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Islander Guide

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Posted 01 September 2007 - 09:09 AM

Islander Guide

1)What is an Islander
2)Reasons -to be an Islander
-not to be an Islander

3)Types of Islanders
4)Build for Islander

1)What is an Islander?
An islander is a character that never leaves the Maple Island.That means he will allways be a beginner.

2)Reasons to be an Islander
The main reason to create an Islander is to take yourself out of routine.To be different, to do something different.

-If you die you loose no EXP !!!
-You will draw every n00b attention.
-You will get in a Guild and every n00b will ask you how did you got back on the Island after you went to Orbis to make the Guild.
-You will have the highest Damage of most of the people on the Island.
-You will easely make a LOT of friends.
-You will gather a lot of messos since you won't need them for anything on the Island(maybe stuff from other characters)


2*)Reasons not to be an Islander
-You only have a small variety of equips to choose from.
-You fight the same monsters (only 5 monsters) over and over again and it starts to get boring after a while.
-You only have 3 N00b Skills.
-You only get a total of 8 quest during your Islander Adventure.
-You won't be able to get permanent Cash Shop items like a new Hair Style or Hair Color or Sking Color.

3)Types of Islanders:
There are 3 different types of islanders

Strong Islanders
Fast Islanders
Mage Islander

@ Normal Islanders @

The normal Islander is a person who tryes to be the best of the Island.It weares normal clothes and only add points into STR and DEX

Build for this Type:

App Adding:Since this is a Strong Islander it only pumps points intro STR and DEX
STR is very important since it increases your Maximum Damage you deal to a monster
DEX is very important since it increases your Minimum Damage you deal to a monster

You can try adding points as it would be a Warrior [2*Level=DEX]this means your DEX must be twice as your level
So if your level is 10 your DEX is 20
if your level is 20 your DEX is 40
if your level is 30 your DEX is 60 you got the point...
Or you can just add 2 STR and 3 DEX every time

@ Fast Islanders @

Fast Islanders put their points into LUK instead of DEX.
This means they have a greater chance to be missed by monsters so they level up a little bit faster
Because they are fast they choose a Fruit Knife instead of a Leather Purse because the Fruit Knife(Dagger) has a faster atack speed then the Purse.
A pair of White Gomushin can't miss from a Fast Islander's Inventory because they add +1 Speed.
The can either choose Three Shells or Recovery but Nimble Feet is a MUST HAVE Skill for a Fast Islander.
You can either put 1 STR/4 LUK
or 2 STR/3 Luk(which is more recomended)
TIP:Try to get Scroll for Shoes for Speed 10% as soon as you can and try your luck
(if you fail don't be dissapointed just get more money again and buy another one and try your luck again.The White Gomushins have 5 Scrolls)

Build for this Type:

@ Mage Islanders @

A Mage Islander is still an islander who decides to look like a Magician.It does that by equiping a Metal Wand.
If you ask me this character is no use and it has a very Low Damage.People only make it for Fun and Only to Impress N00bs.
In order to be a Mage Islander you will need a Metal Wand.The Metal Wand Requires 55 INT and 20 LUK and LVL 18.

Build for this Type:

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Posted 03 September 2007 - 03:35 PM

Did you just copy + paste this? Just wondering

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Posted 04 September 2007 - 07:56 PM

You need to edit the word n00b.They're called newbies, or newbs.

Made by a friend.

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Posted 05 September 2007 - 03:14 PM

This guide looks rushed, so I'mma try listing a couple of things you could put in/should have put in:
The vocabulary to describe certain things isn't really great. Not the spelling mistakes, I'm not picky. But stuff like the "Reasons to be an Islander" section would be considered the Pros and Cons of an islander, except you're only making it sound more complicated. "N00b" isn't considered a true term to describe people on Maple Island, newbie sounds way better (basically according to what SilverShadow stated).
All these newbies asking you questions and stuff may seem cool as you start an islander. For me it was, for some people it might not though. But maybe later on (if you get far enough), it can get very annoying listening to the same questions. Put this as a Con too, since I've seen many islanders quit because of repetitive questions along with the fact that there ARE some who try to act idiotic on you though they think it's "cool".
By "Fast Islander", it does not mean you can "level up faster". It depends on which build that counts that can fit to what someone likes. The most common build, however, is the pure STR build where you pump in STR only. Unfortunately you didn't add that in. I'm pretty sure it could be that "Strong Islanders" AP build missing from the section (as there's only a "Normal Islanders" instead), unless you've mispelled it. Still, it would be better if you have added in the pure STR build anyways.

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Posted 06 September 2007 - 05:57 PM

Lmao the Mage Islander seems completely pointless. mush1k.gif

This topic needs moar gidez.


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