills:

MP Eater-
Description: Soak up an enemy's MP after every magic attack. But if its MP reaches 0, no more.

My opinion: I regret maxing this, but I did it anyways. I don't even notice the MP rise due to mist. If you're a pure build, you will be maxing this, but if you're hybrid, skip this skill. Maxed? I just answered that question.

Description: Use the arrow keys to teleport to other places in the same map on a set distance. The higher the skill level, the less MP you spend.

My opinion: I love this skill. Love, love, love. Very useful tele-casting, evading, etc. Maxed? Yes, yes, yes. VERY.

Wizard builds:

I don't think I'm going to go in-depth on this. But if you want me to, I'll do it. But for now, I'm tired.

Pure fire:

1 Tele > Max Fire > 3 MP Eater > Max Tele > Max MP Eater > Max Tele > Max Slow > 11 Poison Brace (or anything else like Magic Armor, you won't use it at all)


1 Tele > Max Fire > Wait, hold on.

At here, it's your choice.

After Fire Arrow, you can either get ready for Poison Brace by maxing tele, or raise your power by maxing meditate.

Okay, resuming.

Option 1:

3 MP Eater > Max Medi > Max Poison > Max Slow or Tele > Max the other one that you didn't max.

Option 2:

Max Tele > Max Poison > Max Slow > Max Medi.

Pure Poison:

1 Tele > Max Poison > Max Tele > Max Slow > Max MP Eater > Max Meditation > 11 Fire Arrow (or Magic Armor).

Wizard Training Spots:

I'm too lazy. Will add later. Feel free to give me suggestions.

Any questions, comments, concerns, criticism? Feel free to PM me or post here.

Will add pictures, and everything else when I have time.

Edited by MelonPops, 13 April 2008 - 06:59 PM.

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Posted 18 April 2008 - 05:17 PM

Very good job so far. I guess I can help on training spots.
31-34: Your Fire Arrow is still gaining power, so I recommend you go to Crows, Excavation site or Ant Tunnel. At 33, you can try Ligators, as they are weak to fire and only have About 1,000 HP.
35-38: Here, I would recommend going to Jr.Grupins. In the later levels in this frame, you can try out Jr.Wraiths.
39-42: Here, I did Jr.Pepes. You can sell their fish after you finished Huckles quest.
And then I've stopped, so I can't help anymore. I might pick him up when Chams hits 60.
Coldplay is epic win! Anyone else agree?

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