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Posted 27 January 2008 - 04:00 PM

This is the first guide I've ever done. Bear with me.

Pirate Party Quest (PPQ)

The Basics
· Intended for levels 55-100.
· Located on Mu Lung continent, halfway between Mu Lung (city) and Herb Town.
· If you are coming from Mu Lung, the pirate ship is accessed from the second screen with Mr. Alli (alligators that walk on two legs). If you are coming from Herb Town, this is the first screen with Mr. Alli. The screen itself is called Old Swamp.
· The entrance is in the upper left corner. From there, you will be in the Red-Nosed Pirate Den 1. Enter the closest portal (the other portal takes you to 2). This is Over the Pirate Ship, where you meet Guon, a giant talking turnip (bellflower, I guess).
· Guon is on every screen during the quest. Leaders must click on him during the second stage, and everyone can click on him to exit the PQ at any point.
· Any character who doesn't make it to the next level in time is booted from the quest.

Stage 1 "On the Way to the Pirate Ship", 4 minutes
· Kill all the Ginseng Jars and Bellflowers. After everything is dead, progress to the next level.
· There are several chests on this screen. Opening them will either release more enemies (which must also be killed before you continue) or ginseng concentrate. Along with the concentrate, Lord Pirate's Diary (quest item) can be found in these chests.

Stage 2 "Through the Head of the Ship!", 6 minutes
· Leaders, click Guon. He will tell you to get 20 Mark of the Rookie Pirate Badges. Mr. Allis will appear. The leader needs to collect the badges that they drop. With 20 badges, talk to Guon again.
· The Mr. Allis will disappear, and Guon tells you to get 20 Mark of the Rising Pirate Badges. Kru will appear: collect 20 badges and talk to Guon again.
· The Kru disappear and you now face Captains to get 20 Mark of the Veteran Pirate Badges. Repeat the process of collecting badges and talking to Guon, then run to the exit.

Stage 3 "Through the Deck 1", 6 minutes
· This screen holds Mr. Allis, Kru, and Captains. Kill everything in order to pass to the next stage.
· This screen has chests in it similar to the chests found in Stage 1.
· Here there are also two subscreens: one with Bellflowers, the other with Devoted Kru and Devoted Captains. The entrances are the red doors with skulls over them. These stages are not necessary to complete the PPQ.
· The one on the left contains the Bellflowers (5 min, I think). The one the right holds Devoted (1 min). The subscreens will be discussed further below.

Stage 4 "Through the Deck 2", 6 minutes
This screen is almost identical to the last one. The only difference is which door leads to Bellflowers and which door leads to the Devoted.

Stage 5 "Eliminate Pirates!", 6 minutes
· There are four enemies on this screen. Mr. Allis, Captains, Kru, and Ginseng Jars. They will occasionally drop keys. Someone should pick them up.
· Drop these keys in front of the four red-framed doors to close them.
· Each door corresponds to an enemy type. Closing that door will stop that enemy from spawning.
· When all the doors are closed, kill everything and get ready for the boss.

Stage 6 "The Captain's Dignity", 8 minutes
· Lord Pirate occasionally summons Captains and Kru.
· Kill Lord Pirate.
· Lord Pirate drops sunset dew, sunrise dew, white potions, blue potions, and elixirs. He also occasionally drops a key.
· Once he's dead, Leader should click on Wu Yang, another giant talking turnip (…bellflower).
· The amount of experience you receive varies according the number of people in your party and their levels.

After this you are transported to another screen with Wu Yang. Talk to it and it will give you three choices.
· The first lets you check the number of times you have defeated Lord Pirate.
· The second gives you the option to reset the kill-count of Lord Pirate.
· The third gets you out of there.

Now you are on a boat with Guon. Talk to him to exit the PQ.

There are a few quests that involve the PPQ.
· Pirates' Map- Talk to the guy in Lith Harbor. When the quest is activated the Devoted will drop map pieces. Get six and you're done.
· Ingredients for Tae Sang- Tae Sang is in Mu Lung (city).
o Enemies in the PPQ will randomly drop little packets called ginseng concentrate (need 100).
o The bellflower concentrate (need 50) is only dropped by the Bellflowers in the subscreens of stage 3 and 4. You don't need to activate the quest in order to collect these items.
· Eliminating the Pirates- Talk to Guon for this one. You must defeat 200 Devoted Kru and 200 Devoted Captains.
· Outlaw of the Sea- Guon gives you this quest as well. Kill the Lord Pirate once in each of his stages: Lord Pirate, Angry Lord Pirate, and Enraged Lord Pirate.
o When you defeat Lord Pirate, there is a chance that he will drop a key. You need one of these keys to engage Angry Lord Pirate, two to engage Enraged.
o In the subscreens of states 3 and 4 with the Bellflowers, a chest will appear over the door once you have finished off all the enemies. Dropping the key you got from Lord Pirate in front of the chest will open it. Some goodies will come out. Grab them.
o Doing this once prompts Angry Lord Pirate. Do it to both chests and you will fight Enraged Lord Pirate.
There will be more once the Herb Town NPC Captain Hwang is released. One of them involves the Lord Pirate's diary, mentioned in stage 1.

Notes on Enemies
· Mr. Allis can stun you. They are annoying.
· Kru develop a powerful physical shield when they have been hit a few times. You can either:
o kill them fast enough that they die before the shield comes
o wait for the buff to wear off
o finish them off with magic
· Captains develop a powerful magic shield when have been hit a few times. Again, you can:
o kill them before they buff
o wait it off
o use a physical attack
· Subscreen Bellflowers flicker in and out of sight. You will occasionally have to wait until they appear again to continue killing them.
· Devoted Captains and Kru are tougher than the normal ones. Also, they disappear (and don't come back) every 10 seconds or so. You must kill it before it disappears, or it doesn't count.

Personal Recommendations
· Take a cleric or priest. You can do it without one, but it gets expensive.
· A thief is also helpful. Haste comes in handy, as there can be close calls on the timing (particular with the Devoted), and Dark Sight is probably the best ways to drop the keys in front of the door during stage 5.
· If you don't have a thief, an ice-based or stun attack can help someone drop the keys in front of the door without being hit by the enemies. Teleport is also handy for the ones dropping the keys.
· Characters that do heavy damage may not be best for the leadership position. In stage 2, they would be busy picking up badges instead of fighting. Clerics/priests are good leaders here, because they can heal the party while they run around getting the badges. Thieves are also a good choice for their high speed. A magic-user with teleport wouldn't be a bad idea either.
· In stage 2, no one should loot but the leader. If you have a pet, be sure to take Item Pouch off before entering the PPQ. However, consider having all party members loot after one monster type vanishes and before the next appears. This will make it easier to see the new badges when they are dropped.
· Don't enter stage 2 before the leader. You will start the timer, even though you can't start killing things until the leader talks to Guon.
· If you are going to do the substage(s) of stages 3 and/or 4, kill everything in the main screen first. This helps make sure time is not an issue. Characters should all enter the subscreen at the same time, as the timer starts when the first character enters.
· When fighting Devoted, all party members should focus on the same one or two monsters. If you spread out, they will almost certainly disappear before you can individually kill them. Since this is the room with the shortest time limit, it's also a good idea to stay close to the door.
· Some people think it is a good idea to collect all four keys before locking any doors in stage 5. If you lock three of the four doors, and have no more keys, you will be stuck killing the last monsters (which only spawn in groups of two) to try and get the last key. This can take a lot of time, so it's best to avoid it.

Final thoughts
· If a party member is opening Lord Pirate's chest, no one should loot the chest except that party member. If they don't want it, they can leave it for someone else. Those keys are fairly rare, and it's rude to steal (especially if that person is using the key just so YOU can fight angry/enraged.
· If you d/c a lot, don't be leader. Leaders in this PQ have essentially two jobs: picking up badges and not dying. It's just as bad to d/c as it is to die. The quest cannot be completed without the leader.
· If you have to leave in the middle of a quest, fend for yourself or quit the PQ. You can't expect the cleric/priest to stand next to you and heal the whole time you are afk. They may be willing to do this, but that's up to them.
· If you want to do Devoted or Bellflowers, or want to see if anyone wants to use a key, say something in the first stage. If no one wants to do any extras, finish the quest and find a new party. Some people are only interested in doing Rush PQs, where they go through as quickly as possible without doing any "extras".
· On the other hand, it's not a huge deal to help the other players who need sidequests. Devoted only take an extra minute, and Bellflower drop ginseng concentrates that you can either give to someone who needs them or sell on FM for a bit of cash. Plus, doing Angry and Enraged is fun. Lord Pirate is a very weak boss, so Angry and Enraged present a (very) little bit of a challenge.

That's all. Hopefully this will make things a little bit easier for the folks going for that nifty hat. Like I said, this is my first guide ever, so go easy on me.
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thnx for this

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