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The Islander's Guide of Becoming an Islander

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Posted 28 October 2007 - 07:26 PM

The Islander's Guide of Becoming an Islander

Hello sir/madam, welcome to the islander's guide of being an islander.

Okay, it's this beautiful day in MapleStory, on an imaginary island called Maple Island. No rain - well no duh there is no rain in MapleStory I can think about - and it's quiet. There's a load of snails crawling like flowing water - and me. Cool stuff, no?

Hey, who is this guy who keeps following me?

lolfdddsh: "hi bigbreginer... wth omg!!!1 ur lvl 38"
Yeah, so? I am an islander. If you haven't heard what one is, it's someone who stays on Maple Island the whole time -
lolfdddsh: "wth... dats just stoopid. U must b sum low lifer or w/e rofl"
I don't care what you call me, I play legit. I'm pretty sure you don't need to care, so get off on your own and find someone else to bug.
lolfdddsh: "ya w/e im gone now, bye noob"

Well, that was weird. Oh great, another person. What do YOU want?
So you have heard of the islander, right? And you've come to ask me some help?
Well, I guess I shouldn't be so mean then, so we shouldn't waste time here. Let's get started!

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Updates:
3. It's Your Choice:
4. AP Builds
5. SP builds
6. The "Berginning" Levels
7. The Climax Levels
8. The Later Levels
9. "Secret" Hangout Platform Areas
10. Guilds
11. FAQ
12. Credits

10/29/2007, 8:30 PM EST: Version .02 of the guide. Fixed a few grammar/spelling mistakes, and finished touching up guide. Currently working on sections of the guide.
10/28/2007, 9:30 PM EST: Uncompleted guide reworked, launched as Version .01. Currently working on the guide layout and touching up the guide.

It's Your Choice!:
Now, as stated earlier, an islander is someone who stays on Maple Island the whole time. Yep, the whole time. I am one of those islanders, me being level 38 myself. But before you start saying that being one sucks, letís take a look at the Pros and Cons of an islander, shall we? Okay, good.

Doesn't leave for Victoria Island
Doesn't get a job
Not too many good equips (especially since you don't have a job)
Very slow training later on (not too many maps or monsters around)
People will bother you, being suspicious about your level (and beg for items since you are "pro")

Some make an islander for the challenge, which later could turn into fun for some others
More freedom in a sort of way (no random defames, nobody KSing you or stealing your map)
Decent training through the early levels (though you can give up later)
Most islanders are nice people (don't be jerks to them though)

These are the basic and general Pros and Cons of an islander. Think about it if you wish to create an islander. For most people they give up very easily. Though, of course there are quite a few people who can get very far with such simplistic looking yet challenging character builds. Are you up to the challenge?

AP Builds:
So, you've decided to create an islander eh? Cool stuff, welcome to the islander community if you do so! There's many low leveled islanders, many islanders who have quit, and many islanders who still play after many months. If you can still play an islander after months of training, hats off to you.
But anyways, so what is there to talk about... oh, AP builds. So you're creating an islander, but you don't know what stats to roll, eh?
Well, don't worry. Of course, you can't just roll in some weird amount of stats and then press Enter, as an islander you must treat your character like a job build too, otherwise you'll easily quit later on. You also can't just put your AP points (you get from leveling, no duh) to INT or anything like that, you aren't going to screw up when you're starting so why bother?
Anyways, enough of that chit chat. I have a couple of AP builds written out here for you, the build you decide to choose is all up to you to figure out. Okay, so:

Pure STR:
As a pure STR, you always put your points into STR. A couple of islanders here choose this build, since you can hit anything on Maple Island even with 4 DEX (the monsters here have none to very little defense and no avoid), and according to a couple of islanders, like to see high damage numbers pop up. I myself don't care about damage, so I myself wouldn't recommend this build, but if you have guts, go for it.
Prefered Roll:
STR: 13
DEX: 4
INT: 4
LUK: 4
Of course, this is a hard roll to get, so if you're lazy (like me) and can't wait for some 30 minutes to click on a button (and D/C many times in the meanwhile), then you can try for 11 or 12 STR, it doesn't really matter much anyways.

Many islanders have chosen different ways on how they put their points, especially into STR and DEX. The most common build I will be talking about from this category are having capped STR or DEX (having STR or DEX maxed out to a certain point where you donít add any more points to it). Many islanders usually would cap STR or DEX to a certain point. I find out that most islanders cap out DEX at around 20 - 40. Their damage isn't really that stable, but it's enough DEX to be able to get some good decent hits on monsters. Some islanders also cap STR too, usually also at around 20 - 40. For some, damage doesn't really matter to them, so they put the remainder of their points to DEX so they have a smaller damage range and higher minimal hit. Whatever number you decide to choose to cap STR or DEX at, it's up to you.
Some islanders usually just add DEX or STR no matter how much they need. I, myself, don't think it really matters to follow a certain sort of build when adding both STR and DEX in, though sometimes you might need to be careful on whether you already have too little DEX or any of that stuff, if you're trying to reach a certain goal. I myself keep my DEX 2* my level.
Prefered Roll:
STR: any
DEX: any
INT: 4/5
LUK : 4/5

Pure DEX:
Some islanders here have chosen pure DEX, literally because being all DEX gives you a better chance to kill Orange Mushrooms in one hit the whole time. I don't find this build as popular as the other builds (perhaps because people think it's too hard), however it's a decent build if you want better training and don't need to care about damage.
Prefered Roll:
STR: 4
DEX: 13
INT: 4
LUK: 4

Wander Islander:
Many people haven't really heard of this build yet. You basically make an islander (like normal), except you add points to INT and LUK to wield a level 18 wand called the Metal Wand (to make yourself look like a mage). Strangely enough, any class can wear the Metal Wand (there are also people in Victoria Island and beyond who have builds like this as well). I find this idea to be very unique, however this build, of course, isn't really as popular as the other builds I have mentioned, due to the challenge. You need 55 INT and 20 LUK to wear the Metal Wand. After being able to add that many points in, you add points to STR, as usual islanders do.
Prefered Roll:
STR: any or 4
DEX: 4
INT: any
LUK: any
Although it makes sense to have STR and DEX at 4 and roll out any number that comes up for INT and LUK, I prefer adding or rolling a couple of points to STR in to give yourself a bit more support as you try to level up, seeing that it can be pretty tough. I donít have that much info on this build, so I wouldn't know how it entirely works. Of course, you should focus a lot more on INT and LUK though.

Another interesting islander build. You basically stay at the training camp (where you start) and train on the tutorial Drumming Bunnies/Leattys there without ever leaving the training camp. This type of build has gone way back to when there were Jr. Sentinels at the tutorial instead of the camp (I myself still have a level 6 in the Jr Sentinels area). Of course, you'll get very slow training (since you train on 1 EXP monsters all the time), no equips other than your starting level 0 stuff, and you won't meet too many people, but making such a build can be worth a shot. There used to be a huge camper craze back during the summer of 2007, but now the build is hardly mentioned about. You can still try out such a build though, if you have some courage and will to do so.
Prefered Roll:
STR: 4
DEX: any
INT: 4
LUK: 4
The reason why you need DEX the whole time is so you can kill the monsters in 1 hit (they have 8 HP) the whole time.

Other builds:
Some people create islanders with builds that focus on putting AP to a certain stat. (ex. All INT, all HP, etc.) Most of the builds I have listed above are the most common sort of builds and are recommended more, however there are a couple of builds you can try for a challenge.

SP Builds:
So you've done reading those AP builds. Have you decided what to choose yet? Well, if you did, good.
To my own opinion, skill builds arenít really that necessary especially if you reach level 20+ as an islander. The skills you start off with aren't really necessary, though it could help you a bit with some things and keeping you ahead. These skills you get as a beginner are:

Three Snails:
Description: Shoots a snail shell to deal certain damage to a monster. (Requires a snail shell needed for the proper skill level)
Level 1: Green Snail Shell
Level 2: Blue Snail Shell
Level 3: Red Snail Shell
Back then, these things could hit any monster no matter what defense/avoid the monster has. They were used by many low levels as a way to leech. I'm glad that Nexon finally didn't make such an option an option anymore, now they only hit monsters based by your own accuracy to their avoid/defense.
Tip: Not necessary, though you can put a point into it to leech monsters to you in case you happen to miss one. It could also help putting something in for Wander Islanders, since they have low damage.

Description: When activated, it heals a set amount of HP depending if you have any lost HP or not and also depending on the amount of skill points you put to it.
Tip: It wouldn't hurt putting 2 or 3 points into this skill, though you do have the Relaxing Chair so taking some 10 seconds off of sitting on the Relaxing Chair doesn't really matter much. mush1k.gif

Nimble Feet:
Description: When activated, it makes you walk faster for a brief period of time depending on the amount of skill points you put to it.
Tip: It can help getting into faraway maps faster, since islanders donít get any Haste anyways. (The best speed bonus most will get is the White Gomushins equip.) I prefer maxing out this skill.

-more to come, please stick around for any more information-

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Posted 28 October 2007 - 07:35 PM

Awesome guide!!! I used to have a level 22 islander in scania awhile ago, but I gave up on it after a maple soulsinger dropped, and I couldn't pick it up. ._. Can't wait until you finish it!

HUGE thanks to winterflower for the awesome sig and genki for the avy!
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Posted 28 October 2007 - 10:54 PM

Just in personal opinion, I hate Nimble Feet. I'd rather have a Recovery skill and a range-skill like Three Snails then be able to walk 20% faster for 12 seconds every 15 minutes. >_o

Islanders/PermaBeginners have always amused me. They have their own small world outside of the rest of us. They have their own dramas, their own guilds, their own economy...It's kind of cute. mush1c.gif

See, they've got their own little builds and guides and even forums. It's so adorable! -pinches Islanders cheeks- mush1k.gif
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Posted 29 October 2007 - 06:22 PM

QUOTE(PoserMobile @ Oct 28 2007, 11:54 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Just in personal opinion, I hate Nimble Feet. I'd rather have a Recovery skill and a range-skill like Three Snails then be able to walk 20% faster for 12 seconds every 15 minutes. >_o

The beginner skills are pretty useless off island of course, though I find Three Snails useless since you'll be hitting way more thsn 40 damage later on anyways, especially if your islander has a bunch of STR in it.
Anyways, thanks for the positive comments people. I'm currently working on a few things for the guide, I should be done by the end of the day or tomorrow. mush1n.gif

Edited by TZD, 29 October 2007 - 06:23 PM.

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