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magician guide(need editing)

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Posted 27 January 2008 - 02:03 AM

After playing about a year and a half and switched 10-12 chars i finaly able to write my guide/opinion on starting a luckless mage up to lvl 30.

In my opinion luckless mage are better cause up to lvl 30 you got great dmg over others.Afterwards ???

I write this from a Non nx user view and u r founded with atleast 200K.

All info taken from other guides (Lot of them) and from my experience.(All wirten by me not copied)

After you downloaded the game,registered and entered u have the chanel chose one and enter.

Click the create button and customize your char as u want, give him a name and we start dicing.

The ultimative dice will be:


But it take a lot of time to get.

I get:


Its possible and not so bad.

Ok u got your mage mush1n.gif

Better do adjust your keys now how u want it to be.

Do the training course.

Train until lvl 6 at the first map on green snails.

The SP points goes like this:
3 nimble feather.
shells(Green 1,Blue 2,Red 3)

Ap points:

I am as a "Quest Maniak" do all quests, if u dont like to, do only this one:

Sam's Suggestion
Letter for Lucas
Rain's Maple Quiz-Answers:first,first,first,last,last,first,last (it may be wrong a bit)
Pio's Collecting Recycled Goods-and part 2 to get the chair

ok be lvl 8 with 65%.

get out of island.Do olaf quest-Answers:lvl 10, lvl 8 , henesys. take "Path of magician"

if u funded go to armor shop and buy some common armor,now take taxi travel all over victoria and buy town scrolls.

If not..this guide not for u sry. weirdface7ut.gif

In elinia buy armor and wand-Common the no luck need.

in henesys buy armor-the seller is at top left(u may not see him because mini map).

thats it u set.

go to elinia to grand something...and be mage first.then do the quest and walla...u lvl 9 mush1n.gif

SP For mage:

Lvl 8:Bolt
Lvl 9:3 mp recover
Lvl 10:2 mp recover 1 mp max
Lvl 11:3 mp max
Lvl 12:3 mp max
Lvl 13:3 mp max

As Funded start adding Claw

Lvl 14:3 Claw
Lvl 15:3 Claw
Lvl 16:3 Claw
Lvl 17:3 Claw
lvl 18:3 Claw
Lvl 19:3 Claw

Now mp recover cause if not u lose Lot of money even if funded

Lvl 20:2 Claw 1 Mp recover
Lvl 21:3 Mp recover
Lvl 22:3 Mp recover
Lvl 23:3 Mp recover

I reccomend to add magic guard its more useful in later levels.

Lvl 24:1 Mp recover 2 Magic guard
Lvl 25:3 Magic guard
Lvl 26:3 Magic guard
Lvl 27:3 Magic guard
Lvl 28:3 Magic guard
Lvl 29:3 Magic guard
Lvl 30:3 Magic guard

Final Output:

First:Mp max-Maxed(10)
Third:Mp recover-Maxed(16)
Fourth:Magic Guard-Maxed(20)

LVL30-33(Thats me)

Do job advance:
go to grandelf and talk.
Bring lots of hp pots!
exit grandel go top portal left,left.left-Forest north...
Go up up up and u see a guy talk.
do the quest.
back to grandel talk choose (I choose Ice/Lighting)
AND WALLA...U wizard with 1 point.
all say teleport u can add also or thunder or ice. Teleport is hungry for mp...EAT LIKE HELL!!!...

Now training zones:
1-8 green snails
8-14 snails/slimes
14-21 slimes/orange mush
21-30 pq OR:
21-26 pig beach
26-30 horny/green/zmush


I myself do quests...good exp.

Common wear/shoes/Wand etc.(i write now)

I write what u can get in EMS For sure:


Blue Clamdiggers
Grey Thick Sweat Pants
Ice Jeans
Black Swimming Cap
White Bandana
Metal Gear
Stolen Fence
Bronze Aroa Boots
Brown Ankle-strap Sandals
Orange Sporty T-Shirt

HENESYS:(he is the top left)

Camo Pants
Blue Whitebottom Boots


Work Gloves-Make with 15 leather or buy for 15-25k
Black Gomushin


Wooden Wand


Gold Earrings-Quest or PQ
Emerald Earrings-Quest or PQ
Brown Bamboo Hat-Quest or PQ

Ribboned Pig Headband-quest
Chief Stan Hat-Quest
Old Raggedy Cape-Quest
Leaf Earrings-Quest


Pan Lid-If u find or can afford
Yellow Umbrella-Find or buy if can afford

Emm thats it i think if u want to correct/add/change comment pls write to:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Grammar is not perfect pls correct

Prefer correction from EMS...to be more correct.

TY for Reading.

Edited by Alergic, 27 January 2008 - 02:04 AM.

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#2 zandoze



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Posted 27 January 2008 - 05:07 AM

yea your grammer and spelling needs to be improved if i could edit your post i would change it for you..but i cant...

Yea it seams good but you need to write stuff in more details...

Good job though
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#3 BlackShade



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Posted 27 January 2008 - 09:27 AM

Like zandoze said, run it through word. mush1z.gif
I'd also recommend adding in a bunch of details. It's better to be over detailed than under. mush1d.gif

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Posted 05 February 2008 - 07:15 PM

Just a quick note:

Having a 4,4,13,4 roll would be the exact same as having a 4,4,9,8 roll unless your magician is going to be dexless. In maple island, you wouldn't be hitting things with magic attacks anyways so int level won't matter. By the time you get to victoria, luck should be 3 more than your level.

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