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Maple Weapon Droplist

#1 dotslasher



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08 August 2007 - 06:53 AM

Can someone with an Adventures-in-JMS-Account copy the monsters who drop Maple Weapons for me? The administrator doesn't verify my account, so this is why.

Link: Maple Weapon Droplist jMS (2007)

Thanks in advance,

- Dotslasher

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#2 Walridge



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13 August 2007 - 08:20 AM

"Heres the current list as of now.
Maple Impaler: Chronos, Hector, Sparker, Meercat, Bellflower Root
Maple Scorpio: Zombie Mushroom, Sand Giant, Blood Haf, Drumming Bunny, Sr. Bellflower Root, HornyMushroom
Maple Dragon Axe: Blue Mushroom, Tortie, Zombie Lupin, Panda, Mask Fish
Maple Doom Singer: Trickster, Blue Flower Serpent, Fire Boar, Dark Rash, Stone Mask
Maple Staff: Sprout Stump, Krip, Luster Pixie
Maple Lama Staff: Wood Mask, Sand Dwarf, Dual Ghost Pirate, Grupin,Coolie Zombie, Buffy
Maple Crow: Curse Eye, Robo, Hogul
Maple Crossbow: Bubbling, Ratz, Black Porky
Maple Kandayo: Samiho, Evil Eye
Maple Wagner: Jr. Pepe, Tauromacis, Grupin, Star Pixie
Maple Shield: Retz, Mr. Alli, Buffoon, Lunar Pixie, Seacle, Star Pixie
Maple Sword: Royal Katus, Skeleton Soldier
Maple Soul Singer: Freezer, Lupin, Green Trickster, Wraith
Maple Bow: Stone Golem, Black Ratz, Ultra Gray
Maple Soul Searcher: Star Pixie, Wild Boar, Ginseng Jar, White Pang, Ghost Pirate, Red Drake
Maple Stars: (No info)
Maple Claw: Lorang, The Book Ghost, Trickster, Beat Rabbit "

#3 Tofer


    North Korea

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14 August 2007 - 11:35 PM

Retard you don't need the admin to validate your account you fcking activate it with your e-mail. Good job you fail.

MapleTip is now North Korea.

#4 Shade


    P-p-p-pikaface p-p-pikaface

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15 August 2007 - 01:03 AM

That was necessary.

Closed, Walridge answered.

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