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GotTofu's I/L Guide (0-70)

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Posted 15 August 2007 - 11:24 AM

*NOTE: TYPO IN TITLE . SHOULD BE RENAMED AS : GotTofu's I/L Mage Guide (0-120)

[ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ]
[GotTofu's Guide To A Successful I/L Mage]
[ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ]

By: GotTofu
Email: [email protected] (Please don't ask me anything that's already covered in this guide. Thanks)!

I wrote this guide on August 16 / 07 . MS was at patch 0.40, so don't flame if like 10 years from now, there's better / updated guides (which there probably will be). I'll my best to keep it up-to-date. But most of all...

Have Fun Playing MS And Owning The F**K Out Of Those Monsters =P

* Added A Search Feature

To use, just press CTRL+F and type in the section that you want's code.
I.e. I want to go to 'Introduction' . Press CTRL+F and type GT.IL.01, the press next. You should be at that section of the guide.

.: [Introduction] :. [GT.IL.0]
.: [Pros / Cons] :. [GT.IL.0]
.: [Beginning the Game] :. [GT.IL.0]
.: [Training Areas (10-30) ] :. [GT.IL.0]
.: [2nd Job Advancement] :. [GT.IL.0]
.: [Skill Distribution


Hi !
If I haven't introduced myself in the forums, I am GotTofu. I'm kind of new to MT mush1k.gif so please bear with my awkward use of BB code.

Anyways, I'm assuming you know at least a tiny bit of what a mage is. Mages have low Hit Points (HP), high Magic (or Mana) Points (MP), and can dish out lots of damage in it's early stages. I'll get to that stuff later.

This is primarily a guide for mages that specialize in Ice and Lightning skills (but you can still use it for earlier-stage skill distribution). So I'm guessing you will be an I/L mage mush1z.gif considering that you are reading this guide. I'll get on to the pros and cons.


I've divided this section in 4 subsections: Magicians in General, 1st Job, 2nd Job, and 3rd Job.

= Magicians in General =

  • High MP, highest of all of the classes.
  • 'Magic Guard' skill lets you use a certain amount of MP and use it as your HP bar
  • Long Range Casting
  • Lots of money <3
  • Equipment are pretty cheap (compared to the other classes)
  • Very Low HP, lowest of all of the classes
  • EXTREMELY slow leveling at the higher levels
  • Spell Animations get quite boring
  • Staffs/Wands get expensive
  • Lose to the other classes damage wise at the higher levels

    = 1st Job =

  • Can dish out a lot of damage near the level 20~30's with Magic Claw
  • Wanted for Kerning Party Quest a lot
  • All skills are long-range, so you can damage enemies from afar (applies to rest of the subsections too)
  • 'Uber' fast leveling at level 17 +
  • Sucks at the very beginning (Level 0-15ish) because of lame damage
  • Not a lot of HP or MP so you have to constantly buy pots.
  • Damage climaxes as about level 21, so you won't notice substantial damage increments at level 21+
  • Equipments are kind of expensive if it's your first character

= 2nd Job =

  • Cold Beam or Thunder Bolt, so you'll stop being bored of MC
  • Damage starts to increase substantially again!
  • You can finally fund yourself after exhausting your friend's money (Fire Boars, or Crows)
  • Cold Beam FREEZES !!
  • Thunder Bolt KILLS mobs !!
  • Teleport will exhaust your mp pots and mp alike
  • CB / TB SUCK in the early stages
  • Lots of grinding from now, mostly at level 50+
  • Equips and Wands / Staffs get really expensive (300k certain chaos robes !)
  • Armour is weak
= 3rd Job =

  • I/L Mages are pretty rare, so pat yourself on the back
  • Skills look REALLY cool (Hey, it matters to me)
  • Skills also pwn monsters (doing 5-6k dmg at level 80?)
  • All your skills look AWESOME (so cool, that it should be mentioned twice)
  • EA lets you do like 9-10k dmg
  • You're rich
  • Ice strike DECIMATES enemies
  • Thunder Spear's like a warrior's PS, except 10x better
  • Magic Composition FTW !!
  • Almost all of the classes will start to outdamage you (but your skills look cooler, - My opinion)
  • EA kills your mp bar
  • Even slower to level than usual... but that's expected.
Finally, *Falls onto a beanbag chair* time to move on to the next section!

Edited by GotTofu, 25 September 2007 - 07:35 PM.

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