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Bella's Awesomsauce I/L Guide

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Posted 31 March 2008 - 02:32 AM

As I've spent most of my time on Maplestory these past few months, I decided to make a (not-so) little guide to raising an I/L mage. Please bear in mind that I'm an eMS player, therefore most of my guide is focused on the areas and quests that are available in Maplestory Europe. Additional training spots for Global are included where I can, although I haven't used them personally, therefore have no opinion of their training value.

For those of you who are total beginners, let's have a look at the pros and cons of Ice-Lightning.

Why Choose a Mage?


- Great meso makers when played properly
- Fun to play as
- Ranged attacks
- Have great support skills


- Have little HP despite Magic Guard so can die a lot early on if not careful
- MP potions cost more than Health Potions
- Low damage compared to other classes
- Training spots can be limited due to elemental damage dependancy

Why Choose Ice/Lightning?


- Best mob attacks in second and third jobs
- Can earn a LOT with good item drops at training spots
- Can freeze enemies to cut down on damage recieved, therefore saving mesos on potions


- Thunderbolt can consume a LOT of MP VERY fast
- El Nath is pretty much out of bounds until 3rd job
- Few monsters who are weak against lightning

Luk or Lukless?


- Higher damage as all AP goes into Int
- One set of equips which last a long time
- Faster training due to more damage
- Can train at higher level enemies faster thanks to hjigher damage


- Lose 10% exp when you die (demoralising!) as opposed to the 5% of a Luk mage
- One set of equips meaning you have nothing to level for
- Lukless mage equips are still pretty expensive in eMS at higher levels. Probably will drop a bit once we get Maple weapons
- All lukless mages look the same so NX is the only answer to looking "pretty"
- Can't use Spell Booster in 3rd job if an umbrella is equipped

Personally, I prefer regular luk. I like working towards my new equips, plus I'm too cheap to keep spending NX on covering up a sauna robe mush1k.gif They are pretty cheap until you start scrolling (a good Int Sauna is hellishly expensive in eMS). Plus as most lukless mage equips can only be scrolled with dark scrolls (which have a 50% chance of breaking the item is they fail), it can be a real gamble to get good equips without poofing them on the last slot. If you're going lukless, you might well be able to try the training areas I suggest earlier than regular luk mages.

Let's start at the very beginning:

The Stat Roll

Mages need Int. Luk is optional. If you're going regular luk, you want your Luk to be +3 of your level (so you can equip things). In that case your stat roll is easier. All you need to do is Have 4/4 in Strength and Dex. What I generally do is roll the dice until my Int is something like 9+, then see how many points are in the other attributes. You can get away with 5/5 Str/Dex, but you might want to consider resetting those points later with NX cash to get down to 4/4. Why 4/4? That's the lowest that an attribute can be and frees up points for Int (which is your main priority). At the start of the game, there are 25 attribute points to roll. "Perfect" stats would be 4/4/13/4. If you're a REAL perfectionist (or want a Lukless mage), these would be the stats to aim for.

So, you have your AP rolled. Now what? As you won't be adding points into strength, choose the wooden club as your weapon. Looks fugly, but does the most damage out of the beginner weapons. The clothes you choose don't matter. Once you're done, choose your name and off you go!

Maple Island

First part is the training camp. Just follow the conveyor belts. You get a couple of quests here that are part of familiarising yourself with the controls (which you can reassign to other keys). I personally like shift as my pickup button instead of z, and move attack to a later on once I start using spells to attack. The monsters in the training camp do no damage to you. If your goal is to get off the island as fast as possible, I recommend levelling to about 5 here (saves on pots at the expense of no meso drops). Once you feel you're able to take down a green snail in two or less hits (they have 8 HP), click the NPC at the door to leave. You get 3 beginner skills, none of which are massively amazing. Each level up you get 3 SP to spend. I usually go with Recovery (useful until you get your relaxer) and Nimble Feet (which I've never used). You CAN take Three Snails
as an alternative way of attacking, but it DOES use MP, plus you have to carry snail shells in your inventory to throw at monsters... If you're fast at levelling, it's a worthless skill, although if you decide to max your MP recovery and increase before even putting a single point into Energy Bolt, you might want to hang onto your snail shells and max this skill.

Ability point allocation with each level is simple. If you're going Lukless, all AP goes into Int, 4 Int and 1 Luk if you're going regular luk. Told you it was simple.

To become a magician you need to be Lv 8. Stay on Maple Island until Lv 7 (get your % to something like 90 or so) before getting the ship from Southperry. It doesn't cost much so having 500 mesos should be no great problem. Having over 1k mesos is the best option as that way once you get to Lith Harbour, you can talk to an NPC next to the boat (NOT the VIP taxi!) to take you to Ellinia.

Quests on Maple Island

I personally do all the quests. It's possible to kill orange mushrooms with your nub mage, but it can be a bit tough. Don't obsess about it though, the rewards aren't excellent. My main character never did them. Try taking on orange mushrooms (remember, beginners don't lose experience when they die!) and if you find them too strong, concentrate on getting to your goal for leaving. Don't put points into Strength just for the sake of a newer weapon (which you'll end up selling soon anyway). The other quests are simple and straightforward, involving nothing tougher than Red Snails.

Pio's Collecting Recycled Goods is the quest that gives you the relaxer (chair which recovers 50 HP every 10 seconds). DO THIS QUEST! I can't stress that enough. Although you can buy a chair in Lith, it only recovers half the HP of the relaxer. The quest itself is simple and just requires you to go around breaking open wooden crates to get the screws and wood from inside. You will come to love this chair once you leave Maple Island. Also, it can help you with HP recovery if you're desperate to finish the Mai's Training and Bigg's Collection of Items quests (the two that involve killing orange mushrooms).

So, you've done all your quests that you can, got your character to Lv 7 (and over 50%)... Now what?

Go to Southperry and talk to Shanks (the short dude on the boat) who will ask you if you want to leave Maple Island. You won't be able to come back, but as you want to go advance and have stronger monsters to train on, it's no real big loss.

First Job Advancement

Wow, so many places to go... The world map looks kinda daunting... Talk to Olaf who has a little lightbulb above his head. He'll ask you a few questions about job advancements. The answers are pretty simple (and can be looked up on a few Maplestory fan sites that offer quest help), although the answers should be pretty intuitive. He'll then ask you what job you want to take. Say you want to follow the path of the Magician, then go back to where you got off the ship. There are two NPCs standing next to a ticket booth. Click the guy on the left (who's name I seriously can't remember), and ask to be taken somewhere else. He'll then give you an option of the 4 major towns in Victoria Island. Choose Ellinia, then go to the very top right of the town to Grendel The Really Old's house. He will give you some exp (which should level you to 8), then click him again and ask to become a magician.

Spend your AP as normal, then open up your lovely little skill menu. A new book has been added to it: "Intro to Magic".

This is where the fun begins! The most commonly used build is as follows:

Level 8: Magic Bolt +1
Level 9: Improving MP Recovery +3
Level 10: Improving MP Recovery +2, Improving Max MP +1
Level 11: Improving Max MP +3
Level 12: Improving Max MP +3
Level 13: Improving Max MP +3 (Maxed)
Level 14: Improving MP Recovery +3
Level 15: Improving MP Recovery +3
Level 16: Improving MP Recovery +3
Level 17: Improving MP Recovery +2, Magic Claw +1
Level 18: Magic Claw +3
Level 19: Magic Claw +3
Level 20: Magic Claw+3
Level 21: Magic Claw +3
Level 22: Magic Claw +3
Level 23: Magic Claw +3
Level 24: Magic Claw+1 (Maxed), Magic Guard +2
Level 25: Magic Guard +3
Level 26: Magic Guard +3
Level 27: Magic Guard +3
Level 28: Magic Guard +3
Level 29: Magic Guard +3
Level 30: Magic Guard +3 (Maxed)

At the end you have:

Energy Bolt - 1
Improving Max MP - Maxed
Improving MP Recovery - Maxed
Magic Claw - Maxed
Magic Guard - Maxed

Why these skills in this order?

Let's take a look at them...

Energy Bolt vs Magic Claw

Energy Bolt
Type: Active
Description: Use MP to attack one enemy.
Level 20: MP -14; Basic attack 55, mastery 60%

Magic Claw (Pre-requisite: Energy Bolt Lv. 1 )
Type: Active
Description: Use MP to attack an enemy twice.
Level 20: MP -20; Basic attack 40 x 2 Hit, mastery 60%

Basically, Magic Claw can hit for more, can penetrate some walls (like steps) and therefore is a better choice for a mage.

Improving Max MP Increase (Pre-requisite: Improving MP recovery Lv. 5)
Type: Passive
Description: This skill boosts up the amount of increase on MaxMP after each Level UP, or AP used on MaxMP.
Level 10: If Level UP, +20 more; if AP applied, +10 more on top on MaxMP

You want high MP without putting AP into it, therefore maxing this first is your priority

Improving MP Recovery
Type: Passive
Description: Recovering even more MP every 10 sec. The higher the level of the character and

the skill level, the more recovery it enables the character to have.
Level 16: Constant additional recovery of MP

MP pots cost a lot, therefore you want to regain MP as quickly as possible. The higher the level of this skill, the more MP you get back. Also affects MP recovery while sitting down.

Magic Guard vs Magic Armour

Magic Guard
Type: Supportive
Description: Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP. If MP reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit.
Level 20: MP -12; Replace 80% of HP damage as MP for 600 seconds.

Magic Armor (Pre-requisite: Magic Guard Lv. 3)
Type: Supportive
Description: Temporarily boosts the weapon defense by blowing magic into the armor.
Level 20: MP -16; Weapon Def. +40 for 400 seconds.

Mages don't really need weapon def. When you get later in the game, monsters such as Bains and Death Teddies will do more damage to you with magic attacks than weapon (touch) attacks. As Magic Armour only ups your weapon defence, it's pretty useless and you will be made of much explode. Remember, mages have low HP and high MP. If you're changing HP damage into MP damage, you're going to survive as opposed to simply having higher weapon defence. Also, there are various potions and food that can up your weapon defence if you REALLY want more. There's nothing that will convert HP damage into MP damage apart from Magic Guard. Maxing it means with less than 1k HP, you can take on enemies that would otherwise one hit kill you. If you're reading this and haven't got maxed Magic Guard, my advice is to either 1) start over or 2) reset your SP pronto.

Training Areas for First Job

8-15 - Ellinia: The Tree That Rose/Grew I (top portal of Ellinia, one map left) - Slimes and Stumps. Good spawn, close to town. Nowhere near as packed as Henesys Hunting Ground, so more time to kill without being disturbed.
Perion: Perion Street Corner (top left portal from Perion) - Stumps and Axe Stumps. Best around level 12-15 once you've got more Int, therefore a stronger Energy Bolt.

15- 20 - Sleepywood: Swampy Land Deep In the Forest (the map left of Sleepywood "town") - Green Mushrooms and Horned Mushrooms. Again, close to town, nice spawn. Good sniping spot as well on a platform meaning you don't get hit. Can get busy though ;_;
Ellinia: The Tree That Rose/Grew III (2 maps north of TTTR I) - Green Mushrooms, Slimes and Stumps. Pretty quiet, chance of getting Panlids from Green Mushies.

20-25 - Victoria Road: Pig Beach (hidden portal in 3-Way Road Split on the way from Lith Harbour) - Pigs and Ribbon Pigs. Can turn into a KS fest with many people there looking for Pig's Heads for quests. Also chances of Iron Pigs turning up and killing you. I personally didn't train there for long.
Kerning City: Kerning City Construction Site (map left of Kerning City), Caution Falling Down (hidden map at the top of the construction site) - Octopi and Orange Mushrooms. You should be able to easily kill Orange Mushrooms now, plus they have a fast spawn here. Octopus legs are needed for a quest as well as giving good exp.
Kerning City: Subway Line 1 Area 1 (first map in Kerning City Subway) - Bubblings. Good exp, quest items, and close to town in case you end up needing to repot. Again, can get on the busy side at times.
Zipangu: Mushroom Forest (portal on the right of Mushroom Shrine) - Orange Mushrooms, Green Mushrooms and Blue Mushrooms. Yeah, a looot of mushrooms! Lots of good sniping spots in case you can't quite take the damage dealt by the hyper bouncy Orange and Blue mushrooms.

25-30 - Zipangu: Mountain of Cloud Fox (first portal on the left in Mushroom Shrine) - Cloud Fox. Fairly good exp, plus you need the foxtails for a quest (or to sell to other players who also want to do the quest).
Perion: Land of Wild Boar (Hidden portal in Perion Street Corner) - Wild Boar and Dark Axe Stumps. Nice exp, two quests linked to this place, and Sap of Ancient Tree drops fairly regularly. DO NOT USE IT! You will need to for a couple of quests later on and people love to sell them for 30k+ each.
Sleepywood: Ant Tunnel I-IV (Maps right from Sleepywood "town") - Horned and Zombie Mushrooms. Not really exciting, you'll be sharing the maps with a lot of people so kill stealing happens often. On the plus side, there are quests for killing 99/999 of them which have not to bad rewards for these levels. They also make it feel less like training and more like seeing how many you can kill quickly.
Sleepywood: Darker Passage/Dangerous Steam (Further right from Ant Tunnel IV) - Stirges, Zombie Mushrooms and Horned Mushrooms. These maps are usually pretty quiet, despite the fact that you need 10 stirge wings for Luke The Security Guard's quest. Anyhow, Zombie and Horned Shrooms here will also count on the 99/999 quests, and stirges give nice exp.
Kerning City: Transfer Area (Map to the right of Subway Line 1 Area 1) - Stirges. Fast spawn, good exp. Steel ore's pretty useful for making screws as well.
Singapore: Central Way 1, Central Way 2 (CBD, maps to the right) - Biners, Stopnows. Drops aren't amazing, but the quests give a nice chunk of exp for killing enemies with low HP.
Warning Street: The Burnt Land I-III (Doorway in the middle of Dangerous Valley II) - Fire Boars. Good exp, great meso drops, and also the chance of Arwen's Glass Shoe. If you've played mages before, you should find this place great. If you're finding it a bit too difficult, go back to Wild Boars for a bit longer.

Recommended Equipment 0-30:

To be totally honest... Mages are pretty cheap with equipment in early levels. A lot of people waste mesos earlier on worrying about how their character looks. It's not worth spending 2k on a hat that gives you an extra +2 Weapon Defence, or synthesising one for close to 20k after ore costs when it gives you magic defence that you don't need.

So, here's a quick summary of equips you can save mesos on:


Apprentice Hat - Don't bother with. You should have a skullcap/headband from Maple Island. You don't need the added Magic Defence yet.
Conehead - Waste of mesos for an extra 3 Weapon Defence.
Wizardry Hat - Again, 5 Weapon Defence so not worth it.
Pride - By now (lv 30) you should have a fair few ores. These are kinda pointless unless you can't manage Nemi's Dilemma (Level 28 quest).
Jester - Your first serious mage hat. You get a Green Jester from completing Nemi's Dilemma, which is a nice +2 Int hat. I wouldn't bother with any of the other Jesters.


Armine (F)/Training Shirt (M) - Not much difference between these and your starter clothes. Waste of 2k really.
Arianne (F) - Only if it takes you a long time to get from Lv 13-18. Purple gives +1 Int... But I'd wait personally.
Split Piece (M/F) - Black gives +1 Int. You'd be best off sticking with this for a while.
Fairy Robe (F) - Purple = +2 int. Buy if you don't have a better Amoria top waiting.


Armine Skirt (F)/Training Pants (M) - Again, stick with starter clothes.
Arianne Skirt (F) - None of these actually give an Int boost, so you can save by sticking with your starter bottoms still.
Split Skirt (F)/Split Pants (M) - Still no good boosts. +5 MP/HP isn't worth 8k. Really.
Fairy Skirt (F) - Purple gives +1 Int, which is the best to choose. If you've been careful with equips and weapons, 40k should be easily attainable by now.


Plain Robe (M) - Really, no. 7k can be spent on potions instead.
Doros Robe (M) - Avoid Blue Doros Robes like the plague. You do NOT need +3 Str, EVER. White Doros giving +3 Int is worth splashing out on though.
Doroness Robe (F) - The only decent one is Brown which gives Int +3... 16k is okish and cheaper than the Fairy/Amoria top and skirt. Probably your best bet until 38. Shame about the colour.
Wizard Robe (M) - White/Black is good, but a White Doros Robe has the same + Int and is cheaper.


Lemona - Don't bother unless you get one as a drop.
Morrican - Nella & Kerning City Citizen’s Request [1] (Level 15 Quest) gives a blue one as the final reward for the first part. Upgrade with 2 Amethysts for a Purple Morrican. Amethysts aren't really used for much so the ore is pretty cheap and easy to obtain. Result? A cheap +2 Int glove.
Mesana - Purple Morrican = Black Mesana. Enough said.
Lutia - Purple Morrican = Black Lutia. Again, no real need.


Basic Boots - Stick with beginner shoes.
Nitty - These drop fairly often from Slimes. If you get, equip. Don't buy though.
Jewelry Shoes - Give +1 Int, no matter the colour. Not too shabby. I was gifted a pair of +2 Int Blue Jewelry Shoes by a friend of mine and my Cleric still has them at Lv 36. If you manage to find a pair of those, they'll keep you going until Lv 50.
Windshoes - Really not worth it unless you've not got Jewelry shoes. They do drop, but most people NPC them.
Magicshoes - Come from Toy Soldier's Walnut (Level 25 quest) and from Nella & Kerning City Citizen’s Request [2] (Level 25 quest)... So you get to choose between Blue or White >.< Both have the same Int. At this point I would recommend getting Black Magicshoes if you didn't get +2 Int Jewelry Shoes.
Blue Snowshoes - Just... no. El Nath may be slippy, but don't bother sacrificing Int for shoes that you can't scroll for Int.


Stolen Fence: Drop fairly regularly. Don't scroll. Really.
Panlid: If you find one, go nuts. I wouldn't scroll personally, but Lukless can.


Wooden Staff - Don't bother. Wooden Wand is cheaper and not that much different.
Sapphire Staff/Emerald Staff - Fairly good MA and can last a while.
Old Wooden Staff - Not worth it if you've got a cheaper Sapphire/Emerald.
Wizard Staff - Again, an Emerald/Sapphire should still be ok, plus a Mithril Wand has better attack.
Circle-Winded Staff - I wouldn't bother. Not much difference between this and a Mithril Wand.
Poison Mushroom - HP +50 = unecessary (not available in eMS)


Wooden Wand - First weapon as a mage. Buy.
Hardwood Wand - Don't bother. 3 more Magic attack isn't worth it.
Metal Wand - Unless you get one from a Red Snail, no.
Ice Wand - Nothing justifies this.
Mithril Wand - Last weapon you can buy from Ellinia. Good value when you look at how much a Wizard Wand is.


Amethyst Earrings - Don't bother buying, Red Snails drop these often
Single Earring - Again with the easy drops
Yellow Square - Drop often at Evil Eyes, plus are KPQ reward.
Weighted Earrings - You should get a fair few of these from Wild Boars. Keep a pair for a later quest.
Gold Rings - Drop semi-frequently, plus possible quest rewards.
Leaf Earrings - Made with weighted earrings in a quest. Keep these and scroll with 100% Earring Ints if you're poor. +50 MP is not to be sniffed at!
Lightning Earrings - If you're unlucky you'll get two pairs through quests. Sell.
Emerald Earrings - KPQ reward, kinda worthless.
Star Earrings - KPQ reward, kinda worthless.


Old Raggedy Cape - Quest reward, can be well scrolled and sell for a good few million. I personally scrolled mine with MP scrolls. That was before well scrolled capes sold for loads >.< My honest advice? Don't scroll until you've stopped using it and can afford to try to make it godly.


While I recommend doing all quests for varying amounts of exp and potions, I'll note the ones that give either valuable or useful rewards.

(In order of level requirement)

Maya And The Weird Medicine (Level 15) - Brown Bamboo Hat (sell to a thief)
Luke The Security Guy (Level 15) - Random Jewel (Diamond/Garnet are needed for other quests)
John's Pink Flower Basket (Level 15) - Screws (you'll need the screws for another quest)
Nella & Kerning City Citizen's Request [1] (Level 15) - Blue Morrican (upgrade with two Amethysts in Ellinia)
DANGER! <1-G. Mushroom> (Level 15) - Not much on it's own, but have this active while you do Winston's Fossil Dig-up for an easy completion and white potions.
Alex The Runaway Kid (Level 20) - Random Lv 30 Earrings (sell to another player)
Winston's Fossil Dig-up (Level 20) - 30k mesos for just killing Axe Stumps and Green Mushies? Yes please!
POLLUTED! <1-Evil Eye> (Level 21-30) - Free Mana Elixirs are nice <3
Mrs. Ming Ming's Second Worry (Level 21) - Ribboned Pig Headband - Lovely for using for a couple of levels, or scrolling later for HP and selling to a priest.
Dr. Betty's Research on Plants (Level 22) - Leaf Earrings... Arguably the best mage earrings until you can afford to scoll something later.
Camilla's Gem (Level 23) - Pig Illustrateds can sell for a nice amount... Usually you get cakes but it's worth a shot. The quest just requires going through a maze.
Arwen And The Glass Shoes (Level 25) - Both rewards are useful. Ice for a later quest, and a Fairy Wing for making an Arc Staff. Don't go out of your way by buying the item to finish it though.
Nella & Kerning City Citizen's Request [2] (Level 25) - Easy to do while you're training and the free Lv 30 shoes are a nice incentive to level.
Toy Soldier's Walnut (Level 25) - See above quest
Mystery of Niora Hospital (Level 25) - Raggedy Cape = win
Read The Newspaper! (Level 25) - Showa quest (not for eMS) which gives a 30% Overall Dex scroll. Useless for a mage, great to sell.
Shumi's Lost Bundle Of Money (Level 30) - If you're good at JQs, then the first time doing this is a nice 100 mana elixirs for nothing. If like me you're awful at them, don't bother.
Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book (Level 30) - Sauna robe... Always popular and sell well to all -less classes. If you're Lukless yourself, you'll find this quest essential.
POLLUTED! <2-Curse Eye> (Level 30) - Scrolls, elixirs... The only duff items are the Sunrise/Sunset Dews and Reindeer Milk. Plus you might find Blackbull's Deed To The Land which you can either sell or use for Building Blackbull's New House (Level 30, Fame 10).
Jane And The Wild Boar (Level 25) - Random 60% weapon scroll. Win. (hopefully anyway!)
Collecting Huckle's Magic Ingredients (Level 10) - You'll be able to do this quest around 30, despite the Level 10 limit. Orbis scrolls are VERY useful for getting to/from Nath/Aqua Road, or can be sold for quite a bit. You can repeat this once a day, so milk it well!
The View Of The Ocean (Level 30) - Shoe scrolls sell pretty well.
Nemi's Dilemma (Level 28) - Green Jester... You will LOVE this hat for the stats!
The Missing Mechanical Parts (Level 30) - If you have the patience for this JQ, the rewards are worth it. Another Shoe scroll quest.
VIP Ticket to Florina Beach (Level 30) - An easy quest for free travel to and from Florina Beach.
The Lost Guard (Level 30) - Useful while you're training in Eos Tower or doing quests there as it gives Eos Rock scrolls which you will come to love during 3x-5x.
Sakura And The Teddy Bear (Level 30) - Another Showa quest that gives a random 30% scroll as a reward (not for eMS).

Second Job Advancement

So you've reached 30, got the skills you want maxed... Now what? Go and speak to Grendel again (you know, the white beardy dude in Ellinia who made you a magician) who will ask you to take a letter to the job advancement instructor north of Ellinia. You get taken into a closed map where you have to kill monsters (Curse Eyes and Horned Mushrooms) for 30 Dark Marbles. It's not difficult at all (after all, look at how many people are second job or higher!) so don't feel daunted by it at all. Once you've got your 30 Dark Marbles, talk to the instructor to leave and return to Grendel with the Proof of a Hero which the instructor gave you. He'll then ask what you would like to choose as your second job (as this is a guide for Ice/Lightning mages, you want to choose Ice/Lightning mush1o.gif ). Once you have decided YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR MIND.

There are several variations on the Ice/Lightning build. The most common is:

Hybrid I/L Build

Level 30: Teleport: 1
Level 31: Cold Beam: 3
Level 32: Cold Beam: 3
Level 33: Cold Beam: 3
Level 34: Cold Beam: 3
Level 35: Cold Beam: 3
Level 36: Cold Beam: 3
Level 37: Cold Beam: 3
Level 38: Cold Beam: 3
Level 39: Cold Beam: 3
Level 40: Cold Beam: 3 (Maxed)
Level 41: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 42: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 43: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 44: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 45: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 46: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 47: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 48: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 49: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 50: Thunder Bolt: 3 (Maxed)
Level 51: MP Eater: 3
Level 52: Meditation: 3
Level 53: Meditation: 3
Level 54: Meditation: 3
Level 55: Meditation: 3
Level 56: Meditation: 3
Level 57: Meditation: 3
Level 58: Meditation: 2, MP Eater: 1
Level 59: MP Eater: 3
Level 60: MP Eater: 3
Level 61: MP Eater: 3
Level 62: MP Eater: 3
Level 63: MP Eater: 3
Level 64: MP Eater: 1, Teleport: 2
Level 65: Teleport: 3
Level 66: Teleport: 3
Level 67: Teleport: 3
Level 68: Teleport: 3
Level 69: Teleport: 3
Level 70: Teleport: 2 (Maxed), Slow: 1

Alternatively, you can use the following (recommended for a Thunderbolt first build where you do less damage early on):

Level 30: Teleport: 1
Level 31: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 32: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 33: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 34: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 35: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 36: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 37: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 38: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 39: Thunderbolt: 3
Level 40: Thunderbolt: 3 (Maxed)
Level 41: MP Eater: 3
Level 42: Meditate: 3
Level 43: Meditate: 3
Level 44: Meditate: 3
Level 45: Meditate: 3
Level 46: Meditate: 3
Level 47: Meditate: 3
Level 48: Meditate: 2 (Maxed), Cold Beam: 1
Level 49: Cold Beam: 3
Level 50: Cold Beam: 3
Level 51: Cold Beam: 3
Level 52: Cold Beam: 3
Level 53: Cold Beam: 3
Level 54: Cold Beam: 3
Level 55: Cold Beam: 3
Level 56: Cold Beam: 3
Level 57: Cold Beam: 3
Level 58: Cold Beam: 2 (Maxed), MP Eater: 1
Level 59: MP Eater: 3
Level 60: MP Eater: 3
Level 61: MP Eater: 3
Level 62: MP Eater: 3
Level 63: MP Eater: 3
Level 64: MP Eater: 1, Teleport: 2
Level 65: Teleport: 3
Level 66: Teleport: 3
Level 67: Teleport: 3
Level 68: Teleport: 3
Level 69: Teleport: 3
Level 70: Teleport: 2 (Maxed), Slow: 1

Reason for going Medi before Cold Beam is primarily if you plan to Ludi Party Quest where having Medi as a buff for other party members will be an advantage as well as to compensate for the lower damage from Thunderbolt.

Both hybrid builds I've posted here can have Cold Beam and Thunderbolt swapped around as you want, although it depends how limited you want your training. The first hybrid build there gives you a larger scope for training earlier on, whereas the second ups your magic attack earlier.

The advantages of this build:

- Both main attack skills mean diversity in training so you don't get bored.
- Mobbing is great but freeze can also be used on single targets when you don't want to waste MP.
- Medi later means that you can go to Retz earlier (although you'll wish this wasn't the case).
- MP Eater later means that you're getting more useful skills earlier. Few monsters will have high MP before you hit 60.


- Tele can be a real drain on MP when it's level 1.
- Thunderbolt can be a meso and MP burner if you're unfunded.
- Thunderbolt is replaced by Ice Strike in 3rd job, even on non-freezing enemies due to its higher base attack.
- Slow is useful for some bosses (Papalatus second body for one)

Pure Lightning Build

Something I'd say go with in gMS (with some caution for unfunded Luk mages) but in eMS for Lukless only.

Level 30: Teleport: 1
Level 31: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 32: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 33: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 34: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 35: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 36: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 37: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 38: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 39: Thunder Bolt: 3
Level 40: Thunder Bolt: 3 (Maxed)
Level 41: MP Eater: 3
Level 42: Meditation: 3
Level 43: Meditation: 3
Level 44: Meditation: 3
Level 45: Meditation: 3
Level 46: Meditation: 3
Level 47: Meditation: 3
Level 48: Meditation: 2, Teleport: 1
Level 49: Teleport: 3
Level 50: Teleport: 3
Level 51: Teleport: 3
Level 52: Teleport: 3
Level 53: Teleport: 3
Level 54: Teleport: 3 (Maxed)
Level 55: MP Eater: 3
Level 56: MP Eater: 3
Level 57: MP Eater: 3
Level 58: MP Eater: 3
Level 59: MP Eater: 3
Level 60: MP Eater: 2 (Maxed), Slow: 1
Level 61: Slow: 3
Level 62: Slow: 3
Level 63: Slow: 3
Level 64: Slow: 3
Level 65: Slow: 3
Level 66: Slow: 3
Level 67: Slow: 1 (Maxed), Magic Armour/Cold Beam: 2
Level 68: Magic Armour/Cold Beam: 3
Level 69: Magic Armour/Cold Beam: 3
Level 70: Magic Armour/Cold Beam: 3

In eMS, I would recommend the hybrid build over a pure lightning build. Why?

- No Sakura Cellions to gain easy fast mesos to make up for any "poor" times you might have.
- No bosses to really slow, therefore the time you spend boss hunting will be minimal.
- More areas to use Thunderbolt in now, but still heinous pot burn, even with NLC pots being at old prices.

If you're lukless in eMS, then your higher Int compensates for Thunderbolt's weak base attack, therefore levelling is faster. But really, if you're regular luk, I'd steer well clear. By all means give it a go, but you WILL get bored sooner than with a hybrid build. A pure lightning build means you skip Cold Beam altogether and take Thunderbolt first as your primary attack skill, then add into Slow in it's place.

Pros and Cons of Slow

- Good for bosses and fast moving mobs
- It's fun to see monsters moving slowly
- A more useful skill than Magic Armour/Partial Resistance

- Does no damage to the targets, meaning you apply slow then use Thunderbolt for damage
- Not really useful in normal training apart from fast mobs (Trucks and Gryphons)
- Why slow when you can normally freeze?
- Most bosses can't actually be slowed or are stationary (and most aren't currently available in eMS)

Pros and Cons of Cold Beam

- Can do some nice damage to a single target, even when they're not Ice weak thanks to a higher base attack than Thunderbolt or Magic Claw.
- Single target freeze can be useful against some stronger monsters such as Taurospears and Werewolves which you'll encounter before getting Ice Strike
- Useful for luring stragglers in 3rd job
- Although replaced by Magical Composition in 3rd job, you won't be putting points into that until around 100+

- CB training can be slower than TB training due to it being a single target freeze
- Not all monsters freeze (including most bosses)
- Most effective on ice-weak monsters, which aren't that plentiful

So anyway, let's take a look at these skills:

MP Eater
Type: Passive
Description: Soak up an enemy's MP after every magic attack. But if its MP reaches 0, no more.
Level 20: For every attack, 30% success rate, absorb 40% of the enemy's MaxMP

Meditation (Pre-requisite MP Eater Lv. 3)
Type: Supportive
Description: Meditate for a bit to temporarily boost up the magic attack of party members around the area.
Level 20: MP -20; Magic Attack +20 for 200 seconds

Type: Supportive
Description: Use the arrow keys to teleport to other places in the same map on a set distance. The higher the skill level, the less MP you spend.
Level 20: MP -13; Teleport, with 150 in distance

Cold Beam
Type: Active
Description: Creates a sharp piece of ice to fire at an enemy. The ones that are struck temporarily freezes. Damages the fire-based enemies 1.5 times more, where as the ice-based enemies get only half the damage.
Level 30: MP -24; Basic attack 100, mastery 60%, freeze monster for 2 seconds

Type: Active
Description: Creates an electric force field around the wizard and makes an electric lightening attack on every monster that's within the area.
Level 30: MP -40; Basic attack 60, mastery 60%

Slow (Pre-requisite: Teleport Lv. 5)
Type: Supportive
Description: Temporarily slows down the opponents around you. Can't use it on them twice at once, and affects only 6 enemies per attack.
Level 20: MP -16; Speed -40 for 40 seconds

Ok, in the CB and TB build, we generally take Medi before MP Eater (aside from the 3 SP requirement) so that we're doing more damage to the enemies. As not many monsters use magic attacks until about Lv 60 or so, it's best to delay taking MP Eater until then so you get the optimal skill order. As you'll be leaving out Slow, Tele can be maxed last. After a while you don't notice the Lv 1 60MP cost every time you use it, but it's still worth taking it down to 12MP to save you on wasting MP. You CAN replace max Tele with Slow... But bear in mind, higher level Tele also increases distance, which can be useful when fighting larger enemies like Bains/Vikings where you find you need that extra distance to tele-cast (use spell skill then teleport immediately away/past the enemy) effectively.

With the CBless build, the skill choices can be manipulated slightly. My reasoning for going with the build I outlined is as follows:

Thunderbolt is going to be your main attack for second job alongside with Magic Claw. Makes sense to get it maxed as soon as possible. Medi next as you'll want to up your damage with TB as quickly as possible. Max tele next to cut down further on MP costs. You can in theory max tele before Medi, but that's your own decision. If you're at Retz, you're not going to be using tele all that much. MP Eater follows as you'll be starting to hit the enemies with enough MP to steal from about now. Once you hit about 60 or so, you should be able to start bossing (Mushmom and Zombie Mushmom) as well as moving on to faster moving enemies such as Jr Yetis. Adding Slow here means you're going to be getting the most out of your skills. The remaining 11 points have to be spent so it's up to you to choose whether you want to take Cold Beam or Magic Armour.

In all honesty, I'd skip Magic Armour. It really doesn't make that much of a difference, whereas a freeze (even short term) can help a lot when trying to lure in 3rd job. Feel free to read back over what I've already said about Magic Armour in the first job section above.

Training Areas for Second Job

For the first 5 or so levels, the training places irrespective of build chosen are pretty much identical, due to the low levels of your second job skills:

30-35 - Warning Street: The Burnt Land I-III - Fire Boars. Fire Boars are pretty good exp and you should be able to handle them easily by now. I personally started taking them on in late 2x with relative ease, but if you're just starting a mage, it can be safer to leave them until a bit later. At 60 exp per kill, they're still good if you're staying on Vic, which I would recommend until 35 or so. The exp will be fast enough to level you and then you'll have a load of quests to do at once in Ludi which will save going back and forth.
Sleepywood: Ant Tunnel I-IV (Maps right from Sleepywood "town") - Horned and Zombie Mushrooms. Yes, still these guys. Remember, your second job skills aren't massively powerful right away so these guys will still be good training for you while you level and pump points into your skills.
Sleepywood: Cave of Evil Eye I-IV (Follow the portals from Ant Tunnel Park) - Evil Eyes. The 99/999 quests for these should be easy now. Plus you get mana elixirs as rewards for killing, making training on these guys highly efficient.
Singapore: Central Way 2, Central Way 3 - Biner, Stopnow, Batoo, Nospeed. The quests linked to killing these give okish rewards. The maps are usually pretty quiet as most people still lurk in Ant Tunnel and by now you should be easily able to afford the 40k plane fare from and to Kerning.
Ludibrium: Terrace Hall, Cloud Terrace <1> - Brown Teddy, Pink Teddy. The drops here NPC pretty well and some are actually useful.

Now things start to get slightly more diverse. The following training spots are suitable by level.

Common sense should be enough to tell you which places are for lightning training and which are for ice, but I'll make things simpler and colour code.

Black = Magic Claw/Either CB or TB
Blue = Cold Beam
Orange = Thunderbolt

35-45 - Orbis: Garden of Red/Yellow I - Jr Cellions/Jr Lioners. Good meso drops and equip drops as well as 65 exp per kill. You'll be Magic Clawing these until you have about 18 Cold Beam or so.
Amoria: Purple Plains 1/2 - Sakura Cellions. Better meso drops than their Orbis cousins and go down easily with Magic Claw. Only drawback is how full the maps can get and the KSers (not available in eMS).
Ludibrium: Terrace Hall, Cloud Terrace <1> - Brown Teddy, Pink Teddy. Still good exp.
Warning Street: The Burnt Land I-III - Fire Boars. - Yes, still Fire Boars. Elemental weaknesses are starting to be used to your advantage and the meso drops are still ok. I don't recommend going out of your way to come here, but if you're in Vic for whatever reason, some training here is still beneficial.
Eos Tower 2nd Floor - Ratz. If you've gone Thunderbolt first, these will be the best enemies to start using Thunderbolt on as they're pretty weak with some good sniping spots.

45-55 - Ludibrium: Helios Tower <99th Floor> - Retz. As you should have a fairly good level of Thunderbolt by now, Retz will be a good place to start using it. Sticking to the screws and spamming Thunderbolt means you don't get hit that often so don't need much in the way of HP pots. However, you will be feeling the high cost of Thunderbolt compared to Cold Beam, even though you have a higher MP pool to draw from. If you've decided to lay off Thunderbolt for now and take Medi instead, stay away from Retz. They really are just for mobbing, not sniping with Cold Beam.
Ellinia: Monkey Forest I - Zombie Lupins and Lupins. Around now you'll get a quest asking you for silly amounts of Cursed Dolls. Cold Beam should be doing enough damage to 2hko both types of Lupins, as well as freezing them to prevent their projectile attacks, meaning that you can actually hunt Cursed Dolls yourself as opposed to buying them from the FM for an extortionate price. Also, the counters for the dolls means that you don't feel the grind as much.
Ludibrium: The Path of Time <1> - Platoon Chronos. Freezeable and Esther Shields are a nice earner. Glove for Att 60% can also be sold for a nice price or used to scroll Work Gloves, which can sell for a lot. The % per hour isn't amazing, but the drops here DO sell well.
Orbis: Disposed Flower Garden - Nependeaths. My personal favourite map for Nep Honey hunting. They don't mob and are stationary, therefore you can't get into much difficulty with them. They freeze which means again, you avoid their ranged attacks. Plus they also drop some nice NPCable equips.
Perion: Dangerous Valley I - Copper Drakes and Fire Boars. Fire boars will be easy for you now. Should be ohko with Cold Beam. Copper Drakes are a bit tougher and not recommended until about 48 or so onwards. The drops from them again are fairly good (elixirs you can either sell on to other players or start stockpiling for your own later use).
Orbis: Garden of Red/Yellow II - Cellions and Lioners. A lot of people leave these until later, but I started taking them on from Lv 48 onwards with few problems. The drops are great as well as being useful (elixirs, Cape Int 10%). Stockpile Summoning/Magic Rocks that you get. These always sell well to third job Thieves and Priests.
Perion: Dangerous Valley II - Red Drakes. Oh yes, the big meso maker for I/L mages... I started here at 50, as soon as I could hit Red Drakes and take them down without missing. I stayed until I was 70. I had only ONE set of steelies. Don't count on Red Drakes to make you millions. For some people they do, for others they don't. The training spot itself is lovely for I/Ls (I even sneak back sometimes with Ice Strike for a laugh; ohko ftw) and although my steelie luck was awful, I did make quite a lot from the other drops I got here.
Florina Beach: Lorang Lorang Lorang - Wait... You've guessed it, LORANGS! Florina Beach is one of my least favourite training places, but I feel I should mention it as an alternative if you can't find anywhere else to train. By now you're going to have a reasonable level of lightning so Lorangs should pose few problems. My gripes with this training spot are that I personally didn't get much in the way of drops and I found the maps awkward to snipe from meaning I was burning a lot of pots to stay alive. However, Florina in general is an okish place for I/Ls to train or at the very least gather up Lorang and Clang claws to sell to other people who want to do the quests there but can't collect the claws for themselves. Personally I'd say if you're going to use lightning to train, avoid Florina and go straight to Retz, but I guess Lorangs do have their uses if you want to make some mesos back from the quest yourself.

55-70 - Ludibrium: Helios Tower <99th Floor> - Retz. You're probably sick of these by now. If not, there's something wrong with you. However, they are still good, easy exp for very little cost.
Perion: Dangerous Valley II - Red Drakes. Again, another training area that you will get bored of (and end up with thousands of Orihalcon ores from). What kept me going was the perpetual hope of steelies. It was also a good place to earn mesos to fund my lightning training as by now you'll be needing something stronger than Mana Elixirs.
Singapore: Suburban Area 2 - Trucks. A very busy spot and a lower level version of FoG. The drops are honestly, quite crap. Elixirs and Yellow Umbrellas being about the peak of it. Everything else is really NPC fodder as so many people train here that you're going to find selling to other players will be only a small amount of profit over NPC price. The exp is brilliant from 60-75 where it then tails off. You CAN try Trucks earlier than 60 (I'd still recommend being at least 55), but as I said, a LOT of people train here in their 60s and will happily KS you out if they feel you're not killing fast enough as on shared maps, everyone is expected to keep the spawn up. Not a map for soloing really (unless you're nocturnal), in which case you can snipe better. I/Ls usually take the top or middle ledge while sharing, bowman/warriors take the middle and sins/dits the bottom. Be warned, the pot costs here can be quite scary and may well send you back to Red Drakes to earn some more to continue training.
Singapore: Ghost Ship 2 - Slimies. A step up from Trucks as these guys have pretty much double the HP. Some lovely drops from them which seem to be very frequent. Only problem is that these maps can get VERY busy and full of KSers as Boat Quay Town is still relatively new in eMS at the moment, plus everyone is attracted by the allure of throwing star drops. At the moment these maps are good exp for a lot of classes, so you may well be sharing as opposed to soloing. My advice is to party with a Cleric or bowman and split the map accordingly. As Thunderbolt doesn't hit monsters on the bottom platform if you take top, ask the Cleric to take the bottom or else you'll find that you're being KSed. With bowmen, Arrow Rain has the same range as Thunderbolt, so you can avoid being KSed from above. Alternatively, you could party with another I/L <3
El Nath: Watch Out for Icy Path I - Jr. Yetis. But they're Ice based! Yes, but Thunderbolt can work nicely on them as well. As well as dropping Exchange Quest items, you might also be lucky and get some more Glove for Att 60% scrolls. Just be warned that as fun as it is to teleport from side to side, Thunderbolting as you go, you'll quite often get people passing through who will either a. kill your mob or b. decide to call you a hacker as you're in a mob of Jr Yetis despite you taking damage and being knocked back. It's frustrating, but the truth. Oh yes, and there might well be pesky F/P mages around as well who might try to take your map from you. Ignore them, they can't mob kill yet.
Kerning City: Subway Line 2 Area 3 - Wraiths. They don't use magic attacks, but they can still hit you for a fair amount of damage. The spot is also an old Cleric favourite, so there's going to be some competition. Personally I found the map involved too much moving around to be really profitable in terms of exp; clerics can jumpheal which works in their favour on this map. The drops can be good though: I was helping to train a Cleric friend of mine here and got 2 Red Whips in 5 minutes (and then none for 2 hours!). Also, another place to collect elixirs. You can either mob with Thunderbolt (recommended) or use Cold Beam. I tend to find the tendancy of Wraiths to mob makes this more of a Thunderbolt training area.
Orbis: Garden of Red/Yellow II - Cellions and Lioners. Not for exp anymore, but for meso farming. By this point you should be able to train there without buying any pots at all. "How?!" I hear you cry. Well, the answer is pretty simple. By the time I was Lv 62 or so, MP Eater was effective enough to drain quite a lot from these guys. Freezing them with Cold Beam meant that they weren't doing much in the way of physical damage to me, AND they drop White Potions. If you're a real perfectionist, with Magic Guard up, Max Meditation and MP Eater, you can Cold Beam away at these guys and use the chair to restore HP when needed. Remember, maxing MP recovery is a constant skill and is amplified when sat in a chair.
El Nath: Forest of Dead Trees I-IV - Coolie Zombies. A looong way to go to train, no? Well, I tended to party here with a Cleric which meant that I didn't have to keep climbing onto the top platform at Z4 (as most people tend to call Forest of Dead trees IV) and still had a good spawn as well as having the joy of Bless. Even if you have a Cleric, I would still recommend bringing antidotes with you. Reason being that there are little vents in the floor that can stun you. If you've frozen a zombie and get stunned, you'll then have the chance of being poisoned while unable to move. While it doesn't sound all that bad, remember that El Nath has a background effect of health degen unless you're using Red Bean Porridges. Stack that with the degen from being poisoned and you end up losing HP at a considerable rate, meaning that you end up using more HP and MP pots to counter it. Antidotes are the cheaper of the two to buy and you really don't need as many as you think. The trick is not to try mobbing the zombies, which is why I don't recommend this spot for pure Lightning mages. Oh yes, and Zombie Teeth sell well in the FM for people who like to use Exchange Quest items to level lower level characters.
Masteria: Mountain Cliffs/Highlands - Gryphons. I think of these as the gMS alternative to Truckers with slightly better drops. However, unlike Trucks, you don't have the elemental advantage and they're slightly tougher. Again, expect to take a lot of bumps from these guys despite the high exp gain.
Haunted House: Sophilia's Bedroom [3]/Vanity Room [3] - Voodoos and Hoodoos. Although eMS had this map for only a short while over Halloween, I could see the potential for training and exploited away. At the time I was all of 5x but wanted desperately to train in the mansion. I burned a LOT of potions here but the drops were worth it. From my experience, I would say that the area is best left to 6x and above. Thanks to a glitch I did return to the mansion when I was in my early 7x and found them easy. The exp was still pretty good, so I'd safely recommend these from 6x to 7x as training.
Singapore: Mysterious Path 1 - Tippo Red and Tippo Blue. Another alternative to Trucks, although without the elemental weakness. Some nice drops from these guys including Black Bandanas. Only problem is, like Jr Yetis, the amount of people who will be passing though your map. Due to these guys being slightly tougher than Trucks, I'd say take these on in late 6x if you've really nowhere else to go and Slimies are full. As Red Tippos are Ice weak and Blue Tippos are Ice resistant, the safest thing to do is just Thunderbolt the lot and maybe use Cold Beam on the odd straggling Red Tippo.

Recommended Equipment for 30-70:


Jester - Your first serious mage hat. You get a Green Jester from completing Nemi's Dilemma, which is a nice +2 Int hat. I wouldn't bother with any of the other Jesters.
Matty - Really not worth it unless you find an above average that's better than your average Green Jester. DO NOT bother with a Matty just because it gives you more Luk. You only need luk to equip new weapons etc.
Guiltian - You get one from a quest, still not better than a Green Jester. Again, only get a new hat if it's better than your old one.
Golden Circlet - Now we come into nice hat land! I advise going with an Aqua Golden Circlet if you're totaly sick of your Green Jester by now as the average stats are +2 Int, +1 Luk. Best is a Dark Golden Circlet if you can find one in your price range. Avg is +3 Int and can even take the place of a Seraphis.
Seraphis - Only bother with a White/Dark. Darks are usually pretty common thanks to all that grinding at Red Drakes.
Infinium Circlet - Extra MP? Why not. Not majorly important, but a nicely scrolled one of these saves on getting anything else.


Wizard Robe (M) - White/Black is good, but a White Doros Robe has the same + Int and is cheaper.
Chaos Robe (M) - Average Dark/Blood is +4 Int, although it's only 5 levels until your next armour.
Starlight (M) - Red/Green/Dark all give +4 Int. You get a Red Starlight from The Clock Workers' Batteries (Level 39 quest), so don't worry about not finding one in shops. Dark Starlights require 20 fame to equip and have the same stats as a Red/Green... Don't bother just for the colour.
Moonlight (F) - As just said about Starlights, +4 Int is the average. Red Moonlights come from the same place as Red Starlights (Clock Worker's Batteries), and the same applies to stats.
Calaf (F)/Calas (M) - The start of armour which you can't buy or get through quests... Unless you're desperate for an extra 20 MP, stick with your Moonlight/Starlight.
Anakamoon (M)/Anakarune (F) - White/Dark are the only worthwhile. Dark requires 20 fame but is more easily found than White. You get +5 Int from these, so I recommend getting one.
Requiem (M)/Requierre (F) - On average 1 more Luk than the previous level armour. As I said before, no real need for the extra Luk. If you manage to find a good one while training, by all means equip.


Lutia - Purple Morrican = Black Lutia. Again, no real need.
Noel - Purple Morrican = Dark Noel. Unless you find a +3 Int Dark Noel, don't bother. Really.
Arten - If you still have a +2 Int glove, upgrade now to a Dark Arten. +4 Int Clean Artens can be found, but average is +3. Red Artens usually sell for fairly cheap, so it's just a matter of upgrading with 2 Black Crystals. If you find a +4 Dark Arten, it can last you all the way from 40-70.
Pennance - Not worth it for an extra MP boost. Dark Pennance are the only sort that would be part worth it. You could even skip a +3 Int Dark Arten and make one of these if you REALLY feel like it.
Manute - Dark Manutes are only different from Dark Pennances by giving +1 Luk... Which is pretty useless.
Lorin - Dark Lorins give +4 Int, +1 Luk. They can be made fairly easily provided you stashed away a load of Wisdom Crystals while training at Teddies. If not, they should be fairly easy to buy from lower levels training at Teddies, and for a fairly reasonable price.


Magicshoes - Come from Toy Soldier's Walnut (Level 25 quest) and from Nella & Kerning City Citizen’s Request [2] (Level 25 quest)... So you get to choose between Blue or White >.< Both have the same Int. At this point I would recommend getting Black Magicshoes if you didn't get +2 Int Jewelry Shoes.
Blue Snowshoes - Just... no. El Nath may be slippy, but don't bother sacrificing Int for shoes that you can't scroll for Int.
Salt Shoes - Not if you've got Black Magicshoes, unless stats are better on these.
Moon Shoes - Not really worth it unless you have +3 int ones.
Gold-Winded Shoes - Green Gold-Winded Shoes are +3 Int avg. Definitely worth it.
Goldrunners - Lapiz Sandals are better, but Goldrunners are a reward for Ronnie & the Fairies Building a New House (Level 55)
Lapiz Sandals - Give +1 Magic Attack as well as Int. Go for Brown/Gold.


Mystic Shield - I wouldn't. 3 more levels and you can get an Esther.
Esther Shield - THE shield for mages. I recommend getting a +1 Int Esther as soon as you hit 33. +2 Int is best as soon as you can afford one but they're pricy. You CAN get +3 Int Esthers but they're hella expensive. If you're going to scroll an Esther, scroll a +2 or +3 clean.


Wizard Wand - Mithril Wand is MUCH cheaper and has only a small amount less magic attack.
Fairy Wand - If you haven't had a Circle-Winded Staff/Petal Staff/Crystal Wand as a drop, then buy it for now.
Crystal Wand - My personal weapon of choice until a Cromi. Fire Boars drop these often.
Street Light - +1 Int on a clean weapon is always nice. (not available in eMS)
Cromi - This or an Arc Staff.
Zhu-Ge-Liang Wand - Very rare in eMS... Not sure of gMS prices. If you can get one, go for it.
Heart Staff - Nice alternative to a Zhuge Liang, and can also be used in the place of an Evil Taylor if well scrolled.
Evil Tale (Evil Taylor) - Common drop, fairly cheap. Scroll while waiting for an Evil Wings.
Hinomaru Fan - Requires Luk and most mages get an Evil Wings at 65... Don't bother with this (not available in eMS)
Angel Wings - Rare drop in eMS, sell for a lot despite no amazing stats. I'd personally just be happy with a good Evil Wings instead.


Circle-Winded Staff - I wouldn't bother. Not much difference between this and a Mithril Wand.
Poison Mushroom - HP +50 = unecessary (not available in eMS)
Maple Staff - 100HP is good if you're a Cleric needing HP equips to solo, otherwise no unless you're Lukless. (not available in eMS)
Petal Staff (Metal Staff) - If you don't have a Crystal Wand, sure.
Hall Staff - Arc Staff/Cromi are better.
Maple Lama Staff/Nocturnal Staff - Good for Lukless and not much else.
Arc Staff - Choose between this or a Cromi.
Mystic Cane - Not worth it.
Thorns - If you haven't got a well scrolled Cromi/Arc Staff, get one of these.
Evil Wings - THE staff that all mages get at 65. Fast attack speed, common and fairly cheap. Quite a few people cap Luk for these.
Celestial Staff - +2 Int is nice... But these take some work to aquire. You could make do with a scrolled Evil Wings. (not available in eMS)


Lightning Earrings - If you're unlucky you'll get two pairs through quests. Sell.
Emerald Earrings - KPQ reward, kinda worthless.
Star Earrings - KPQ reward, kinda worthless.
Cat's Eye - Drop quite often... I wouldn't bother personally.
Sapphire Earrings - KPQ reward, nothing special about them.
Blue Moon - Quest reward, but starting to get nice stats as some enemies will now be using magic attacks.
Pansy Earrings - Not worth buying.
Skull Earrings - As well as a regular drop, these are a quest reward at Lv 45. I go for these over the sword as they're more useful. I scrolled mine with Int 100%ers.
Red-Hearted Earrings - Personally I wouldn't bother unless you like Jump Quests and don't want Skull Earrings.
Crystal Flower Earrings - Common as muck from Zombies, meaning they're pretty cheap. But if you already have Skull Earrings... No.
Holy Cross Earrings - Same as Crystal Flower Earrings.
Pink-Flowered Earrings - If you like JQs, get these and sell em.
Gold Drop Earrings - Now we're getting into scrolling time. These are pretty common so people like to scroll these to sell on or keep as equips. Personally I like the higher magic defence from higher level earrings.


Icarus Cape (1)/(2)/(3) - Quest reward and very sought after. I sold a scrolled 10 LUK Icarus for a friend for 24 mil. The Avoid/Speed/Jump aren't found on many capes, so some people will just always use an Icarus on their character. Again, I would advise either leaving it clean and selling later, or scrolling later and selling (sins LOVE their Luk capes!)
Napoleon - Reward for LPQ as well as another quest, so these are common. People seem to prefer the Dark capes (OMG BLACK!) so a clean Black Nap can sell for a nice chunk. Of course, the mesos are in scrolling a high Luk cape. Again, use clean, sell or scroll and sell.
Justice Cape - I personally find these kinda fugly, and I don't see many for sale, clean or scrolled. It's a quest reward so... Use until something better comes along.
Magic Cape - Red Magic Capes drop semi-commonly at Zombies. You get one as a quest reward as well, so they're not overly expensive clean.
Gaia Cape - Dark Gaias are the only really pricey Gaia capes. They're a Lv 65 quest reward as well as Red Gaias dropping a lot at Red Drakes. I'd recommend scrolling one of these for Int and keeping.


Terminating The Dark Force (Level 31) - One of the few Omega Sector quests worth doing. Reward is an Overall 60/10 scroll. And not a lame Def one either!
A Delivery To A Lost Time (Level 33) - Nice choice of 60% wepaon scroll from this.
Rowen the Fairy And The Cursed Dolls (Level 35) - Multi part quest but the rewards are pretty nifty. Ores, Glove Dex scroll, fame and a hat!
Helping Fix Eos Tower (Level 35) - Free glove? Yes please!
Eos Tower Threatened! (Level 35) - Random 60% weapon scroll. Worth it for something to sell if not use.
Where is Dogon's HQ? (Level 35) - Earrings to NPC. Not too shabby.
Today's Schedule (Level 35) - 20k for picking up Chronos cogs? Wewt!
Cupid's Courier (Level 35, Magician Only) - Amoria quest. Not bad for Power Elixirs etc. Save to boss with later. Also repeatable.
Circle Of Trust (Level 35) - Amoria quest that gives a Gelt Chocolate. Stash on a mule.
Sakura And The Seal (Level 35) - Showa quest that gives 10% Glove Att.
Tsuri's Special Seafood (Level 35) - Showa quest for Shoe Speed 60%. Sweet!
Assembling A Toy (Level 36) - Summon sacks are fun.
Sheherazade the Storyteller (Level 36) - Ariant quest that gives a nice chunk of exp.
Subani's Legacy (Level 36) - Glove Att 60%. Takes a bit of work, but worth it.
Icarus And The Balloon (Level 37) - Good exp and needed as a pre-requisite for another later quest.
Opening Hongbu's Gourd (Level 37) - Shoes that you can't really use yourself, but can NPC/sell.
Opening Nolbu's Gourd (Level 37) - Shoes that you CAN use!
Delivering the Alarm Clock (Level 38) - Easy transportation to and from Omega.
The Clock Workers' Batteries (Level 39) - Lv 38 overall reward. Again, saves mesars.
Jane The Alchemist (Level 40) - Glove Att scroll as well as access to cheaper potions. Win!
Shumi's Lost Sack Of Money (Level 40) - If you have the patience for JQs, by all means do this for the scroll rewards.
To The New World (Level 40) - 60% Glove/Weapon scroll as reward.
Alpha Platoon's Network of Communication (Level 40) - Shoe scroll rewards. Sellable.
The Chaos Behind Alfonse Green And The Nependeath Juice (Level 40) - If you're successful enough to find Nependeath Honey, then I recommend doing this quest. You could sell the honey for a fair price, but the chances are the Bone Helm will sell well anyway.
Fixing Eos Tower (Level 40) - Napoleon Cape that can be scrolled/sold.
Mac The Mechanic's Maintenance Manual (Level 40) - More summon sacks XD
Peace At Eos Tower (Level 40) - Glove Att scroll as reward.
The Antidote (Level 40) - Some decent shoes which you can use or end up NPCing if you find a better pair.
Eliminating Aliens (Level 40) - Lv 40 earrings which you can sell/use.
ReVersal (Level 40) - Glove att 70% as reward.
Bounty Hunter (Level 40) - Haunted Woods quest (not available in eMS) which gives some nice exp and mesos.
Movie Star (Below Level 40) - Showa quest with a chance of 30% Helm Int <3
Sakura, The Kitty And The Orange Marble (Level 40) - Showa quest tha gives a 30% scroll (Shoe Jump or Helm HP).
Eliminating Plateon and Mecateon (Level 41) - A free Blue Arten is a free Blue Arten!
Icarus And The Flying Pill (Level 42) - Icarus Capes usually sell well and are nice to scroll.
Eliminating Chief Gray (Level 43) - 25k mesos? Nice!
Trading With Alien Gray (Level 44) - Because summon sacks are fun.
The Effort to Make-Up (Level 44) - Scroll or sell the Pansy Earrings. They're good either way.
Manji's Old Gladius (Level 45) - Go for the Skull Earrings.
The History of Zeta Leticulan (Level 45) - 10% Staff always sells well. I wouldn't bother choosing 10% Wand.
A Spell That Seals Up A Critical Danger (Level 50) - Power Elixirs to hoarde.
Fuel for MT-09 (Level 50) - Screws are always useful.
The Control Program Rombot (Level 50) - More warp capsules!
The Missing Dropship (Level 50) - The easy way to get Red-Hearted Earrings without doing a JQ mush1k.gif
Porter's Challenge (Level 50) - Normally I'd say no to getting ores as a reward, but the quantity makes it worth the while.
No Gong's Teaching (Level 50) - Good exp and chances are you'll be killing STDs anyway.
Intruder - The Herb Farm (Level 50) - Nice exp for not a lot of work.
Cleaning Up The Streets (Level 50) - Couldn't get a Lama Staff? This makes up for it. Great for lukless mages.
Urban Warrior (Level 50) - You need to do a few quests to get this one, but the Warrior Throne is pretty (and gives good HP recovery)
Umi's Ambition (Level 50) - Showa quest gives some sexy weapon rewards as well as the chance of a couple of not to bad scrolls.
The Alligators At The Swamp (Level 52) - Pick the 10% Staff and sell.
Doll In The Dark (Level 55) - Ludi/Henesys quest that isn't available in eMS. Gives a 30% scroll though ~
Defeat King Clang! (Level 55) - Florina quest (not in eMS) that gives 10 fame and a nice chuck of mesars.
Ronnie & The Fairies Building A New House (Level 55) - Free Lv 60 shoes!
In Search Of The Book Of Ancient (Level 55) - Couple o' scrolls and a cape at the end.
Preparing For The Revival (Level 55) - Shoe Scroll = win.
Finding the Ingredients for Tae Sang (Level 55) - 50 elixirs = useful
Eliminating the Pirates (Level 55-100) - Herb Town quest (not in eMS) Shoe Speed 10% as a reward.
The Outlaw in the Sea (Level 55-100) - Herb Town quest (not in eMS) Cape 60% as a reward.
Captain Lord Pirate (Level 55-100) - Herb Town quest (not in eMS) with Glove Att as reward (Chance of 60 or 10%)
The Fox Hunt (Level 57) - Decent exp and 100 All Cures.
John's Last Present (Level 60) - If you're a JQ-aholic, this gives some nice earrings.
Notice From The Excavation Team (Level 60) - Another 10% Staff scroll? Yes please!
Scadur's New Fur Coat (Level 60) - Possible decent Overall 60% scroll.
Protect Ludibrium (Level 60) - Good time to start this, although don't expect to be able to survive a Pap run JUST yet.
Nick, the Son of Scadur the Hunter (Level 65) - Gaia Cape to scroll or sell.
Soul In The Dark (Level 70) - Henesys/Ludi quest (not avilable in eMS) that gives a 30% scroll.
Monster Riding (Level 70) - Required to ride a pig. Trust me, you'll want this.
Operation Eliminate Red-Nosed Pirates (Level 70) Mu Lung/ Herb Town quest (not in eMS) for a Glove Dex 60%.

Third Job Advancement

Congratulations on 70 and making it this far! So now you're wondering how to get the next set of awesome skills, huh? Well, this takes a bit of back and forthing.

First things first, make your way to El Nath and speak to Robeira in the fancy house on top of the cliff (also known as the Chief's Residence). She will tell you to go and talk to Grendel in Ellinia. He will tell you about the need to defeat his evil clone and get the Black Charm from him. The Door of Dimension to enter is located in Forest of Evil II (through Zombie Lupins, second map of Maladies in the top right hand corner; check Hidden Street of you're confused on where to go). One in The Path Of The Glimmering Crystal, walk to the end and Grendel's clone will spawn. He uses Shining Ray, Ice Strike and Explosion, so it's Magic Guard time. He also summons a couple of Taurospears (just to be difficult!). If you can kill him before he summons, then you've made it easier on yourself. Go back to Grendel and he will give you the Necklace of Strength which you need to take back to Robeira. She will then tell you to get the Necklace of Wisdom, which you obtain by going to Holy Ground at the Snowfield (hidden portal is the door on Sharp Cliff II), where you will be required to give the rock a Dary Crystal in order to answer the 5 questions (Hidden Street has a guide for these). Once you've done that, go back to Robeira who will advance you to I/L mage.

Obviously this time you don't get to choose your job as you already did that at 2nd job.

Builds for 3rd job I/L are many and varied. The old build looks like so:

Old Skool

Level 70 - Ice Strike +1
Level 71 - Ice Strike +3
Level 72 - Ice Strike +3
Level 73 - Ice Strike +3
Level 74 - Ice Strike +3
Level 75 - Ice Strike +3
Level 76 - Ice Strike +3
Level 77 - Ice Strike +3
Level 78 - Ice Strike +3
Level 79 - Ice Strike +3
Level 80 - Ice Strike +2 (Maxed), Element Amplification +1
Level 81 - Element Amplification +3
Level 82 - Element Amplification +3
Level 83 - Element Amplification +3
Level 84 - Element Amplification +3
Level 85 - Element Amplification +3
Level 86 - Element Amplification +3
Level 87 - Element Amplification +3
Level 88 - Element Amplification +3
Level 89 - Element Amplification +3
Level 90 - Element Amplification +2 (Maxed), Spell Booster +1
Level 91 - Spell Booster +3
Level 92 - Spell Booster +3
Level 93 - Spell Booster +3
Level 94 - Spell Booster +1, Thunder Spear +2
Level 95 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 96 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 97 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 98 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 99 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 100 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 101 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 102 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 103 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 104 - Thunder Spear +1 (Maxed), Seal +2
Level 105 - Seal +1, Magic Composition +2
Level 106 - Magic Composition +3
Level 107 - Magic Composition +3
Level 108 - Magic Composition +3
Level 109 - Magic Composition +3
Level 110 - Magic Composition +3
Level 111 - Magic Composition +3
Level 112 - Magic Composition +3
Level 113 - Magic Composition +3
Level 114 - Magic Composition +3
Level 115 - Magic Composition +1 (Maxed), Seal +2
Level 116 - Seal +3
Level 117 - Seal +3
Level 118 - Seal +3
Level 119 - Seal +3
Level 120 - Seal +3 (Maxed)

This build is pretty much obselete now. Even though Thunder Spear has a higher base damage than Elemental Composition, its DPS (damage per second) is much lower. In the time it takes you to cast one TS, you can cast 2 comps. Now, as someone who took both max TS and max Comp on a pserver, I managed to see the difference as such: When at Anego I could hit her for 20k damage with Thunder Spear and knock her back (useful for the bombers). With Comp I could hit her twice in the same time for 2 hits of about 14k each. So you see, I was gaining an extra 8k damage by using comp, even though the base attack is less. Thunder Spear used to be a useful skill at Vikings until people found out that they mostly mob there and comp works fine for picking off any stragglers.

The above build is therefore, pretty much useless. Thunder Spear has sexy looking damage, but really, it's such a useless skill that it hurts.

"So, what do I/L mages use now?" I hear you cry. Well, there's a variety of builds for 3rd job. It really depends on where you plan on training.

Level 70 - Ice Strike +1
Level 71 - Ice Strike +3
Level 72 - Ice Strike +3
Level 73 - Ice Strike +3
Level 74 - Ice Strike +3
Level 75 - Ice Strike +3
Level 76 - Ice Strike +3
Level 77 - Ice Strike +3
Level 78 - Ice Strike +3
Level 79 - Ice Strike +3
Level 80 - Ice Strike +2 (Maxed), Element Amplification +1
Level 81 - Element Amplification +3
Level 82 - Element Amplification +3
Level 83 - Element Amplification +3
Level 84 - Element Amplification +3
Level 85 - Element Amplification +3
Level 86 - Element Amplification +3
Level 87 - Element Amplification +3
Level 88 - Element Amplification +3
Level 89 - Element Amplification +3
Level 90 - Element Amplification +2 (Maxed), Spell Booster +1
Level 91 - Spell Booster +3
Level 92 - Spell Booster +3
Level 93 - Spell Booster +3
Level 94 - Spell Booster +1, Magic Composition + 2
Level 95 - Magic Composition +3
Level 96 - Magic Composition +3
Level 98 - Magic Composition +3
Level 99 - Magic Composition +3
Level 100 - Magic Composition +3
Level 101 - Magic Composition +3
Level 102 - Magic Composition +3
Level 103 - Magic Composition +3
Level 104 - Magic Composition +1 (Maxed), Seal +2
Level 105 - Seal +3
Level 106 - Seal +3
Level 107 - Seal +3
Level 108 - Seal +3
Level 109 - Seal +3
Level 110 - Seal +3 (Maxed)
Level 111 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 112 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 113 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 114 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 115 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 116 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 117 - Partial Resistance +2 (Maxed), Thunder Spear +1
Level 118 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 119 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 120 - Thunder Spear +3 (10)

Max Ice Strike,
Max Amp,
11 Booster,
Max Comp,
Max Seal,
Max PR,
10 TS.

My own personal build is as follows (as I'm not going to pay Nexon in order to reset my AP).

Bear in mind that I took a 5 month break from eMS and only took TS first because of Vikings:

Level 70 - Ice Strike +1
Level 71 - Ice Strike +3
Level 72 - Ice Strike +3
Level 73 - Ice Strike +3
Level 74 - Ice Strike +3
Level 75 - Ice Strike +3
Level 76 - Ice Strike +3
Level 77 - Ice Strike +3
Level 78 - Ice Strike +3
Level 79 - Ice Strike +3
Level 80 - Ice Strike +2 (Maxed), Element Amplification +1
Level 81 - Element Amplification +3
Level 82 - Element Amplification +3
Level 83 - Element Amplification +2, Seal +1
Level 84 - Element Amplification +3
Level 85 - Element Amplification +3
Level 86 - Element Amplification +3
Level 87 - Element Amplification +3
Level 88 - Element Amplification +3
Level 89 - Element Amplification +3
Level 90 - Element Amplification +2 (Maxed), Spell Booster +1
Level 91 - Spell Booster +3
Level 92 - Spell Booster +3
Level 93 - Spell Booster +3
Level 94 - Spell Booster +1 (11), Thunder Spear +2
Level 95 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 96 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 97 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 98 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 99 - Thunder Spear +3
Level 100 - Thunder Spear +3 (19)
Level 101 - Magic Composition +3
Level 102 - Magic Composition +3
Level 103 - Magic Composition +3
Level 104 - Magic Composition +3
Level 105 - Magic Composition +3
Level 106 - Magic Composition +3
Level 107 - Magic Composition +3
Level 108 - Magic Composition +3
Level 109 - Magic Composition +3
Level 110 - Magic Composition +3 (Max)
Level 111 - Seal +3
Level 112 - Seal +3
Level 113 - Seal +3
Level 114 - Seal + 1 (11), Partial Resistance +2
Level 115 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 116 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 117 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 118 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 119 - Partial Resistance +3
Level 120 - Partial Resistance +3 (Maxed)

Max Ice Strike
Max Elemental Amp
11 Spell Booster
Max Comp
11 Seal
Max Partial Resistance
19 Thunder Spear
With this build, I'm at a bit of a disadvantage currently (at Lv 102) as my comp is very low level. 19 TS was down to us having Vikings/Gigs only for high level I/Ls at the time and me foolishly thinking that it would be more useful than comp. I was wrong mush1k.gif So, in order to salvage my build, I have cut down on my points into seal and wil be adding into Comp instead, leaving TS at 19 and Seal at 11. TS is actually useful for KBing bosses etc, but that's about it. It really isn't that effective in training.

Let's take a bit more indepth look at each skill though:

Partial Resistance
Type: Passive
Descripton: You get additional resistance from Ice & Lightning.
Level 20: 70% resistance against ice/lightning attacks.

Elemental Amplification
Descripton: Use more MP, but Increase Magic Attack.
Level 30: MP -200%; Magic attack +135%

Ice Strike
Type: Active
Descripton: Fires ice blocks at multiple enemies. If struck, all monsters other than ice-based ones will freeze. Cannot attack more than 6 at once.
Level 30: MP -50; Basic attack 90, mastery 60%, attack range 200%

Thunder Spear
Type: Active
Descripton: Gathers up the power of lightening and turns it into a spear, attacking a single enemy. Monsters will be damaged with a lightning-based attack.
Level 30: MP -24; Basic attack 170, mastery 60%

Seal (Pre-requisite Element Amplification Lv 3 )
Type: Active
Descripton: Seals up the enemies around you for a certain amount of time. Once sealed up, the monsters can't use attacking skills, but the skill does not work on boss monsters.
Level 20: MP -30; 95% success rate for 20 seconds

Magic/Spell Booster (Pre-requisite Element Amplification Lv 3)
Type: Supportive
Descripton: Uses up a significant amount of HP and MP to increase the attacking speed for spells.
Level 20: HP -30, MP -25; Casting speed +2 for 200 seconds

Magic/Elemental Composition
Type: Active
Descripton: Uses ice & lightning-based spell on a single enemy. Applies massive damage to monsters that are weak against ice or lightning, and the enemy will be frozen for a certain time.
Level 30: MP -22; Basic attack 140, mastery 60%, freezes enemy for 2 seconds

Maxing Ice Strike first is pretty much a must-do no matter what other skills you take. I/L mages live on mobs, and as Thunderbolt is a pretty weak skill, you're going to miss out on a LOT of training spots if you decide to skip it. In fact, I would suggest that you deleted your character and just started over. While you can skip Cold Beam in second job (within reason), there is very little chance of you getting anywhere with an IS-less build. Unless you're uber funded and like slow levelling. Anyway, the build above is my own recommendation as Thunder Spear is now pretty much useless. The only advantage I would say it has over Comp is that it KBs well. I know on Anego runs with past guilds, TS has been the salvation when Anego decides to move too far forward, and also great for the bombers. Most of the time I would recommend Comp for bossing, which is why in this build I've put TS last and sacrificed points into other skills.

Partial Resistance is kind of a funny one. Some people choose to forgo it totally as they never train on monsters that deal Ice/Lightning damage and I'd say that's a fairly good reason. The times it will come in useful are going to be when you're bossing (Pap, Zakum and Horntail) and taking elemental damage. It's rare that you'd get any benefits from it in day to day training, hence the latter addition to the build.

Seal is lovely when you're at Gobies. Those houses are nasty and pack quite a punch, as well as upping it's defence. Seal isn't a must max skill, but it's preferable over Thunder Spear. If you want, you can always throw about 3-5 points in early on and then max later. A few people have said Seal is "useless" as you freeze, but not all mobs freeze. Also, if you're in a place with uber mobs (Squids and Bains), Seal can mean you take less damage asyou can freeze one mob and not have to worry about stragglers being aggroed and doing magic attacks. I recommend a couple of points in Seal early on for this purpose. 1-3 is plenty to begin with.

Why only 11 booster? Well, the only thing you gain by adding more points past that is a longer duration. At Lv 11, Level 11: HP -39, MP -34; Casting speed +2 for 110 seconds. At max, Level 20: HP -30, MP -25; Casting speed +2 for 200 seconds. You soon get used to rebuffing Booster at 110 seconds, so personally I'd rather add the 9 SP into something else. If you decide to max it, either skip TS totally or take the points out of Seal.

Amp is the passive version of Medi. The only thing you will notice is that your spells cost more. It can be quite unnerving to cast Booster then use Ice Strike and see your MP go down a lot. Over time you'll become more comfortable with the MP loss, but at first it can be quite a shock. However, as your max MP increases, you can cope with this fine (plus in 4th job you should get Infinity) and the extra damage (Magic attack +135% at max) is quite sexy. Some people delay maxing Amp until later on when they have higher MP, but personally I prefer the power earlier on so I can level faster.

Magic Composition is going to be your main 1v1 attack. It has the highest DPS for a single target skill up to this point. By doing both Ice AND Lightning damage at once, it's a skill that can be used pretty much anywhere. If you're killing lightning weak enemies, it can freeze as well as doing the extra elemental damage. I've already mentioned the DPS earlier on, but let's take a closer look at that:

As you can see, Comp is overall the best skill for DPS.

The old argument for Thunder Spear used to be "BUT VIKINGS ARE LIGHTNING WEAK!". While this is indeed true, you will find that while at Vikings and Gigs, you will mostly be mobbing with IS. If you're not, YER DOIN IT WRONG! But really, there's hardly any need at all to 1v1 at Viks. On the odd occasion that you do, you'll soon find that TS means you take more damage than if you just froze em with Comp and did higher DPS.

One other pro of TS (just so I'm not COMPLETELY bashing the skill), is that it helps you when you have severe aggro at close quarters. The insane damage of it means taht you can often save yourself from a nasty lump of bump damage by casting even at close range. Unfortunately the slow cast speed doesn't make this very reliable and I certainly don't recommend that people max the skill just for this nifty little feature. By rights, you would be training on a map with freezable enemies with Ice Strike, therefore with Comp you would equally be able to deal with the aggro by freezing. The exception to this would be on an uneven surface as Comp is a projectile attack like bolt and therefore can be awkward at places like Wolf Spiders. TS would give you a SLIGHT advantage, but not often enough to justify making it a main skill of your build.

However, as I previously stated, there is no right or wrong build for 3rd job. It heavily depends on where you train or intend to train at in the future. Currently in eMS, ILs over 10x are stuck with Bains, Wolf Spiders, Viks and Gigs. None of these places are suitable for Thunder Spear and unless you're managing to pull off telecasting well with a 2hko on a Gig, then I would really rethink using it in training. Chances are your Comp will take it down faster anyway. I'd say the only ESSENTIAL skill would be Ice Strike. I/Ls are mobbers by nature, so an I/L without 3rd job mobbing won't get very far very fast. This is why most people go for Ice Strike first so they can train at Death Teddies etc early on. If you have queries about your build choice for 3rd job, then I will be happy to discuss them with you, although it's best that you decide for yourself and find the playing style that suits you.

I'll be funking this up with bold/underlines/colourful text once the guide is more complete and out of Notepad.

And I'd best do this part now *coughs*

This guide is solely the work of myself, no other person(s). Anyone found using this guide without permission on any other site or trying to claim it as their own will suffer the full extent of my wrath given how long it's taken me to research and write (not to mention the hours of gameplay).

This guide is authorised for use on Mapletip.com (posted by myself) at the moment, and yourmaplestory.net. That is all.

Props go to all below who have given advice and additions which I have included <3

Edited by Bellatrixa, 23 December 2008 - 07:01 PM.

Bellatrixa - 11x Sniper
iHaveBewbs - 2x Rogue
Asphyxiata - 2x Pierat

Ohai~ I quit eMS. Stepped into my Destiny instead ;D Less drama, less judgement, less gulliability.

Beginner Mage Guide How To Be An Awesomesauce I/L Mage
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#2 fanimily


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Posted 31 March 2008 - 12:05 PM

Commenting naos xDD

Back on Windia in the form of WunPeace xP

#3 Perfection


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Posted 01 April 2008 - 03:12 AM

It's so...big. mush1c.gif Well it's looking good so far. Can't wait to see the advancement side of this.

Credits go to Aya.
(Wee Moka :3)

#4 XtraBlaze



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Posted 04 April 2008 - 04:19 AM

For LUK mages, I actually suggest LUKless until level 28/33 clothes to maximize MP...

Damage taken is only slightly higher, since mage equipment don't add much DEF, and only 1 monster you'll fight does magic attack... (King Slime)
You deal higher or the same amount of damage
More MP is coo'


Good guide, good explanations, this is... MADNESS Bella's Awesomsauce I/L Guide!

Edited by XtraBlaze, 04 April 2008 - 04:20 AM.


#5 skypie12


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Posted 04 April 2008 - 01:22 PM

This is very good so far and I can tell that you spent quite a bit of time on it. No critiques yet though.

Coldplay is epic win! Anyone else agree?

#6 Khirron


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Posted 04 April 2008 - 02:19 PM

Its looking very nice so far.
A few pictures would be appealing and informative, though.

#7 Bellatrixa


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Posted 13 April 2008 - 03:09 PM

Ok, updated with second job details.

Still to come:

~ Second Job quests
~ Third Job builds
~ Third Job Training areas
~ Third job equips
~ Lv 70+ Quests

More details from any Lukless mage equips would be greatly appreciated.
Bellatrixa - 11x Sniper
iHaveBewbs - 2x Rogue
Asphyxiata - 2x Pierat

Ohai~ I quit eMS. Stepped into my Destiny instead ;D Less drama, less judgement, less gulliability.

Beginner Mage Guide How To Be An Awesomesauce I/L Mage
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#8 Juicy


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Posted 13 April 2008 - 03:55 PM

Just wanted to say that it looks like a REALLY good guide, shared opinions on skills and really in depth. Probably the best guide I've ever seen in 3 years of mapeling.

QUOTE(Bellatrixa @ Apr 13 2008, 02:09 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
More details from any Lukless mage equips would be greatly appreciated.

I didn't read the whole guide yet, I'll get around to it but it's really long ;p, so I'll just tell you what equips a lukless I/L mage would have.

Any hat probably a 10 slot (i.e green bandana) scrolled for INT. I'm not sure if there's an INT gachapon hat in GMS yet maybe someone else can tell you that.
A high INT sauna
5+ INT yellow snow shoes
Godly scrolled lama staff
Glitter gloves

And in GMS, I trained like this

10-15 Slime tree
15-18 Pig Beach
18-27 Horny and Green mushroom trees, I actually found it faster than boars from 25+
27-31 Crows in Zipangu
31-34 Sakura Cellions They are INSANE exp because there is a constant spawn of them on only one platform. Not to mention they drop around 230 mesos per cellion.
34-38 Carnival PQ, available by the NPC in Ludi/Orbis/Kerning city There may be other NPC's that I'm unaware of.
38-45 Retz in Helios tower
45-50 Straw Target Dummy's in Mu Lung. These are GREAT exp.
50+ Gryphons in New Leaf City (GMS exclusive)


#9 Bodom



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Posted 13 April 2008 - 03:59 PM

Just read the entire thing. Nicely done so far. mush1n.gif

Also, I would recommend separating eMS and gMS exclusive training spots, seeing as how people may be confused "WTF THARS NO TRUCKERS IN GMS DIS GUIDE STINKS"
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Posted 13 April 2008 - 04:09 PM

A pure lightning build means you skip Cold Beam altogether and take Thunderbolt first as your primary attack skill, then add into Slow in it's place.
Why slow when you can normally freeze?

I just noticed this, and I agree, even though I play in gMS.

There is nothing a lightning-only hybrid can do that lightning/ice users can't, unless we are speaking in terms of the lack-lustre defense Magic Armor gives or the relatively useless Slow. I do not understand why a Thunderbolt-only wizard would use Slow on a mob when they need to be in the mob to attack in the first place. Just what are we trying to slow the monsters from doing? The only thing it is relatively useful for is Papulatus Clock, but even then, it isn't all that necessary because countless parties have easily survived without it. Weighing the potential loss of training spots due to Papulatus Clock, I find it not worth the sacrifice.

Another thing to note: I believe that Cold Beam's freeze time is longer than Ice Strike here in gMS. It was changed sometime in 2006, although I'm not sure if it was reverted anytime recently.

8-15 - Ellinia: The Tree That Rose/Grew I (top portal of Ellinia, one map left)

The qualm I have about this one is that Energy Bolt is a projectile attack, and the terrain on this map isn't good for it. I would recommend the Hill East of Henesys if crowding is an issue. Also, if funding permits, I recommend Magic Claw before or during MP Recovery to speed up the leveling.

20-25 - I recommend Green and Horned Mushrooms in the Ellinia tree dungeons around these levels. Although Horned Mushrooms are stronger and therefore give more experience, you would be killing both at the same pace due to their lack of magic defense.

Good job on the guide. It's quite in-depth. How about writing a lightning-first build sometime?

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 06:34 PM

This is still... awesomesauce. Very detailed, informative and you've got some cute pictures.=P Anyway, still nothing bad I can say. Keep at it!
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Posted 13 April 2008 - 11:45 PM

Also, FoG is a good alternative to gryphons if you're tired of birds flying all around you. Plenty of mobbing there and it's a lot emptier now. I don't know if EMS has it yet.


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Posted 25 April 2008 - 03:08 PM

Well, I thought since Retz are such an important part of most I/L wizards and mages lives. There should be a miniguide about them. You might wanna add this to your guide or not.

Retz are Ludi monsters found in Helios Tower. They are considered some of the best training for lizards from level 40- level 75. The spawn is odd, normally you would just sit on this block and attack.

Eventually the spawn slows down. Then comes the important part of picking it back up. My first move is to normally do this.

Then it picks the spawn up for around more spawns, eventually you will get 3-4 retz on the top ledge, the option here is to go up and kill them with ice or lightning, or simply leave them.

The last step is to go to the bottom two platforms. Teleporting down is faster.

I'll elaborate more later.

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Posted 25 April 2008 - 04:24 PM

Wow... Retz to 75? Anyways, still doing an Awesomesause job!
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Posted 08 September 2008 - 11:21 PM

I have no word to say that amazing how much this cost ???

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Posted 09 September 2008 - 03:04 AM

Thanks to your guide, I decided to start killing teddy's at lvl 33. I was going to re-roll just because I was SOOOO tired of the mushrooms in ant tunnel... but this is exciting and a new change of pace. Thanks again.

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Posted 09 September 2008 - 07:38 AM

Hehe, no problem mush1z.gif I've still got a hell of a lot of work to do on this which I'll be able to do once I've got my own PC and intermanetz again, which will include 3rd job and some 4th job stuffs (pservers have a use after all mush1o.gif )

But yeah, I'm intending it to be the most detailed I/L guide ever soooo... It's going to take a while but it'll be worth it in the end mush1z.gif

Edited by Bellatrixa, 09 September 2008 - 07:47 AM.

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Beginner Mage Guide How To Be An Awesomesauce I/L Mage
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Posted 09 September 2008 - 04:42 PM

Sounds great! I plan on following it for my I/L mush1k.gif

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Posted 31 October 2008 - 09:49 PM

- Updated and currently working on 3rd job builds and training diagrams.

If people could suggest builds they used, then that would be great. I know there's quite a few different ones for 3rd job and I'd like to see if people have anything that I haven't got already.

Still looking for some lukless gMS mages' input on equips and funding weirdface7ut.gif
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Beginner Mage Guide How To Be An Awesomesauce I/L Mage
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Posted 16 November 2008 - 02:36 PM

Hei tharr Bella! :3:3

for lvl 25-30. Stirges in kerning subway is awsome because of 3 reasons. You will be able to 1hit k.o them.
Alot of spawns.
And sick respawn mush1n.gif

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