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Bella's Awesomsauce I/L Guide

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#21 Randallrocks



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Posted 16 November 2008 - 04:09 PM

Actually, that's not true, about retz from 40-75. It's retz from 39-45, paper lantern ghosts from 45-50, and truckers from 50-60.


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#22 Bellatrixa


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Posted 06 December 2008 - 01:48 PM

Updated ~ More 3rd job information to come soon.
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Beginner Mage Guide How To Be An Awesomesauce I/L Mage
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#23 vaele


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Posted 28 December 2008 - 08:36 PM

Awesome guide! Sooo detailed and informative!

You may want to add something about LPQ/CPQ/etc. That was perfect experience until level 40 for me.

And also, about the Retz. I'm still quite confused. Why exactly are they so good? I found mobbing Ratz to be better experience because of a faster spawn.

Back. IDK where I'll go, but I'm thinking Khaini. I'll try playing an I/L mage again after some pirate stuff.

#24 Shadow-



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Posted 28 December 2008 - 08:58 PM

Hey Bella!

Nice guide there!

For the skill builds in 2nd job advancement, could one skill build be:

30 - Tele
31 - 3 Cold Beam
32 - 3 Cold Beam
33 - 3 Cold Beam
34 - 3 Cold Beam
35 - 3 Cold Beam
36 - 3 Cold Beam
37 - 3 Cold Beam
38 - 3 Cold Beam
39 - 3 Cold Beam
40 - 3 Cold Beam (Maxed)
41 - 3 Meditate
42 - 3 Meditatev
43 - 3 Meditate
44 - 3 Meditate
45 - 3 Meditate
46 - 3 Meditate
47 - 2 Meditate (Maxed) 1 MP eater
48 - 3 MP eater
49 - 3 MP eater
50 - 3 MP eater
51 - 3 MP eater
52 - 3 MP eater
53 - 3 MP eater
54 - 1 MP eater (maxed) 2 Lightning
55 - 3 Lightning
56 - 3 Lightning
57 - 3 Lightning
58 - 3 Lightning
59 - 3 Lightning
60 - 3 Lightning
61 - 3 Lightning
62 - 3 Lightning
63 - 3 Lightning
64 - 1 Lightning (Maxed) 2 Teleport
65 - 3 Teleport
66 - 3 Teleport
67 - 3 Teleport
68 - 3 Teleport
69 - 3 Teleport
70 - 2 Teleport (Maxed) 1 Slow

This build gives you maximum damage in LMPQ when you're at that lvl and it wears pots less since your MP eater would be draining a little MP from the Taurus.

Just a suggestion for people who PQ mostly, such as me.

I have experienced this and I can tell you that I can solo Taurus at lvl 55 with 10 hits with Cold Beam, and that isn't much since they freeze easily.


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#25 Bellatrixa


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Posted 29 December 2008 - 05:22 AM

Hmm, as someone who doesn't PQ, that's actually a useful build as I know a lot of people rely on LPQ and LMPQ to level through 2nd job. Adding in a second mush1o.gif

I'm hoping to crack on with getting 3rd job finished this week so I've at least got a complete 1-120 guide. 4th Job is so vague that I don't think I can really offer much guidance on that weirdface7ut.gif
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Beginner Mage Guide How To Be An Awesomesauce I/L Mage
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#26 Lamentar



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Posted 10 January 2009 - 11:23 PM

Hey Bella. Thanks a lot for this guide. I'm a bit of a newbie at Maplestory and this helped a lot just to get me started. Esspecially the item guide. Mesoes burn holes in my pockets.

I'm not a complete noob to MMO's so, much to my surprised and pleasure, this guide helped me with the finer things in Maple, such as where to level, what gives best exp/hour. Its been really helpful.

So, thanks once again and keep going, please ^-^ It's a nice bit of reading XD

#27 Cello33333



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Posted 19 January 2009 - 07:59 PM

REALLY GREAT GUIDE!!! I read the entire thing and has really helped me on my mage. Found one typo in the 3rd paragraph after the Comp Diagram. You spelled that wrong.

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#28 ¬Rob



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Posted 20 January 2009 - 02:40 AM

I'll be using this guide on my future I/L. :)

Only thing I dunno about is; in third job you have Partial Resistance get maxed. I think it's be a bad idea if you ever plan on getting Mana Reflection in 4th job. Mana Reflection is to Mages, as Power Guard is to Page/Fighters, it reflects damage recieved back onto the enemy. Only difference, this skill reflects MAGIC damage. So having any points in PR lowers MR's damage.
'Level 30: MP -45, for duration of 250secs, with success rate 60%, returns 200% of magic damage received back to enemy.' Say a Boss monster(you said PR's mainly for bosses) hits you for, let's say 8k damage(Black Crow's lightning damage); You'd do 16k back to him without PQ, and like 5k with PR. The skill would be nice to save on potions at bosses, but not so much on killing the boss faster.

I'm not putting any points in PR on my F/P because of MR, just thought I'd throw that out there. xD

(Oh and you put 'Magic Bolt' instead of energy bolt on first job again. XD)
Can't wait to get to I/L in a few months(when I feel like pausing my F/P, lawl).

#29 Godforsaken


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Posted 24 January 2009 - 10:50 PM

Beauty of a guide. I'm starting my I/L tomorrow (8 day weekend yayy) and hope to have it at least at 30 by the end of my "weekend".

Trust me, I'll have this window open the whole time to Alt+Tab.


#30 Faith


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Posted 24 March 2009 - 07:42 PM

I love the guide! Probably one of the best guides for I/L mages out there, if not the best. I will definitely use this guide! Thanks a lot!

Might I add a suggestion for lvl 40-50 training spots? This especially applies to the wizards that maxed lightning first. Nightmares in Haunted House: Study [3].
For several reasons:
1. they give a good amount of EXP (120 each)
2. they have a quick spawn (just like Hoodoo/Voodoo)
3. they drop Esther shields
4. (my personal favorite) you can train there without using MP potions if you have MP Eater (preferably at 3 or more), even with Magic Guard on, because Nightmares have 2000 max MP, draining 460 MP at MP Eater level 3 (at success, of course).

Thanks again!

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#31 lorddonk


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Posted 25 March 2009 - 11:52 AM

Thanks! I just turned 69 so I was looking for a lvl 70+ Mage guide and all the guides I found stopped at lvl 70. Maybe you could add to your topic title (1-120) because I'm sure others are looking for a good guide and might pass this up thinking it is only for lvl 1-70.

This is really great! I love how you explained each skill and about the damage of Thunder Spear vs. Composition. I am probably going to follow your guide completely except I'll only put 10 points into Partial Resistance and then using the extra 10 points into Thunder Spear for fun. I don't see a point to it other than saving some potions.

Great guide! My only suggestion would be to add some 70+ training spots, and I also read that at some point Mages should stop adding LUK so you could add when that point is as well!

Edited by lorddonk, 25 March 2009 - 11:55 AM.

#32 Bellatrixa


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Posted 26 March 2009 - 08:56 AM

Ye, I have much editing and adding to be doing to this, but it'll have to wait until I have a bit more time on my hands, I'm afraid.

While Voodoos/Hoodoos are good exp, they're also a common training ground (as in all classes seem to end up there). One of the problems a lotof mages face is "ZOMFG Y U TREIN HEER???". I recall getting that a lot at Jr Yetis with Thunderbolt from passing FPs and Spearmen who'd then try to rape my mobs ¬_¬

As for luk capping, that boils down to your end game weapon and individual luk from equips. If you DO take the ill-advised path of luk mage, I'm afraid it's something you will end up buying a few AP resets over later on. Of course, you can always go the lowluk route or even (and I don't really advise this with the price of luk scrolls) use luk gear to equip a better weapon. Thing is, if you've gone and dumped enough AP into Luk for an Enigma, might as well make it a Dark for the Int bonus as you've already had to raise your luk enough to equip it. In THEORY you could scroll an Anakamoon/Anakarune for luk to keep your base Luk as low as possible. Remember though, whatever equips you choose at the start will rarely give you what you want at the end.

I personally capped my luk far too high and regret it (ditto the decision to go luk in the first place but meh, pretty much everyone did back to what was available equipwise in eMS for lukless mages back then). But yes, I had to sit with a calculator and paper, working out when exactly to cap my luk. However, if Dragon Weapons were to come out in eMS before the Apocalypse, I would simply have to get myself a Zhelm for the Luk bonus to equip a Dragon Wand.

While my advice is to go lukless from the start, I have no qualms about advising those who take the more common route of the beginner mage.
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Beginner Mage Guide How To Be An Awesomesauce I/L Mage
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#33 SeikaTenshi


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Posted 26 March 2009 - 11:08 AM

A nice guide, but it needs some more updating to include Korean Folk Town spots which are in eMS now (as you know).
Hodori and Hogul (Across the Pond/Tiger Ridge/Tiger Forest 1/Tiger Forest 2/ Area of Tamable Hog) are good exp at around the same levels as Cellions and Lioners, and also good for meso farming at higher levels too, generally dropping no less than 120 mesos.
A downside to the Hodori and Hoguls is the fact that Dark Axe Stumps also spawn on their maps (with the exception of Tiger Ridge and Area of Tamable Hog), and those arent good exp or meso earners at the later levels.

Another place I'd suggest is Ghost Ship 5. Selkie Jrs are pot heavy, but give the same exp as a Red Drake, can also drop steely throwing knifes, and mob very well despite the top platform being unaccessable to thunder while you stand on the safe point on the stairs. The downsides here, as I just said, first, to clear the top platform so the spawn goes to the bottom, you have to stand and use thunder on them, so they can attack and its going to be pot heavy. They're also lighting resistant (though not sure if they're ice weak), so Medi is advisable all the time while there pre-3rd job. One other downside to GS5 as I just thought of it, as they drop steelys, maps are very popular here, and I have been known to either be KSed out by a cleric/priest/hermit/3rd job I/L with little to no effort. And GS5 maps are almost impossible to find where one is free, which is odd as the Selkie Jrs drop steelys rarely in GS5, and all but commonly in Mysterious Path 3.

Otherwise, I use this to check where else I could go should another training place is not free on any channel.
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