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Bowman Guide :)

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Posted 02 April 2008 - 05:13 PM

Hi, my name is Ranger9811. I currently play in Windia. This is my 4th guide and my 2nd big guide. You are currently wondering why to pick a bowman instead of other classes.

Long Range
Balanced hp and mp
Great skills [BAD THRUST]
Bows look awesome

Slow lving in beginning [Might not be a con anymore]
No survival skills
No party skills [Until 4th job]

Anything else people please tell me.

There are 4 stat rolls bowmen have. The order is arranged by Str ,Dex ,Int, and Luk. 4/4/4/4-This is what people call the perfect roll.
4/4/5/4-Unpatient roll
4/4/4/5-same thing
4/4/5/5-Worse build of them all [almost]
After you have done this follow the rest of the guide.

This is the island you will never ever come back too, so do not get used to it. Finish boot camp and follow this training guide.

Levels 1-7 or 8 green and blue snails.
7 or 8-10 quest and do olaf’s quest.
Now you have finished maple island this will be the next section of the guide.

I forgot stat builds! 1 STR and 4 dex every lv.

Now go to mushroom park in Henesys [you should be lv 10 with 47,46,or 45 dex.] You will find Athena Pierce and ask her about being a bowman. You talk to her and you finally become a bowman! Now put your first skill point into arrow blow and here are the builds.
DS-double shot
Basic build
Level 10-Arrow blow (1)
Level 11- Blessing of Amazon (3)
Level 12- Eye of Amazon (3)
Level 13- Eye of Amazon (6)
Level 14- Eye of Amazon (8) MAXED Double Shot (1)
Level 15-CS (3)
Level 16-CS (6)
Level 17-CS (9)
Level 18-CS (12)
Level 19-CS (15)
Level 20-CS (18)
Level 21-CS (20) MAXED DS (2)
Level 22-DS (5)
Level 23-DS (8)
Level 24-DS (11)
Level 25-DS (14)
Level 26-DS (17)
Level 27-DS (20) MAXED
Level 28 – Focus or eye of Amazon
Level 29-Same thing
Level 30-Same thing

I will put more build when I can. [I am lazy]

Now training WOOT!
10-15 Snails or Slimes because of training session
15-20-Finish the session and finally kill orange mush.
20-25-Kerning PQ or Ant tunnel or finally green mush.
25-30 Final days as Archer and do ANT TUNNEL or PQ

Do the 2nd job and finally become a HUNTER FTW


Finally you ARE the famous hunter with your mobbing skills and everything.

I finish more when I finish typing in word.
Copyright Ranger98111. Currently lv 45 hunter
playing in Windia.2008

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