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Guild Party Quest Guide

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Posted 16 March 2008 - 09:52 AM

Guild Party Quest Guide

A Guide Written by Scania MTDynasty.

Table Of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Why you should GPQ
III. Prerequisites
IV. Getting There
V. Getting Started
VI. First Stage
VII. Second Stage


Section I. Introduction

Hello, and welcome to Scania's MTDynasty Guild Party Quest Guide. In this guide, the fellow members of Scania MTDynasty and I will help you and your guild in completing the ever-popular Guild Party Quest (which will now be referred as GPQ)!

A little background information about Scania MTDynasty:

-We are the official guild of www.mapletip.com
-We are the oldest branch of all the branches there are.
-We have more guild points(GP) than all the other branches. (46860 GP as of March 16.)
-We are the strongest branch out of all the branches, and can complete a GPQ in less than 15 minutes.


Section II. Why you should GPQ

There are many reasons why a guild would want to GPQ. The most common reason for GPQing is for money. GPQ gives many good 60% scrolls, and quite a few fourth job skills. It also gives summoning bags, and occasionally the Pink Adventurer Cape. I will go more in-depth on prizes later. The next reason why guilds GPQ is for the guild points, and the pride of getting onto the Guild Rank Board. Only the top 50 guilds with the highest GP can get onto this ranking board. Last, but definitely not least, guilds GPQ for fun. Scania's GPQ's have been extremely fun, and I always look forward to the next one.


Section III. Prerequisites

This section will list the prerequisites to be able to complete GPQ.

-All members must be level 10 or higher.
-You must have at least 6 members.
-One of these members has to be a Jr. Leader or Leader of the guild in order to start the quest.
-Two or three people with good memory always help.
-A few members with good jump quest skills.
-A thief with Dark Sight.
-A mage with Teleport Level 17 or higher.
-A level 60+ Assassin or Archer.
-Maxed Haste.
-A member under level 30. (Level 20+ is preferred.)
-A strong party of level 90's + to kill Ergoth, or a Chief Bandit with high level Meso Explosion.


Section IV. Getting There

This section quickly explains how to get to the GPQ area. First, go to Perion, and go to through the upper right portal. This map should be called 'Perion Street Corner'; if it's not, you're at the wrong map. Next, keep going right until you get to 'East Rocky Mountain I'. Now, keep going right until you get to 'Rocky Road III'. There is a portal at the top of the map, so go through there and you'll be at 'Excavation Site I'. Now just keep following the portals, and you'll be at 'Excavation Site <Camp>'. Then you can finally start your GPQ by having a leader click on Shuang.


Section V. Getting Started

So you and your guild mates are at the GPQ area, now what? First, have who ever is leading the GPQ (Jr. Leader or Leader) talk to Shuang and click on 'Register for Guild Quest'. If it says that there is currently a guild inside, change channels. Keep changing channels until you find a channel that is empty. Once you have registered, call over your guild to the channel registered, and then talk to Shuang to go inside. Once you are in, your guild members can also enter by talking to Shuang. Make sure you meet all the requirements before then.

Now that you and your guild are inside, you simply wait for the portal to open, which takes three minutes. During this three minute wait, any remaining people who want to tag along can come. This wait time is basically just time for you and your guild to socialize.

Once the portal has opened and you go inside, you'll be at a map with purple rocks everywhere. Hit these rocks a couple times, and a 'Protector Rock' (level 10 earrings) will drop. Remember to put these on because if they aren't equipped in the first stage, you automatically die. Make sure everyone gets an earring on the first map, because the 2 rocks on the next map are meant to be for the sacrifice. Once you have your earrings, you can now proceed to the first stage of GPQ.


Section VI. First Stage

So now the GPQ officially starts. This is the stage where you will need people with good memory. This first stage is similar to 'Simon Says' in which you must hit the statues in the order they light up. Basically, there are two sides to this map, left and right. The left side has 11 statues to keep track of, while the right side only has 9.

The way this stage works, is that there are statues on the map, and they will light up in an order when you talk to the NPC. There are 3 parts to this stage, on the first part 4 statues will light up. On the second part 5 statues will light up. Finally, on the third part, 6 statues will light up. In order to finish this stage, you must hit the statues in the order the light up AFTER all the statues light up. Once you hit all the statues, talk to the NPC so you can proceed to the next part or stage. If you mess up, you have to start over back at the first part.

At first, this stage may take your guild up to 30 minutes to complete, but once you find a good strategy to complete this stage, you can finish in less than 3 minutes. The technique that Scania MTDynasty uses to complete this stage is a bit confusing, but once mastered is considerably easy.

The way that Scania MTDynasty completes this stage is by using 1 member on each side. Make sure each member has full few of all the statues that they must cover. The person who signed up for the GPQ should talk to the NPC, and say 'GO!' when s/he has talked. Now, you must keep your eyes peeled for statues that light up. When you see a statue light up, you yell a number. This number is the number in which the statue lit up in the order. Once the number of statues for that stage has finished lighting up, hit the statues in order. For example, say you are on the right side, and the other person is on the left side, this is how your chat should look like:

Leader: Go!
Other Person:2
Other Person:3
You: * hits one * Go 2
Other Person: * hits two and three * Go 4 (They don't say 'Go 3' because that person already has called 3, so there is no point in saying it.)
You: * hits four * Click. ('Click' signals to the leader that you're done with hitting the statues, and then the leader can talk to the NPC so you can go to the next part.)

This is repeated 2 more times, but each time, an added statue lights up. Note that the side where the statues light up is random. Several times I had to hit all 6 statues. Once you finish with the third part, your leader should talk to the NPC, and you'll see a 'CLEAR' on the screen. The gate in the middle will open and once entered, you will gain +15 GP, and you can proceed to Stage Two.

Some other tips for this stage is to have everyone that is not doing anything stand in the middle of the map, and be quiet, so you can see your partner calling out numbers. Also muting your buddy list can work if you have a spammy one. Hopefully these tips help.


Section VII. Second Stage

So you've made to the second stage. The experienced guild should make it to stage with around 1h: 28m left. This stage will be confusing when you first GPQ. Basically, there are 4 doors in the main room, 'Hall of the Knight'. The bottom door leads you to the 'Room of Faith' with 3 Jump Quests. At the top of each JQ, there will be a Longinus Spear. In the middle portal, 'Room of Courage', there are these Muscle Stones things that are fairly easy for level 60+ to kill. One of these Muscle Stones will be the master one, and drops a 'Key' that can be used to open another door. At the top, there are two doors, 'Room of Pledge'(locked room), and the 'Room of Glory' with 4 mini JQ's where the Longinus spears can be set.

To point of this stage, is to get all the Longinus Spears (4), and then set them on these altar-like things at the top of each JQ in the 'Room of Glory'. In order to get these 4 spears, you must go to the all the rooms but the 'Room of Glory'. The main place for the spears is in the 'Room of Faith'. This room has 3 JQ's, each with a Longinus spear at the top. The JQ's are labeled from left to right, Blue, Yellow, and Red. Blue being the easiest, with Red being the most difficult. Once you get to the top of a JQ get the spear, and tell to your guild that you have gotten the spear for the ____ JQ.

To get the final spear, you will need Teleport and Dark Sight. Firstly, a strong melee character (60+) should go into the room of Courage and kill Muscle Stones until they find the Key. Once they find the Key, go outside and drop the Key on the locked door to 'Room of Pledge'. The key will disappear, and you can then go inside. Once inside the person with Teleport should Teleport to the bottom right of the map. Once at the end, there will be a pile of debris that you can break open, and a Rusty Key will drop. Grab the key and Teleport back to the person with Dark Sight. Drop the key for him/her then s/he should turn on Dark Sight, jump onto the platform with all the golems and walk across. WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH THESE GOLEMS AS THEY WILL OHKO YOU NO MATTER WHAT!! Once the person with Dark Sight is at the locked door, drop the Rusty Key on it, and go inside. Inside will be a Longinus Spear which you can hit open. Grab it, and go back outside with Dark Sight.

So now your guild finally has all the Longinus Spears. There's just one last step to be done, setting all the Spears. Everyone who has a spear, should go to the 'Room of Glory'. Here, there are 4 mini JQ things, where at the top is an altar where you set your spears. From far left to right, this is what Scania MTDynasty calls them: Rope, Maxed Haste, Telepads, and Maxed Tele. The ropes is pretty self explanatory. Just climb up the ropes until you get the top. Maxed haste is a simple little jump quest that requires you to have maxed Haste on. The Telepads resembles Ludibrium PQ Stage 6. Jump onto the right platform, press up, and get to the top. For the last mini JQ, you need level 17+ Teleport or Flash jump. It's very simple. Once all 4 spears have been set, there will be an earthquake signaling that you can proceed to the next stage. This stage gives 20 Guild Points.


Section VII. Third Stage

And that's pretty much all that we have done so far. Sorry there are no images, I haven't had enough time to go get some. x_X Any advice/constructive criticism is welcomed.

I miss old sMTD.

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Posted 16 March 2008 - 12:26 PM

Images would really be helpful Joe. mush1k.gif

Anyway, so far so good. mush1n.gif

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Posted 16 March 2008 - 01:02 PM

Broa could beat Scania anyday... except for this. Pictures would be a plus. But good work so faar.



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Posted 16 March 2008 - 04:02 PM

Thanks, guys.

I appologize again for not having any images. ;_;
I probably will get them in 2 weeks or so.
I miss old sMTD.

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Posted 16 March 2008 - 04:22 PM

Making a note: on the first stage, the top right statue is often covered by TV super megaphones. To counter this, I suggest jumping up and down as doing so makes the screen move higher up (thus allowing you to see it). Just in case.

Otherwise, it's a well-written guide from what I've read so far.

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Posted 16 March 2008 - 06:09 PM

Thank you. I use that technique too, I guess I shouold mention it. =p

I'll edit it in later.
I miss old sMTD.

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Posted 20 March 2008 - 06:36 PM

On the JP part, for me, it's
Blue - Red - Yellow
in difficulty. xD. Anyways,

Nice guide. Needs images... but I see why. xD. Finishing it would be good too. O_O... anyways, nice guide... oh wait... I said that already... uh...


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Posted 20 March 2008 - 09:57 PM

Heh, thanks. There is a reason why it is in works in progress.
I miss old sMTD.

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Posted 27 March 2008 - 02:40 PM

Once you are ready to get images and what not, PM me. I'll be on.

Any corrections needed to be made in the MapleTip Database? Feel free to PM me.

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Posted 27 March 2008 - 05:47 PM

Make sure each member has full few of all the statues that they must cover

i believe you mean view?

oh and it's a nice read... i'll see if my guild can gpq anytime soon

Edited by icenotes, 27 March 2008 - 05:48 PM.

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