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Beginner's Handbook

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Posted 04 October 2007 - 08:48 PM

Welcome and this is the Beginner's handbook!

I. Introduction

If you want to start a permanent beginner and don't know what to do, just look here!

II. Pros and Cons
There are many pros and cons for being a permanent beginner. Please read before you make a permanent beginner.

Pros: Very rare, fun to have one, no exp loss results in no potions needed
Cons: Not many skills, may get boring, melee, low choice of armor

III. Making Your Character / Point Distribution
If you have decided that you want a permanent beginner, then follow the following. wacko2.gif

Press "Create New Character" in the log on page. You should see the screen with your character on the side and the stats on the other side.

Set your stats to this.

STR = Anything Needed because it will be your main attacking power.
DEX = Anything About the same as warrior, make your dex twice your level.
Int = 4/5 You won't be needing much of this, use 4 for best results.
LUK = 4/5 You won't be needing much of this, use 4 for best results.

This section is not complete. It will be completed later.

IV. Training Procedure

Since you are a beginner, you don't lose EXP when you die, so you won't need that many potions. However, some places are better to train than other places.

Levels 1-6 : Train on the snails on Maple Island, and do the side quests.

Levels 7-10 : You may want to train on Orange Mushrooms now at the other side of Maple Island. Another alternative is to go to Lith Harbor and train one map right of Lith Harbor.

Levels 10-20 : Now is the time to get a better hand-to-hand weapon such as a spear (Note: The weapon type). Once you have done that, you should train at Henesys Hunting Ground. The second level with the slimes is a good place to start. If you feel you are ready, you can go up one more level and kill the Orange Mushrooms. (You should probably be able to kill Orange Mushrooms on Maple Island in 4-5 hits.)

Level 20-30

This training guide is not complete! IT WILL BE COMPLETED.

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