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Pure Luk Sin Guide

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Posted 02 February 2008 - 10:52 PM

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the pure luk assassin.

a. Why play the pure luk assassin?
b. Pros and Cons in a glance.
c. Duty of an assassin.

2. The pure luk assassin.

a. Stat Build
b. Skill Build
c. Equipment

i. Funded v.s. Non-funded.

3. Training in progress.

a. How to choose a good training spot?
i. Assessment factors when choosing a training spot

a. I Must Find A Good Gaming Spot
Item & meso drop
Map Size
Funds to sustain
Geography of map
Gain of exp per hit
Spawn rate

b. Party Quest V.S. Normal training.
i. Rare drops V.S. Exp

c. Some recommended training spots.
i. Refer to Hemisphere’s guide for thieves training spots.

4. FAQ
a. Common misconceptions of the pure luk assassin.

i. Accuracy and luk issue
ii. Stability of dmg
iii. It is the ULTIMATE!!! ALL MUST FOLLOW???

b. How long can the pure luk assassin sustain against normal and low-dex assassins? How much stronger is pure luk sin than low-dex and normal sins at low lvls? Hence should I stay pure luk sin forever?

i. Detailed calculations

c. How is Lucky Seven, Critical and Shadow partner calculated?

i. Lucky seven formula
ii. Critical +100% dmg not 200% dmg
iii. Shadow partner dmg calculation

d. How will pure luk assassin fare in 4th job?

i. Triple throw formula

ii. Other skills that count dex?
iii. Lack of accuracy beginning to pose a problem?
iv. Maple hero and flexible body/inspiration

e. Y’s luky 7 so imba and power *** pls nerf it mi cannot take it anymore!

5. Appendix

a. Excel spreadsheet for normal sin, pure luk and low-dex sin dmg with equips.

1. Introduction to the pure luk assassin.

Pure luk assassin is a specific category of assassins. There exist a few different types of assassin, mainly normal assassin, low-dex assassin and pure luk assassin.

Pure luk assassin basically means that you do not put any other stats except for luk, hence capping your dex at the minimum level.

It is different from low-dex such that low-dex attempts to cap your dex as low as possible but to equip the claw that will enable you to do the most dmg; for pure luk assassins, we simply put our dex at LOWEST and just equip the maple claws for our whole maple career.

Why should you play a pure luk assassin?

Pure luk sins are for lazy people who only bother adding 1 stat. j/k.

Pure luk sins are known for their high damage from level 10 to level 11X (or higher depending on your equipment)
Pure luk sins are MAINLY for funded players; you can still make one if you are barely funded or unfunded. (more details later)

Pros and Cons in a glance


High damage.
Cool throwing stars/ kunais
Stats are easy to add.
Can train at much harder places.
Save quite a lot of money if you start out funded.
Saves time needed to buy equips and hunt since you are pretty much stuck with the same equips forever.

Wear the same claw and equipment for your whole life.
Low weapon def.
Bears the title of “ultimate kser” wherever you walk.
Gets boring at high levels. (for all sins).
Slowly loses to low-dex sins.
No variation; adds only 1 stat from lv 10 onwards.

Duty of an Assassin

As an assassin, we should not flaunt our power unnecessarily. If you have been reading the forums, you will see how many topics have been started regarding assassins being too powerful or assassins ksing others.

It is our duty as an Assassin to not ks others. “With huge power comes a huge responsibility.” Pure luk sins may be one of the strongest class, but we have a name to uphold. If you plan to tarnish the already poor reputation of assassin by exercising those itchy fingers to ks others, then please stop reading this guide

2. The Pure Luk Assassin

Stat Build for Pure luk Assassins

The start out is always the same:

Str 4
Dex XX
Int 4
Luk XX

Dex and luk can be any number, but str and int MUST be 4.

Lv 1 – 10
Add dex to 25 (MINIMUM) and pump the rest of the points to luk.

Lv 10 – XXX
Pump all the points into luk.

That’s how simple a pure luk sin is.

Skill Build for Rogue (level 10 – 30)

The recommended build

Lv 10 – 1 Lucky Seven
Lv 11 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 12 – 3 Keen Eyes
Lv 13 – 3 Keen Eyes
Lv 14 – 2 Keen Eyes, 1 Lucky seven
Lv 15 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 16 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 17 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 18 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 19 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 20 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 21 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 22 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 23 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 24 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 25 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 26 – 2 Nimble Body, 1 Disorder
Lv 27 – 2 Disorder, 1 Dark Sight
Lv 28 – 3 Dark Sight
Lv 29 – 3 Dark Sight
Lv 30 – 3 Dark Sight

This build can enable fast lvling in your early days as a rogue, because you max your lucky seven early; however, it is also quite intensive in terms of pots usage.

The unfunded build

Lv 10 – 1 Nimble Body
Lv 11 – 2 Nimble Body, 1 Keen Eyes
Lv 12 – 3 Keen Eyes
Lv 13 – 3 Keen Eyes
Lv 14 – 1 Keen Eyes, 2 Nimble Body
Lv 15 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 16 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 17 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 18 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 19 – 3 Nimble Body
Lv 20 – 3 Disorder
Lv 21 – 3 Dark Sight
Lv 22 – 3 Dark Sight
Lv 23 – 3 Dark Sight
Lv 24 – 1 Dark sight, 2 Lucky seven
Lv 25 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 26 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 27 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 28 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 29 – 3 Lucky Seven
Lv 30 – 3 Lucky Seven

This build can help you save a lot of pot money but in return your lvling speed is VERY MUCH sacrificed. Not recommended at all.

Skill Build for Assassins (level 30 – 70)

Standard Assassin build

Lv 30 – 1 Claw Mastery
Lv 31 – 2 Claw Mastery, 1 Critical Throw
Lv 32 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 33 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 34 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 35 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 36 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 37 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 38 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 39 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 40 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 41 – 2 Critical Throw, 1 Haste
Lv 42 – 3 Haste
Lv 43 – 3 Haste
Lv 44 – 3 Haste
Lv 45 – 3 Haste
Lv 46 – 3 Haste
Lv 47 – 3 Haste
Lv 48 – 1 Haste, 2 Claw Mastery
Lv 49 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 50 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 51 – 3 Endure
Lv 52 – 1 Drain, 2 Mastery
Lv 53 – 3 Claw Mastery
Lv 54 – 3 Claw Mastery
Lv 55 – 3 Claw Mastery
Lv 56 – 3 Claw Mastery
Lv 57 – 1 Claw Mastery, 2 Drain
Lv 58 – 3 Drain
Lv 59 – 3 Drain
Lv 60 – 3 Drain
Lv 61 – 3 Drain
Lv 62 – 3 Drain
Lv 63 – 3 Drain
Lv 64 – 3 Drain
Lv 65 – 3 Drain
Lv 66 – 3 Drain
Lv 67 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 68 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 69 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 70 – 3 Claw Booster

This build max Critical Throw as soon as possible to enable fast training during the 40s. Haste comes next instead of claw booster because for pure luk sins we use maple claws and kandayos which already have “faster” attack speed. The booster does give a even faster attack speed but in this case the pumping can be delayed because haste provides more advantages to training than the SMALL increase in atk speed that booster gives us pure luk sins.

PQ & Crow Training Build

Lv 30 – 1 Haste
Lv 31 – 3 Haste
Lv 32 – 3 Haste
Lv 33 – 3 Haste
Lv 34 – 3 Haste
Lv 35 – 3 Haste
Lv 36 – 3 Haste
Lv 37 – 1 Haste, 2 Claw Mastery
Lv 38 – 1 Claw Mastery, 2 Critical Throw
Lv 39 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 40 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 41 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 42 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 43 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 44 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 45 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 46 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 47 – 3 Critical Throw
Lv 48 – 1 Critical Throw, 2 Claw Mastery
Lv 49 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 50 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 51 – 3 Endure
Lv 52 – 1 Drain, 2 Mastery
Lv 53 – 3 Claw Mastery
Lv 54 – 3 Claw Mastery
Lv 55 – 3 Claw Mastery
Lv 56 – 3 Claw Mastery
Lv 57 – 1 Claw Mastery, 2 Drain
Lv 58 – 3 Drain
Lv 59 – 3 Drain
Lv 60 – 3 Drain
Lv 61 – 3 Drain
Lv 62 – 3 Drain
Lv 63 – 3 Drain
Lv 64 – 3 Drain
Lv 65 – 3 Drain
Lv 66 – 3 Drain
Lv 67 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 68 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 69 – 3 Claw Booster
Lv 70 – 3 Claw Booster

Haste is maxed first to enable faster lvling during the 30s and also better for pq. However it will level slower in the 40s due to Critical Throw not being maxed. Hence this build is only recommended if you are going to pq for the majority of your lvling during
the 40s.

Skill build for Hermit (level 70 – 120)

Recommended Squids Financially Efficient build

Lv 70 – 1 Shdaow Partner
Lv 71 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 72 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 73 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 74 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 75 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 76 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 77 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 78 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 79 – 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 80 – 2 Shdaow Partner, 1 Avenger
Lv 81 – 3 Avenger
Lv 82 – 2 Avenger ,1 Flash Jump
Lv 83 – 3 Avenger
Lv 84 – 3 Avenger
Lv 85 – 3 Avenger
Lv 86 – 3 Avenger
Lv 87 – 3 Avenger
Lv 88 – 3 Meso UP
Lv 89 – 3 Meso UP
Lv 90 – 3 Meso UP
Lv 91 – 1 Meso UP, 2 Alchemist
Lv 92 – 3 Alchemist
Lv 93 – 3 Alchemist
Lv 94 – 2 Alchemist, 1 Meso UP
Lv 95 – 3 Meso UP
Lv 96 – 3 Meso UP
Lv 97 – 3 Meso UP
Lv 98 – 3 Alchemist
Lv 99 – 3 Alchemist
Lv 100 – 3 Alchemist
Lv 101 – 2 Avenger, 1 Alchemist
Lv 102 – 3 Avenger
Lv 103 – 3 Avenger
Lv 104 – 1 Avenger, 2 Flash Jump
Lv 105 – 3 Flash Jump
Lv 106 – 3 Flash Jump
Lv 107 – 3 Flash Jump
Lv 108 – 3 Flash Jump
Lv 109 – 3 Flash Jump
Lv 110 – 2 Flash Jump, 1 Shadow Meso
Lv 111 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 112 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 113 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 114 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 115 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 116 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 117 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 118 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 119 – 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 120 – 2 Shadow Meso, 1 Shadow Web

I highly recommend this build. It enables you to train at coolies from lv 70 - 77, then you can move on to Extra - D to get better exp with lv 21 sp. Then at around lv 87, you can leave for sotongs, where you get very good exp and the 21 avenger can be used to clear goby houses. From here you will be getting lv 10 meso-up so u can break even with the cost of summoning rocks, followed by lv 10 alchemist because lv 1- 10 adds 3% increase in recovery but lv 11 - 20 only adds 2%. After lv 9x when, you can move on to purple squids in map 2 to party and get better exp.

All-rounded Build

Lv 70 - 1 Shdaow Partner
Lv 71 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 72 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 73 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 74 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 75 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 76 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 77 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 78 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 79 - 3 Shdaow Partner
Lv 80 - 2 Shdaow Partner, 1 Avenger
Lv 81 - 3 Avenger
Lv 82 - 1 Avenger, 2 Flash Jump
Lv 83 - 3 Flash Jump
Lv 84 - 3 Flash Jump
Lv 85 - 3 Flash Jump
Lv 86 - 3 Flash Jump
Lv 87 - 3 Alchemist
Lv 88 - 3 Alchemist
Lv 89 - 3 Alchemist
Lv 90 - 2 Alchemist, 1 Avenger
Lv 91 - 3 Avenger
Lv 92 - 3 Avenger
Lv 93 - 3 Avenger
Lv 94 - 3 Avenger
Lv 95 - 3 Avenger
Lv 96 - 3 Flash Jump
Lv 97 - 3 Flash Jump
Lv 98 - 3 Avenger
Lv 99 - 3 Avenger
Lv 100 - 3 Avenger
Lv 101 - 3 Alchemist
Lv 102 - 3 Alchemist
Lv 103 - 3 Alchemist
Lv 104 - 3 Meso UP
Lv 105 - 3 Meso UP
Lv 106 - 3 Meso UP
Lv 107 - 3 Meso UP
Lv 108 - 3 Meso UP
Lv 109 - 3 Meso UP
Lv 110 - 2 Meso UP, 1 Shadow Meso
Lv 111 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 112 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 113 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 114 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 115 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 116 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 117 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 118 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 119 - 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 120 - 2 Shadow Meso (Maxed), 1 Shadow Web (Just for the fun of it)

This build is for those that can't stand sticking to 1 training spot for too long. Flash Jump is added to 14 to clear viking gaps, Alchemist stops at 11 a bit (unagis now heal 1320 HP ea), and Avenger stays at 21 for 6 hit-avenger. Hence this build can train at sotongs/vikings solo or party.

Divine's Grinder Build

Lv 70 1 Alchemist
Lv 71 3 Alchemist
Lv 72 3 Alchemist
Lv 73 3 Alchemist
Lv 74 3 Alchemist
Lv 75 3 Alchemist
Lv 76 3 Alchemist
Lv 77 2 Alchemist, 1 Shadow Partner
Lv 78 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 79 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 80 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 81 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 82 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 83 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 84 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 85 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 86 3 Shadow Partner
Lv 87 2 Shadow Partner, 1 Avenger
Lv 88 3 Avenger
Lv 89 2 Avenger, 1 Flash Jump
Lv 90 3 Flash Jump
Lv 91 3 Flash Jump
Lv 92 3 Flash Jump
Lv 93 3 Meso UP
Lv 94 3 Meso UP
Lv 95 3 Meso UP
Lv 96 3 Meso UP
Lv 97 3 Meso UP
Lv 98 3 Meso UP
Lv 99 2 Meso UP, 1 Shadow Meso
Lv 100 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 101 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 102 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 103 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 104 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 105 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 106 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 107 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 108 3 Shadow Meso
Lv 109 2 Shadow Meso, 1 Flash Jump
Lv 110 3 Flash Jump
Lv 111 3 Flash Jump
Lv 112 3 Flash Jump
Lv 113 3 Avenger
Lv 114 3 Avenger
Lv 115 3 Avenger
Lv 116 3 Avenger
Lv 117 3 Avenger
Lv 118 3 Avenger
Lv 119 3 Avenger
Lv 120 2 Avenger, 1 Shadow Web

This build is for those who want to grind at coolies for very long, from here on you can decide to add Shadow Meso for Zakum or Flash Jump. Divine chose to add Avenger at last because he feels that Avenger damage will not be good till Lv 120.

You may choose to modify these builds according to where you train, and your current financial status.

Equipment for pure luk sin

Aim for

5 luk Brown Bamboo Hat / 15+ luk zakum helmet
45+Wa Musashi Claws / 45+WA Maple Kandayo
18 luk and above Sauna Robe/ Bath robe
2 wa and above Pink Cape / Pink Gaiga Cape better if scrolled luk
10 wa and above wg / BWG / PWG (Purple Work Glove )
+1 Luk Black Dorothy Shoes

*Note The Reson Why buy Black Dorothy Shoes Is it the only common Shoe Which + luk
As you can see do not need dex, we only need luk. Buying dex equips are useless.
I will list out the items that you should get the first few items will be more important than the ones at the back.

Totally unfunded

1) Mokbis and upgrade to Kumbis
2) Wa 23 Kandayo
3) Luk 3 Brown Bamboo Hat
4) 1+Luk Purple Work Glove
5) Icarus Cape (1)

This Is for those who totally unfunded, I would suggest getting Subis till u managed to get some Mokbis or Kumbis, I will skip Maple Claw and use garnier all the way due to the fact that I’m unfunded. I will choose not to use warrior pots/pills and save the money for a Maple Kandayo. After that , save up some meso for a lousily scrolled Wa wg.

Normal Funded(10m – 20m)

1) Kumbis/Icicles
2) Wa 3/4/5/6 wg
3) Maple Claw / Wa 25 Kandayo
5) At least a 5 luk Cape

Got a main character to fund your sin?

Richly Funded(50m>)

1) Tobis / Steely
2) Wa 7/8 wg
4) 40wa+Musashi Claws/ 37+wa kandayo
5) 10 luk 0 slots Sauna Robe
6) 8 luk Cape

3. Training In Progress

How to choose a good training spot?

Assessment factors when choosing a training spot

The following is a list of factors that you should keep in mind when choosing your training spot.

1. Item & meso drop
2. Map Size
3. Funds to sustain
4. Availability
5. Geography of map
6. Gain of exp per hit
7. Spawn rate

To help you to remember it, the acronym for it is IMFAGGS (I must find a good gaming spot).

I – You should consider if the item and mesos drops are worthwhile. This is extremely important because when you are training you certainly do not want to be losing mesos. When taking into consideration this factor, make sure you calculate how much mesos you are spending on potions and how many hit you take to kill each monster.

For example if you take around 2 hits to kill Coolie Zombie, and each hit cost you 16 mp (lucky seven), then you would be spending 32 mp per coolie zombie. Then weigh the mesos spent against the mesos dropped. Coolie zombie drop 3XX mesos and around 330 on average. Each coolie you will spend around 64 mesos ( 1 mp = 2 mesos) and after taking into consideration the dmg you receive and hp pots used, you spend around 80 mesos per coolie zombie. Around 2 – 3 coolies will drop 1 stack of mesos. Hence 330 / 2.5 = 132. Take 132 : 80 and get a rough ratio which is 3:2. (meaning you make 3/2 the mesos you spend) Use this ratio to compare between different monsters and how worthwhile is it training at that spot.

For item drops, it is best not to depend on it for regular income because the drop is for items and scrolls are not consistent. Hence, take it as a bonus every time you find a scroll or equipment, but don’t depend on it for regular income because it is not very reliable. However, you can still try your luck to train at somewhere with lesser mesos earned : mesos lost ratio but more drops of rare items. (this will be especially true for high lvls since most of mesos earned are from rare drops)

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate the importance of item and mesos drops with a rating of 7 when choosing a training spot. (would be 10 but funded people pay less attention to mesos earned)

M – Is the map you are training at too big? Is partying/sharing map going to be better than soloing? In many cases, we tend to feel that partying/sharing map will slow down our training, because it seems that 2 people are competing for exp. However, many of the times, this is not the case.

Consider the scenario where someone is training at Jr yetis. The map is huge and it would take lots of time for someone to travel from one end to the other and at the same time clearing the mob. While it may seem that if someone takes the top lane and you solo the bottom lane it would be the best, but which person would want to do that unless you have an extremely fast killing speed? Simply because the person taking the top lane will most likely have lots of situations where he will need to wait for spawn and sometimes even have nothing to kill for around 10 seconds. Thus would it be better if you solo the whole map? Possibly yes if you could maneuver around fast enough, but as you train you will slowly notice that the spawn rate will slowly decrease because the top lane is not being killed while you stay at the bottom.

So what’s the alternative? Perhaps considering having 3 people to share the map, one at the top lane and 2 at the bottom taking left and right each. 3 people would be just right to have complete coverage of 2/3 of the map at any one time (not whole map because the map is too big and even 3 people can’t cover every corner at any 1 time). Thus with much of the area covered, it would ensure godly spawn for all 3 people. However, this has very much to do with level and skill also. If you are someone who is lv 90 and is a hermit, I would suggest you to solo the bottom lane and have someone to take the top. This is just right because with flash jump and 1 hit ko ability, the hermit basically covers the job of 2 regular lv 50s.

Another similar example would be the white pang map which fire mage like to train at. I would not elaborate much since this is more of a pure luk sin guide. However the area is large too, not horizontally but vertically. Also the terrain poses a problem (more will be explained in Geography of map section).

Ultimately, depending on whether you have people to share map with you or not, you will pick different spots, but if you are soloing it is generally better to pick smaller training spots. Experience will tell you whether the size is suitable for you or not.

On a scale of 1 – 10 I would rate the importance of map size as a factor as 7, since it largely affects spawn rate hence exp and drops.

F - This can affect your training spot to a large extent. If you are an extremely funded hermit, your damage can beat those 20 levels above you. For example, a godly pure luk sin with a wa 45 kandayo and wa 12 wg and ilbis and takoyaki and wa 4 pink cape and godly sauna etc, he should be able to train at coolies at lv 43, once he equips his kandayo. Although he will be burning pots there, he probably will be 1 – 2 hit koing most of the monsters there and the exp will be godly. However, for a non-funded pure luk sin that uses a wa 32 kandayo, kumbis and a wa 6 wg, he would only be able to go coolies at around lv 55 to get around 80% 2 hit ko chances, and it would be better to train at jr yetis at lv 50 for him.

This is not only true for equipment, but also for pots. A funded person can afford to bring lots of pots hence be able to train at places which have good exp but burn lots of pots; an unfunded person may be stuck at the same 1 hit ko place with lower exp but uses less pots. However, this kind of situations are rare, since most 1-2 hit ko places provide better exp than 3-4 hit ko places.

Thus when choosing your training spot, always see whether your funds can sustain you there and whether you can skip a lower lvl training spot if you are highly funded.

On a scale of 1 – 10 I would rate it 6, since pot money and equips control much of your training spot choices.

A – This is quite important but not the most important, of course. For maps like sotong and coolies or maybe the future flyeye cave (not yet released) and other popular training areas, competition for maps may be very tough. This is especially true for servers like aquilia which houses majority of the maplers. Getting a map in those places may seem like searching for a needle in the deep sea. Thus, this factor limits some people to lousier training spots because those optimum ones are overly crowded with people.

However, there are ways to overcome this of course. Methods such as improving personal networking to have more opportunities to find parties to train together and also changing your online timing can be used. Others such like buying map and raiding map are available methods but I personally do not approve of them.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate is 8, since it really is quite important considering how many people are spamming ‘cc pls’ every second.

G – This basically refers to the terrain of the place that you are training at. Take the jr yetis example again. The map has 2 pieces of land, 1 at the top and 1 at the bottom, thus rendering it hard for someone to solo it. Aqua dungeon is also another good example, where the water affects the motion, hence making flash jump useless when facing sotongs.

The terrain can affect your training in many ways. For the map of white pangs, it is separated into 4 (or 3?) layers, and it is hard for someone to solo the whole map because climbing up and down the ropes wastes a lot of time. For certain maps, there are elevation spots, thus making it harder for assassins to hit certain monsters on the elevated area when shooting from the lower platform. However, elevation in terrain can also prove to be advantageous to assassins, especially to those without flash jump, since they can cover a larger distance if they jump from the edge of the higher terrain. (due to trajectory difference when jumping from a SLIGHTLY higher spot).

Nonetheless, these do not affect the training much, but can proof to be useful sometimes. Especially when it comes to maps with several layers, then partying would be wiser.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I would rate its importance as 4.

G – This no doubt seems extremely important, but do not be blinded by it. Monsters that have higher exp: hit ratio will most of the time offer better exp than others with lower exp: hit ratio. However, consider the situation of jr kittens (grupins etc.), and coolie zombies. Jr kittens give 65 exp per hit, and 195 exp in 3 hits; coolies give 190 per 3 hits. Which would be a better choice? If we follow the exp per hit theory, jr kittens would be a better choice since for the same number of hits it gives 5 more exp. However, the whole purpose of this mini training guide is to highlight the fact that exp per hit ratio is NOT everything. Spawn rate, terrain, map size, drops, funds to sustain and availability are also important factors to consider. For the scenario, the jr kitten map would be lousier exp than the coolies map, simply because the terrain in garden of green/yellow 1 and the map size are poor. Ultimately, we are looking at the time: exp ratio not just the hit : exp ratio; time: exp ratio is affected by spawn rate, map size, terrain and exp : hit ratio.

Thus, although this factor is extremely important and I would give it a rating of 8.5, we shouldn’t be too obsessed with it and think that it is the one and only important factor.

S – This is everything. Map size decides spawn rate per area square; terrain affects killing speed hence spawn rate; how many hit to kill 1 monster affects spawn rate too. Basically how much exp you get revolves around how you maximize your spawn rate. The methods that I mentioned like partying in bigger maps, or maximizing the terrain to your advantage all improves spawn rate.

It is hard to decide whether some maps spawn faster than others or not. Generally it is assumed that as long as the monsters in the map are killed fast enough, the spawn rate will be high. Thus maximizing spawn rate is actually very easy if you know this simple theory behind it (everyone should know) and some of the factors mentioned in the mini-guide can help you in maximizing spawn rate.

No spawn = no exp & no mesos = no improvement. What could be more important than this? I give it a straight 10 rating.


When choosing your training spot, think according to the importance of each factor. (You may have your own rating). Look if the spawn rate can be maximized at your training spot since it is the most important (this encompasses the map size and terrain), then weigh the exp per hit ratio, followed by the availability of the map, drops and mesos, funds to sustain, so on and so forth. Feel free to think of your own acronyms and new factors you may want to consider. This is just how I assess my training spot, you do not have to follow it.

Hope you find this mini-guide useful and wish you luck in finding your best gaming spot!

Party quest V.S. Normal training.

From my personal experience, party quest does bring good drops and mesos. However, it is extremely hard to get in and usually in 2 hour I can only do maximum of 2-3party quests, sometimes even none. Ultimately it depends a lot on luck to get in as auto-clickers are considered illegal in the game. The exp / time ratio is quite bad since it is not confirmed that you will get in.

Hence, it is actually a lot faster if you train normally, around 2 -3 times faster for me(varies according to person). I advise you to skip pq unless this is your first character and you have the luxury of time to wait and play hours everyday.

*Now with the 0.2x drop rate pq is even more hated. xD.

Training Grounds

Mob name Exp Location

Level 1 - 10

Snails 3exp Maple Island
Blue Snails 4exp Maple Island

Training at Maple Island before changing job into Rogue would be the best choice IMO.

Level 11 – 20

Slimes 10exp Slime Cave, Henesys Training Ground
Orange Mushroom 15exp Henesys Training Ground
Pig 15exp Pig Beach
Ribbon Pig 20exp Pig Beach

Level 21 – 30

Bubbling 26exp Kerning Subway
Green Mushroom 26exp Green Mushroom/ Horny Mushroom Cave, Wisdom Forest
Horny Mushroom 35exp Mushroom/ Horny Mushroom Cave
Zombie Mushroom 42exp Ant Tunnel 1
Wild Boar 42exp Wild Boar Land1, Wild Boar Land2

Wild Boars are the best from lv25 onwards.

Level 31 – 35

Fire Boar 60exp Burning Land
Jr Cellions 65exp Garden of Red/ Yellow/ Green
Crow 60exp Crow Forest

I would really recommend Garden of Red as they drop 60% claw scrolls. If you can do good damage you can train kitties at lv31 and above.

Crow is good too if you added some haste first. While training at zipangu, you can also stock up ciders since they are only 1k each and as a low lvl thief inventory slots shouldn't be a problem yet.

If you are pretty funded and you had good damage you may train at Pig Beach as soon as you can OHKO them with l7.

Level 36 – 43

Pink Teddies 65exp Sky Terrace
Star Pixies 72exp Cloud Park
Panda Teddies 77exp Toy Factory
Platoon Chronos 99exp The Path of Time1

If you managed to survive till lv40, its time to enjoy some good exp at Platoon Chronos. Copper Drakes can be good too, a little challenging.

Level 44 – 49

Jr. Yetis 135exp Watch Out For Icy Path1, Watch Out For Icy Path2
Copper Drake 105exp Dangerous Valley1
Wraiths 120exp Kerning Subway

Nothing beats Jr. Yetis at this lv. 60% GFA =) I will not really recommend any others cause they don’t give any better drops than Jr. Yeti. From here on, you will be making money rather than losing or balance out.

Level 50 – 70

Coolie Zombie 190exp Forest of Dead1, Forest of Dead2, Forest of Dead3, Forest of Dead4
Hectors 170exp Cold Field1

Coolies and Coolies what more can you ask for. The only con is just the 10mins walk to reach Coolie map Hectors are another good option too. Flyeyes are good exp if you can't 100% 2 hit ko coolies and if you can't find a coolies map.

Level 71 – 80

Coolie Zombie 190exp Forest of Dead1, Forest of Dead2, Forest of Dead3, Forest of Dead4
Hectors 170exp Cold Field1
Mix Golems 210exp The Forest of Golem
Yetis 255exp Icy Cold Field

Best option will still be Coolies to me. Mix Golems aren’t really good due to the fact that you will be punching more often them instead of shooting. Gunboss would be good if you are lv 77 with lv 21 sp, can yield up to 30% per hr with 2x exp if you are careful.

Level 81 – 90

Taurospear 350exp Sanctuary Entrance3/ Sanctuary Entrance4
Tauromanics 270exp Sanctuary Entrance2
Lucida Stairs to the Sky2/ Garden of Darkness1/ Garden of Darkness2
Yeti & Pepe 437exp+525exp Ice Valley2
Death Teddies 1300exp Forgotten Path of Time3
Bain 1800exp Armoury
Spirit Viking 2100exp Warped Time of Path4
Squid 2200exp Dangerous Gorge1/ Dangerous Gorge2
Risell Squid 2500exp Dangerous Gorge1/ Dangerous Gorge2

Death Teddies/Yeti & Pepe as soon as you maxed Shadow Partner. You can also go Extra-d if you have avenger at a decent level. Bain party at lv87 and solo sotongs at lv85 and above is fine, partying at sotong is not a wise choice as you cannot leech any exp due to your lv. Gunboss is good too if you want good exp and high profits, but the risk of dying is pretty high too.

Level 91 - 100

Squid 2200exp Dangerous Gorge1/ Dangerous Gorge2
Risell Squid 2500exp Dangerous Gorge1/ Dangerous Gorge2
Bain 1800exp Armoury
Dual Ghost Pirates 1500exp Unbalanced Time
Spirit Viking 2100exp Warped Time of Path4

Partying at Dangerous Gorge 2 would give you decent exp. Soloing/Partying at vikings would be fine too

Level 101 and above

Grim Phantom Watch 2800exp Forbidden Time
Risell Squid 2500exp Dangerous Gorge1/ Dangerous Gorge2
Bain 1800exp Armoury

Simply anything that gives you good exp. Best would be sotong party till lv120 – lv140 then look for Grim party.

4. FAQ

Common misconceptions of pure luk sin.

a. Can Pure Luk sins reset their dex to below 25?

Sadly, it has been tested and the answer is no. Die

b. Wouldn’t pure luk sin have very low accuracy since their dex is capped at 25?

No. For thieves, 1 luk adds 0.3 accuracy and 1 dex adds 0.6 accuracy, hence without dex pure luk sins can still hit they have very high luk that adds lots of accuracy.

c. Will pure luk sins have unstable dmg since dex affects the stability of dmg?

Yes and no. For normal atks (no skills), drain and avenger, which uses the normal dmg formula, pure luk sins’ dmg will be unstable compared to normal sins or low-dex sins, since our dex is very low. However, for lucky seven, this is not the case. Lucky seven’s formula does not take into account dex, but uses a built in mastery of its own.

Hence, pure luk sins are able to be made since our main atk is lucky seven and it does not depend on dex for dmg or stability.

d. Wouldn’t pure luk sins die easily since their def is so low?
Honestly, most high lvled sins will tell you that def doesn’t matter. The 200 wdef advantage you have as a normal sin is not going to save you from getting pwned by something that 1-2 hit KOs you. Unless you train at snails or slimes then maybe you do need that def. (exaggerated I know xD).

e. Is it a must to become a pure luk sin since it is so powerful from lv 1 – 11X?

I would say no. Although pure luk sin has a damage advantage over normal sins for most of the lower levels, as the lvl increase, the dmg difference wears down. Moreover, pure luk sins do not get to equip nice armours and weapons like casters and pirate set. Although the funds to be invested in a pure luk sin and a normal sin is roughly the same, except pure luk sin’s luk sauna is more expensive, a normal sin also has its advantages such as having a more stable avenger dmg.

Ultimately, it is up to your personal preference as to which build you want to follow. All I can say that pure luk sin is good if you want to chiong non-stop and not have to worry about claws and armours, since everything is set from the beginning. Also pure luk sin is easy to distribute stats and you wouldn’t encounter situations like lack of dex etc.

Generally, all sins should start off as pure luk from lv 1- 25, since it will ensure fastest lvling speed until you get to equip your meba. After lvl 25, the choice is yours whether to stay pure luk forever or change to normal sin or low-dex.

How long can the pure luk assassin sustain against normal and low-dex assassins?

a. How much stronger is pure luk sin than low-dex and normal sins at low lvls?

For easier explanation and calculation, I will be focusing on lucky seven damage only since it is the most used skill. Please refer to appendix for the excel spreadsheet for the dmg of normal, pure luk and low-dex with equips from lv 1 – 200.

b. Hence should I stay pure luk sin forever?

Ideally you shouldn’t. If you look at the pure luk sin’s dmg at the end, it loses to both low-dex and normal sins. The break comes when you get your zakum helm, where pure luk loses its advantage to low-dex because of the 15 dex difference. Also, the higher wa of caster (62) used by low-dex made the difference in dmg bigger.

However, you can choose not to change at all, and continue being a pure luk for as long as you like. Ultimately maplestory is for fun and choose what best fits you.

If you somehow want to change, I suggest you convert to hybrid (low-dex + normal) sin.

Consider the following equips

Luk 20 pirate top
Dex 10 Luk 4 pirate bottom
Luk 11 pink cape
Luk 15 dex 23 zakum helm
Dex 10 earrings
Dex 13 snowshoes

With these equips, a hyrbrid sin can cap his dex at 74 to equip caster and enjoy an additional 106 luk.

This build combined with a godly caster of wa 62 will achieve the maximum dmg possible and do not have to worry about equips unless lv 110 claw and lv 110 armour is released, then it will only become stronger.

How is Lucky Seven, Critical and Shadow partner calculated?

a. What is lucky seven’s formula and why pure luk sins have higher dmg?

Lucky Seven formula for 1 star:

Max dmg w/o crit = 5 x wa x luk x 1.5 /100
Min dmg = 2.5 x wa x luk x 1.5 / 100

The luk = wa ratio comes from this formula. If luk = 700 and wa = 100, then each increase in luk will =1/7 increase in wa, hence 1 wa = 7 luk. This equation is dynamic and changes when you increase either side’s value.

Pure luk sins have higher dmg because when lvl is lower, luk = wa ratio is smaller, hence 1 wa is around 2-3 luk at lower lvls, giving pure luk quite a lot of advantage since luk affects the dmg as drastically as wa.

However at higher lvls wa gains back its advantage as each luk only affects dmg very slightly as compared to each wa.

b. How is Critical calculated? Isn’t it 200% dmg?

Sadly… No.

Critical is NOT 200% dmg, but + 100% dmg. It may seem the same, but it is actually different.

When u factor in critical into lucky seven, you do not x2 the whole equation. Instead, you change the multiplier of 1.5 into 2.5, hence adding 100% dmg.

This info is taken from JMS.

c. How does shadow partner work? What does basic atk and normal atk mean?

MP -55; Normal attack 80%, summoned with basic attack 50% for 180 seconds

At max lvl that’s the effect.

Normal atk 80% refers to your NORMAL ATK (not skills). When you press “c” and a star comes out, that’s your NORMAL ATK. The dmg of it will be 100% + 80% (shadow partner) when shadow partner is maxed.

Basic atk refers to everything else other than normal atk, meaning skills etc. When you use lucky seven, you will get 100% dmg + 50% additional dmg from the shadow partner.

How will pure luk assassin fare in 4th job?

A. Other skills that count dex in 4th job?

I think ambush probably counts in dex just like avenger, but for poison I’m not sure yet.

B. Lack of accuracy beginning to pose a problem in 4th job?

Really don’t think so because our accuracy is actually very high.

C. Maple hero and flexible body/inspiration a god-blessed skill for pure luk sins?

Yes, yes and yes.

Maple hero gives +10% bonus to stats, hence giving pure luk sins the MOST advantage since their luk is higher and the 10% has most effect.

Hybrid sin also can make good use of the 10% since their luk bonus is A LOT.

Flexible body is a bonus for our already high avoid due to our high luk, +30% avoid? No one can ever touch us xD

Y’s luky 7 so imba and power *** pls nerf it mi cannot take it anymore!

I’m really beginning to hate people for whining and complaining about lucky seven’s power. Seriously if you think stuck with the same skill for SOOO long is fun, why not try sins out?

And regarding sins being IMBA or whatever, please note that this is only 3rd job, when 4th job comes out I’m pretty sure ALL jobs will be balanced.

I would say each job is strong at a certain time and all jobs are suppose to party and help each other.

For more info on 4th job skills visit:http://www.<!- link removed [29[ ->/forum/show....php?t=1125384

5. Appendix

The following is the comparison between low-dex, pure luk and normal sin's dmg from lv 1 - 200.


It is in excel format.

6. Credits and Legal Stuff

Special thanks to www.hidden-street.net for providing the information and monster details


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Very detailed guide. Some things are different between MSea and Global though.
Idk if you guys have Mu Lung, but Straw Target Dummies beats our nerfed Zombie Maps hands-down.

Also, I have a question. My only equips that aren't good enough are my 15 luk sauna and my 42 attk. Bracer. Should I get a 45 attk claw 1st, or go for a higher luk sauna?
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