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Opinionated Final Attack Ranger Guide

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Posted 02 October 2007 - 08:32 PM

An Opinionated FA-Ranger Guide: by TMobilePosah

Whats an FA-Ranger/Sniper ?
A Hunter or Crossbow Man who mastered the skill Final Attack during the 2nd job.

Final Attack:
dthvirus has a great guide for Final Attack posted already, so I'll explain it quickly.

Final Attack is a passive-attack skill that has a certain chance to follow after an active attacking skill. It uses no Mana, and it's a passive attack so it does require you to activate: fires on it's own accord, in other words. At mastered level FA activates 60% of the time.

It's a skill you'll love and hate.

Skills affected by FA by job:
1st Job: Archer
Blessing of the Amazon- Unaffected
Eye of the Amazon- Unaffected
Critical Shot- Unaffected*
Focus: Unaffected

Double Shot- Affected
Arrow Blow- Affected

2nd Job: Hunter, Crossbow Man
Bow Mastery- Unaffected*
Bow Booster- Unaffected
Power Knock Back- Unaffected
Soul Arrow- Unaffected*

Arrow Bomb- Affected
Iron Arrow- Affected

3rd Job: Ranger, Sniper
Thrust- Unaffected
Mortal Blow- Unaffected
Puppet- Unaffected
Inferno- Unaffected
Arrow Rain- Unaffected
Hawk- Unaffected
Strafe- Unaffected

-While none of your skills in the 3rd advance are affected by Final Attack, you will be feel the indirect affects of Final Attack a lot in your long-range mobbing. Once you hit 70 you should immediately put a point on Strafe, so that negates the issue of having FA with your main attack. However since you won't have Arrow Rain or possibly Inferno for awhile (if ever) FA might be a bigger decision than you think.

Arrow Bomb is of course affected by Final Attack. One of the issues with Final Attack is it only activates 60% of the time. More than half the time, but just a little bit. Because of this FA is unreliable: after you fire a skill affected by FA it's really anyones guess whether it will activate or not. Most the time you can count on it happening, but there's plenty of other times when it does not. This might land you in sticky situations. For instance lets say you fire an Arrow Bomb and you don't want FA to activate for some reason. But it does. Other times you'll need it to activate and it won't.

Here's some situationals.

Situation 1: Bottoming at squids

There's a horde of 6 squids coming at you. It would be unwise to take them out seperately. You don't have inferno yet and the squids will damage you if you get close enough to use Arrow Rain. You have to opt for Arrow Bomb. Inbetween firing FA activates constantly and slows down your stun rate, so 4 of the 6 squids are stunned and two are still crawling toward you. You can take them down with strafe but chances are once you're done with one the other will be to close for comfort. You could try and stun them again...

Possible pro: You fire Arrow bomb but only the squid behind the forerunner gets stunned. However, FA fires and applies major damage to the squid in and finishes it off before it gets too close. You strafe the stunned one and continue with the other squids. Yay, I'm glad I'm an FA Ranger!

Possible Con: FA continues to make Arrow Bomb slow and apply less damage to the group. You get over-run and have to waste time and money to swim around them. Your party's yelling at you to hurry up with the spawn. You curse FA and wish you had never gotten it.

Situation 2: Counterbalancing Arrow Bombs weak 'explosion arrow'.

The initial arrow from Arrow Bomb that strikes the front monster is incredibly weak [Dthvirus:
"30% damage in fact]", so it takes considerably less damage than the group behind it. FA would counterbalance this and kill the mob off around the same time all at once. Or would it..

Possible pro: All enemies in the mob die at one time because FA counterbalanced Arrow Bombs weak first-hit.

Possible con: FA actually applies more damage to the front monster and it dies first; which can be good and bad. Bad if the monsters in the mob were below or above the monster taking the first shot. If it dies, you can't attack the enemies below and above you anymore. Bummer.

Possible pro: Mob of monsters heading toward you. FA keeps them in check by taking out the forerunners and keeps the mob at a safe distance. Yay for FA!

Situation 3: Death Teddies and the like.
You're mobbing some Death Teddies. Death Teddies have a nasty slow moving projectile attack you'll want to dodge all costs. FA can make this harder...Or easier.

Possible con: You're mobbing and the enemy nearest to you refuses to get stunned. Soon you're in range and it fires at you. You try and move but you're stuck because FA is activating. You get a face-full of magic attack o' doom. Stupid FA, I hate you!

Possible pro: You're mobbing Death Teddies and one of them gets into range of you and fires. You react to late and loose another Arrow Bomb. FA activates and kills the Death Teddy and negates the attack coming at you in mid-air. Aren't you glad you have FA?

This also applies for other monsters who have similar avoidable attacks like Spirit Vikings or Yeti's, or monsters like Balrogs who have a radius attack. FA can kill you, but it can save your rear as well.


You can see some of the places where FA effects you. Inferno can only somewhat replace Arrow Bomb. Remember that Inferno is a elemental attack; if the monsters your mobbing are resistant to fire you won't get anywhere with it. Also, Inferno does not stun.

The Inferno Question: To get, or not to get.
Inferno is a skill similar in usage to Arrow Bomb; it has long horizontal range and an explosion-like radius. Arrow Rain does not replace Arrow Bomb or Inferno, they're two different attacks with two different ranges. Inferno is more powerful than Arrow Bomb (150% damage compared to 130% from Arrow Bomb). It's a different skill though. Inferno is unique because it's elemental fire attack. When you're fighting monsters weak to fire it increases damage by an extra 150%. However monsters invulnerable fire will take only 1 damage, and some monsters are only partially resistant to fire. Sucks.

While Inferno won't totally replace Arrow Bomb I strongly recommend you have it especially if you're an FA-Ranger. Arrow Bomb is going to be way to weak, way to slow with FA, and the stun sometimes gets annoying; and the stun with FA is even more annoying. Having Inferno will greatly reduce your dependency on Arrow Bomb+FA. If you have a build you should really think about working in Inferno somewhere.

It's very likely that if you have Inferno that by the 4th Job you'll probably never see Final Attack again.

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Posted 04 October 2007 - 01:07 PM

Great guide. FA's randomness at times can save you or damage you, as you clearly illustrated. Now I'm afraid of Squids mush1k.gif.

Situation 2 is classic in the east side of Gollem's Temple IV. You can hope FA won't screw you up when bombing the monster on the center platform.

Oh, and some tips:
- Arrow Bomb's detonation gives the initial monster 30% damage.
- Critical Shot is 100% + 100% mush1k.gif.
- It's not opinionated if you give both points of view, I think.

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Posted 04 October 2007 - 06:03 PM

Notice how most of the pro Archer guides are by Pat and Virus? mush1k.gif
This makes me think about if i really want to go to Squids.

Being an FA Hunter, FA does slow you down a lot and costs you HP pot money. But on the other hand, you can take mobs out quickly. You bomb the mob and FA activates, killing the forerunner. You bomb again and it activates, killing the second and so on.



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