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The Big Guide to Potions (W.I.P, Comment Please.)

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Posted 31 December 2007 - 05:19 PM

The Big Guide to Potions
Everything you need to know, from Prices to Usage.
By: Blo0d

Table of Contents
  • 1.0 [ Introduction ]
  • 2.0 [ Potion Types / Information ]
  • 3.0 [ Prices and Usage ]
  • 4.0 [ Buying / Selling ]
  • 5.0 [ Special Potions ]
  • 6.0 [ Frequently Asked Questions ]
  • 7.0 [ Credits ]
[2.0] - Introduction

So, your Anxious to know about the Various Potions in the game of Maplestory. Everybody needs to know which Potions to buy, and when to use them. If you don't think about it carefully, you may end up in a horrible situation. You may die, you may be stuck, you may be trapped. Anything may happen, you may have to hang up on a rope to heal then jump down and getting damaged again. Potions are one of the most important things in Maplestory. Without them, this game would be pointless to play on. Welcome to my Guide, after you read it, i promise you will have no more problems with dying. This guide will explain everything you'll need to know.
<div align="center">

[2.0] - Potion Types / Info

There are many different types of Potions in Maplestory. Each with its own special ability. Some heal less, some heal more. For Example, the most basic Potion is a Red Potion. Its ability is to heal you by 50 hitpoints. Although, not all Potions are food. Every type of item that heals you is considered a Potion. The first "Potion" in the Game is Rodgers Apple. It heals 50 hitpoints. Below i will explain what all the potions are. There are Tons of Potions in this game. I will only explain Potions, as there are lots of food, like Hotdogs. For Example, a Hotdog will heal 300 hitpoints. A White Potion will heal 300 hitpoints as well.

~::/Red Potion\::~
Heals :
50 Hitpoints
Costs :
50 Mesos

~::/Orange Potion\::~
Heals : 160 Hitpoints
Costs :
160 Mesos

~::/White Potion\::~
Heals :
300 Hitpoints
Costs :
320 Mesos

~::/Dexterity Potion\::~
Ability :
+5 Avoidibility
Costs : 500 Mesos


The guide will be Better after i get back from a New Years Party. I will add more Sections, make the Guide look better and more. Please leave comments on how it is so far and any errors i made. (If there are any.)</div>

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Posted 31 December 2007 - 05:51 PM

Interesting. In a Potion guide I'd be looking for which is most profitable for your mesos and necessary for where you train. That varies greatly on class, so I'm looking forward to see how this turns out.
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Posted 31 December 2007 - 06:14 PM

What Poser said.
Nice sig btw. mush1k.gif



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