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Posted 31 December 2007 - 12:19 AM

Table of Contents:
A.How to use Banned Story
B.Saving Your Image
C.Getting Frames
A.Downloading MapleDump
B.Using MapleDump
C. Where to find....
IV.Downloading Adobe Photoshop CS3
V.Making your Background/Getting rid of the blue Strips
A.Making an animation, using the animation window, also correct timing
B.Saving your animation

I.FAQ[Frenquently Asked Questions]
Q.What do you use to make animations?
A.Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3.
Q.Can you make me a Signature/Animation?
A.Yes, You can request a Signature/Animtion in my shop[Click on my Siggy to go there].
Q.Do you make Signatures for free?
A.Yes, Once again please refer to my shop.
Q.Where do you get your sprites for making your animations?
A.Banned Story, Please reffer to the BannedStory Section in Part 2.
Q.How do I get Adobe Photoshop CS2/CS3?
A.You can buy it at a Store or Online/You can also download a free trial.
Q.What is BannedStory?
A.It is a simulator used to simulate MapleStory Characters.
Q.What is MapleDump?
A.It is a Program that lets you able to view and save images from .WZ files in the MapleStory Folder

Well, the most important thing you need is BannedStory to make your animations I use BannedStory 3.0 since it has some of the new items. BannedStory 3.0 is currently only an online version, you can find it at maplesim.com

QUOTE(Banned Story Website)
To use BannedStory Online, you must have the following:

  • Javascript enabled in your browser
  • Adobe Flash Player 9 or above installed
  • Pop-ups enabled (if you are going to save an image)
  • A fast internet connection is recommended

Now you can select either BannedStory, MobMaker or both at the same time.
If you prefer, you can also disable the use of thumbnails,
so that the program loads faster.


Keyboard input is disabled when the program is in full screen.
The program will became disabled when you add a new item.
After the item finishes loading, it will be active again.
Some commands might not work, since they are not allowed to be used inside a browser.
Internet Explorer 6 or below might give some problems when using the program.
Upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or use another browser, like FireFox 2 or Opera 9.

Some important hints when using BannedStory 3.0:

  • Keep the mouse pressed over the arrows of the tabs to move quickly
    through the tabs.
  • The items of your character will show up if you press the plus icon in its corresponding layer.
  • If you move a window off-screen, press the spacebar to return
    all windows to their original positions.
  • When you create a new character, it will be centered in the
    stage. If you have a window open, there's a chance that the character
    will be behind the window.
  • The items windows will only be enabled if you have
    selected the appropiate layer (character and equipment window
    when its a character layer, pet window when its a pet layer, skill window when
    its a skill layer, mob window when its a mob layer).

For more information on how to use BannedStory, please refer to the reference manual.
MapleStory images are property of Nexon / Wizet

NOTE:Keyboard Shortcuts dont work in IE explorer

A.How to use banned story:
1.press simulator on the top banner on the MapleSim.com
2.Choose BannedStory or MobMaker or you can choose both then Press Start
3.Wait until the data its loaded
4.Press the First button where it says "Add Layer"
5.Press the button on the left with a charactet on it
6.Choose the charater's skin, face and hair
7.Press the button on the left with a character with a hat these are where you
choose equpis
8.Put on the equips of your choice.

B.Saving Your Image
After creating an image on the bannedstory website you can save it by pressing
File>Save Image

You will then see an Image on the screen that looks like this:

NOTE:Make Sure to always save as a PNG for transparentcy
Press Save then a window will pop up that looks like this:

Once again Press save and put it to the location you want.

C.Getting the Frames
When we animate we are going to use multiple frames.
To change the Frames do the following:
1.Under the "Layer Mangagment" Box press the little window in your
Character Layer
2.A window will pop up
3.Change Character frame in the "Character State" drop Box
4.You can see how its animated by pressing Animate Character or Face

Repeat Part B to save each individual frame.

As I said in the FAQS this lets you get images from .WZ files. I use it to get tiles and background images for my signature
A.Downloading MapleDump
You can Download Maple Dump at M e g a u p l o a d . c o m/?d=BASRPMSU
No spaces

Now... lets get to the tut for Maple Dump.
B.Using MapleDump
First we will need to browse for a .WZ file most likely in C:\nexon\maplestory.
Click Browse and a window will pop up.
Click Here To View Picture
For the sample we will click Map.wz.
In this Example we will look for a background
Click Back.Then lets double click MetroCity.
a grey box will appear.
Click Here To View Picture
As you press the down and up key the images will change.
To save it press "Save PNG"
You will be able to find the image in the Outputfolder.
Click Here To View Picture
As you can see there are two blue bars at the top and bottom those are the copyright stuff.
You will see how to get rid of it in the other section.

C.How to find....
1.Stars/Arrows can be found in Item.WZ in the consume section
2.Background/Floor Tiles can be found in Map.WZ
3.Monsters can be found in Mob.WZ or you can also find in BannedStory
To help You find images in the .WZ files please refer to this site
Find an image right click>Properties then look at the numbers at the end of the URL
If your looking for a transforimg Jr Yeti. it would be 5100001 you would go to mob.WZ and look for that number

IV.Downloading Adobe® PhotoShop CS3
If your already have one of them skip this section.
Otherwise conitnue to read.
In animating it doesnt matter if you use CS3 Or CS2 but in this tut You will be using CS3 if you don't have it downloaded the trial

To download trial [15 days] Click Here

NOTE:this is only a 15 day trial
You will also need an Adobe.com account
If you do not have one register.

V.Making Your Background/Getting Rid of the Blue Strips
Okay, now we're gonna make the background, But first we need to get rid of some of the annoying Blue Strips...

I will Show wou how to do it take the quick selection took and carefully howver over one of the blue strips while holding down your mouse

Click Here To View Picture
If you dont have the quick selection tool [CS2] use either magic wand or zoom in and use regualr selection tool

Now Press the backspace button and i will be gone, continue to do this with all the images with these blue strips...
Now back to the background lets work with a 500X125 which is what i usually work with unless the requesters siggy has a skill or monster that is higher then my normal size in that case i just rounf to the nearest 25 for example: If a skill is 162 in height i would round to 175.

Now lets move on.
Create a new image by pressing the combination CTRL+N ORGo to file>New
Then Start to make a background with the background tiles you got in MaleDump

Now you Should Have a background but now we are gonna merge some layers we will merge all the floor tiles together
To do this simply Click on a layer then hold down shift an press the last layer of the floor tiles.

Do the same for the background.
Now that we have the background we can animate

One of the hardest steps depending on what skills motions and things you are putting

A.Making an animation, using the animation window, also correct timing
First Step is importing your frames today we are going to do a simple stand animation.
which is 3 frames so take your folder with the frames and drag them into photoshop.
use the move tool to bring them into your background image.
put the first frame and position it where you want it.
next bring the second frames and make sure the two HEADS align not the body.
Do the same with the third frame.
Now this is the Hard part sorta o.o
Press Window then press animation a window will pop up
this is the animation timeline you will make your animation with this.
This is the hard part that i was talking about if you dont read properly you won't get this right.
Press the eye next to your 2 last frames of the stand animation then press the create a new frame in the timeline.
each frame will last 0.5 seconds for a normal standing animation. so with this second frame press the eye next to the 1st standing frame then move it to the 2nd one. Create a new layer again and remove the eye from the 2nd and put it to the 3rd frame of standing. I will provide a picture to show you what i mean , but first press the create new frame and remove eye from the 3rd and put to 2nd. you should now have 4 frames at the speed of 0.5 seconds.
Click here To View Picture
B.Saving your animation
When you are done we will save it as a .gif file to do this we won't save it nomally we will press file>save for web & devices
Click Here to view Image
here you can view your animation more smoothly and save it.

this is what the finished product looks like mush1n.gif


Wizet/Nexon for the game
Ion for making bannedstory
doomsday for mapledump
adobe for photoshop CS2/CS3
Me for tut

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