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Shucky's Spearman Guide :D

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Posted 19 March 2008 - 12:14 AM

Still a work in progress, so don't expect anything here. And if you're wondering, I played on a Spearman on Odin ;O.

Contents (use Ctrl+F and seach the ones in the box)
A) Credits [crd]
B) Introduction [intrd]
C) Becoming a warrior [bgnrjb]
D) 1st Job [1stjb]
>>a) Warrior Skills and Builds [wbld]
>>>1) Normal Build [lmebld]
>>>2) Shucky's Build ;) [1337bld]
>>b) Warrior Training Places [wtrng]
>>c) Warrior's Armors And Pots [wanp]
D) 2nd Job

A) Credits [crd]
- MapleTip.com <3
- Nexon, Wizet for making MS
- Me for making this xD
- Revisions
---> March 19 (.01) initial making

B) Introduciton [intrd]
Welcome to my Spearman guide :D. I don't have a Spearman on GMS, but on OdinMS :P. But who cares, except for the fact Odin has 8x stuff, so hai :)

My guide should help you build your soon-to-be Spearman and a spearman :D

C) Becoming A Warrior [bgnrjb]
Alright, you made your first chara on Maple :D. Ideally, these should be your stats.
STR: x
DEX: x
INT: 4 (most recommended 4, if lazy or out of time, 5)
LUK: 4 (same comment as above)

Okay, your stats should be your DEX is twice your level (like say your lv 10 your DEX should be 20) then add your extra stats to STR. For example, saying STR is 10 and DEX is 7:
Lv 1: 10 STR, DEX 7
Lv 2: 15 STR, DEX 7
Lv 3: 20 STR, DEX 7
Lv 4: 24 STR, DEX 8
Lv 5: 27 STR, DEX 10
and so on and so forth. About DEXless warriors, problem is, I heard you need at least 300M to fund one, MORE than a LUKless mage or a DEXless Sin due to accuracy problems.

Okay, for training, go here
Lv 1 - 5: Snails and Blue Snails, Shroom
Lv 6- 10: Blue Snails, Red Snails, Shroom, Stump

--> If a quest needs you to kill stuff, like say 10 orange mushrooms, kill them, as the quest at the end will give you some more EXP.

Everything, but the Biggs Collecting quest in optional, but do it for more EXP. The goal on Maple Island is to hit lv 10, so feed your character with EXP :D

If you are on a server with regular EXP like GMS, SEA, etc, try to get at least 1k mesos on maple island. Then, if you have funds from your old/another character or a friend who can give you, 30k+ will be good.

D) 1st Job
YAY YOU HIT LV 10 AFTER ALL THAT HELL ON MAPLE ISLAND!!! Now, you need at least 35 STR to become a warrior.

After you advance, Dances with Balrog will give you a new sword, use it. But, if you have at least 30k with you (later, we'll talk how to get more money, right now it's about warriors)

D.a) Warrior Skills and Builds [wbld]
Okay, here are the skills to a warrior (will add later)

The Normal Build
Best for a newbie to MS or wants to save mesos.
Level 10: 1 in Improving HP Recovery

Level 11: 3 in Improving HP Recovery

Level 12: 1 in Improving HP Recovery, 2 in Improving Max HP Increase

Level 13: 3 in Improving Max HP Increase

Level 14: 3 in Improving Max HP Increase

Level 15: 2 in Improving Max HP Increase (Maxed), 1 in Power Strike

Level 16: 3 in Power Strike

Level 17: 3 in Power Strike

Level 18: 3 in Power Strike

Level 19: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 20: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 21: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 22: 1 in Slash Blast, 2 in Power Strike

Level 23: 3 in Power Strike

Level 24: 3 in Power Strike

Level 25: 2 in Power Strike (Maxed), 1 in Slash Blast

Level 26: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 27: 3 in Slash Blast

Level 28: 3 in Slash Blast (Maxed)

Level 29: 3 in Improving HP Recovery (You may replace this with 3 in Endure)

Level 30: 3 in Improving HP Recovery (This may be replaced with 3 in Endure and/or 3 in Iron Body)

Nao, MY build :D
QUOTE(me :D)
Lv 10: 1 Power Strike
Lv 11: 1 Slash Blast, 2 HP Recovery
Lv 12: 3 HP recovery
Lv 13: 3 MaxHP
Lv 14: 3 MaxHP
Lv 15: 3 MaxHP
Lv 16: 1 MaxHP, 1 Slash Blast, 1 Power Strike
Lv 17: 2 Power Srike, 1 Slash Blast
Lv 18: 2 Power Strike, 1Slash Blast
Lv 19: 2 Power Strike, 1 Slash Blast
Lv 20: 2 Power Strike, 1 Slash Blast
Lv 21: 3 Power Strike/(can change with SB)
Lv 22: 3 PS
Lv 23: 3 PS
Lv 24: 3 PS
Lv 25: 1 PS, 2 SB (PS if you maxed SB first)
Lv 26: 3 SB
Lv 27: 3 SB
Lv 28: 3 SB

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Whamwaffle - 3X Dawn Warrior - INACTIVE

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