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The Road to Becoming a Sindit

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Posted 03 August 2007 - 04:08 PM

Table of Contents

I. Frequently Asked Questions
II. Pros and Cons
III. Road to Becoming a Rouge
IV. Skill Point Allocation
V. Rouge Skills
VI. Ability Point Allocation
VII. Equipment (Non-funded)
VIII. Equipment (Funded)
IX. Training Areas
X. Road to Becoming a Bandit
XI. Bandit Skills
XII. Ability Point Allocation
XIII. Training Areas

I. Frequently Asked Questions

1. First of all, what is a 'Sindit?'
A Rouge that chooses to use claws and stars during first job, and then chooses Bandit over Assasin, and daggers over claws and stars for their second job.

2. Why be a Sindit?
When comparing a Claw Thief (Rouge that uses claws and stars), to a Dagger Thief (Rouge that uses claws and stars), it's no secret which will reach its second job as an Assassin or Bandit first; the Claw Thief wins hands down.

Speaking from personal experience, I can verify this as true. My brother and I both own a Bandit. He chose to go the traditional route, whereas I decided to go the Sindit route. We both have the same playing times, and I can safely say that my Bandit reached level thirty while my brother's Bandit was still in its early twenties.

3.Sindits are weak compared to a traditional Bandit.
The only difference between a Sindit and a traditional Bandit is the skills that Sindits max compared to what a Bandit may have maxed in first job.

4. Why do Claw Thieves level faster than Dagger Thieves?
Again, speaking from personal experience and what I've seen, Claw Thieves generally have more stable damage than a Dagger Thief. (I'm not entirely sure why, however, I'm assuming it has something to do with 'Lucky Seven's' damage calculation)

Then there's also the a factor in attacking range. A Claw Thief is a ranged attacker, whereas a Dagger Thief is a melee attacker. The distance a Claw Thief could cover far surpasses the distance a Dagger Thief could cover in a set amount of time.

5. Sindits are more costly than a regular Bandit.
I have to wholeheartedly disagree with this. Why? Dagger Thieves are melee attackers, hence, they must use more Health Potions due to the constant damage they must endure, whereas Claw Thieves don't take as much damage due to the fact that they are ranged attackers. However, the amount of Mana Potions from a Claw Thief using repeated 'Lucky Seven,' may equal the amount of Health Potions used by a Dagger Thief.

6. People will know that you're a Sindit instead of a real Bandit.
This is a common misconception. When people see something 'out of the ordinary,' they tend to question it. However, from levels one to thirty, no one will notice that you're actually a future Bandit in disguise, and no one will know that you were once a Claw Thief in your earlier levels from level thirty and on.

Once again, the only difference between a Sindit and the traditional Bandit is that the Sindit levels faster from levels one to thirty, and that a Sindits skill build will be slightly altered.

II. Pros and Cons
Like any class, Sindits have their goods and bads.

  1. Sindits level faster from levels one to thirty
  2. Sindits are accepted more often than a Dagger Thief in Kerning Party Quests
  3. Get the best of both worlds - They can use both Double Stab and Lucky Seven
  4. Don't get their kills stolen (Hereby referred to as 'KS') as often as a Dagger Thief
  5. More stable damage than a Dagger Thief
  6. Higher damage than a Dagger Thief (Putting any and all equipment aside)

  1. Sindits max 'Dark Sight,' in their second job, whereas a traditional Bandit would have this skill maxed, or closed to maxed as a Rouge
  2. Are often frowned upon due to the 'out of the ordinary' factor
  3. You don't get the 'feel' or a true Dagger Thief

III. Road to Becoming a Rouge
So you have decided to go Sindit, eh? A wise choice on the whole, in my opinion! So, now that you've to choose the path of a Sindit, the first thing you have to do right after start your new character, is to level him / her up to level 10.

  • See Section IX for 'Training Areas'
  • See Section IV for 'Skill Point Allocation

Once this is done, head over to the 'Fusion Jazz Bar' in 'Kerning City' and talk to the NPC there, known as the 'Dark Lord.' Here he will make you a Rouge, extend the maximum amount of items you can now hold, and give you a new book filled with nifty new skills.

Click for larger view. Picture one: Where to find the 'Fusion Jazz Bar.' Picture two: Who to talk to.

  • See section V for 'Ability Point Allocation'

IV. Skill Point Allocation
When you begin as a new player, your stats should look as followed:

Str (Strength): 4 or 5
Dex (Dexterity): This can be any number
Int (Intelligence): 4 or 5
Luk (Luck): This can also be any number

Luck determines your Thieves attacking power, whereas Dexterity is used for accuracy and equipment requirements.

In the end, your Str and Int should either be: double 5's, or a 4 and a 5, or a 5 and a 4.
Whereas your Dex and Luk should range from a 4 to a 10.

  • When you start out as a new player, make sure your Dex is 25 before level ten, otherwise you will not be able to become a Rouge!
  • For every level you gain, you will be granted five Skill Points. Make sure that your DEX is twice your level!
  • For every level you gain, add two points to DEX, and the remaining three points into LUK. From level thirty and onward, it's safe to add only one point to DEX for every level, and to add your remaining points into LUK to maximize your damage.

V. Rouge Skills
When you become a Rouge at level 10, you will receive a brand new skill book filled with new abilities for your character to use. Listed below are these skills, their description, my thoughts, and a final grade.

Lucky Seven
Description: Uses Mana Points (MP) to throw two throwing-stars. Can only be used when a claw is in hand.

My thoughts: Powerful, ranged, it's what makes a Sindit a Sindit. This will be your main attacking skill.
Grade: A+

Double Stab
Description:Uses Mana Points (MP) to stab an opponent twice. Can only ben used when a dagger is in hand.

My thoughts: You will not be using this skill very often through levels 1 - 30. However, it's always useful when your stuck inside a mob. Dark Sight, equip a dagger, and start stabbing your enemies to death. You will be using this skill in second job.
Grade: A+

Nimble Body
Description: When maxed, it gives you an additional +20 accuracy, and an additional +20 avoidability.

My thoughts: As a Thief, accuracy comes naturally, and what's an additional +20 avoidability?
Grade: C

Keen Eyes
Description: Increases the range of throwing-stars and knives.

My thoughts: A must max skill. What's power without range?
Grade: A+

Description: A monster's weapon def. and attack will lower, and the enemy will stop attacking. Cannot be used twice on one monster.

My thoughts: As a Sindit, you have more important and powerful skills to unlock. This isn't one of them. Merely used to unlock the skill 'Dark Sight.'
Grade: F

Dark Sight
Description: Use Mana Points to hide in shadows. Monsters cannot attack you while this skill is activated.

My thoughts: This skill is a luxury skill. You don't need this the moment you turn Rouge. Obviously it can be very useful when used correctly, however, you will max this skill later in your career as a Bandit where it becomes much more useful.
Grade: B+

VI. Ability Point Acollation
For every level you gain, you will receive three Ability Points. These are several ways you can use these points to your advantage.

Level 10: +1 Lucky Seven (1)
Level 11: +3 Nimble Body (3)
Level 12: +3 Keen Eyes (3)
Level 13: +3 Keen Eyes (6)
Level 14: +2 Keen Eyes (8, Maxed), +1 Lucky Seven (2)
Level 15: +3 Lucky Seven (5)
Level 16: +3 Lucky Seven (8)
Level 17: +3 Lucky Seven (11)
Level 18: +3 Lucky Seven (14)
Level 19: +3 Lucky Seven (17)
Level 20: +3 Lucky Seven (20, Maxed)
Level 21: +3 Double Stab (3)
Level 22: +3 Double Stab (6)
Level 23: +3 Double Stab (9)
Level 24: +3 Double Stab (12)
Level 25: +3 Double Stab (15)
Level 26: +3 Double Stab (18)
Level 27: +2 Double Stab (20, Maxed), +1 Disorder (1)
Level 28: +2 Disorder (3), +1 Dark Sight (1)
Level 29: +3 Dark Sight (4)
Level 30: +3 Dark Sight (7)

Your final outcome should be:
Lucky Seven - 20
Double Stab - 20
Keen Eyes - 8
Nimble Body - 3
Dark Sight - 7 (To be maxed in second job)

Many people question this build due to the fact that 'Nimble Body,' isn't maxed. When you're a Thief, accuracy comes naturally, and avoidability, who needs it? I've used this build and it's carried me well in my forties without any problems.

VII. Equipment (Non-funded)
What's a guide without a tutorial for equipment, eh?

Level 1 - 9: Your beginner clothes
Level 10 - 19: Your beginner clothes (I know what you're thinking. Nine entire levels with just your beginner clothes? Well, in reality, it's just a waste of money. You're a ranged attacker for goodness sakes!)
Level 20 - 24: A Black Pao, and a Black Pao bottom should work.
Level 25 - 29: You can keep your level 20 equipment, or go on and buy the entire 'Sneak' set.
Level 30: Not worth the 400k. Keep your level 25 equipment.

Level 1 - 4: Stick with a Wooden Club.
Level 5 - 9: Buy a Razor from Maple Island.
Level 10 - 30: Purchase a Garnier from Kerning City, and several Subi-Throwing Stars from a Potion Shop.

VIII. Equipment (Funded)

Level 1 - 9: Your beginner clothes
Level 10 - 30: Either follow the listed clothes above, or purchase whatever armor you wish to purchase.

Level 1 - 4: Stick with a Wooden Club.
Level 5 - 9: Buy a Razor from Maple Island.
Level 10 - 14: Purchase a Garnier and use whatever stars you have
Level 15 - 19: Purchase Mithril Titans and use whatever stars you have
Level 20 - 24: Purchase an Igor and use whatever stars you have
Level 25 - 29: Purchase a Meba and use whatever stars you have
Level 30: Buy a Steel Guard and use whatever stars you have

IX. Training Areas
Level 1 - 9: Stay in Maple Island. Lith Harbor, Henesys, Kerning City, Perion - these are all too difficult for an aspiring thief of only level one or nine. Finish every quest there for faster leveling.
Level 10 - 14: Green Slimes at Henesys Training Ground I, Henesys Training Ground II, or Henesys Training Ground III, or even Snails if Potions become a problem
Level 15 - 20: Unlike most guides, I do not recommend Pigs Beach. The mob is too great, and the occasional Iron Pig can be a great bother. Instead, I recommend either Green Slimes at Henesys Training Ground I, Henesys Training Ground II, or Henesys Training Ground III, or you can start on Orange Mushrooms at Henesys Training Ground I, Henesys Training Ground II, or Henesys Training Ground III.
Level 21 - 25: Kerning Party Quests are now an option. However, I would suggest that you begin this at level 23+. It's horrendously difficult for lower levels to cope with the Ligators there. So, I would now suggest that you continue training on Orange Mushrooms, or start out on Green Mushrooms found in Ellinia's Southern Dungeon, or at Henesys Training Ground I, Henesys Training Ground II, or Henesys Training Ground III.
Level 26 - 30: Both the Kerning Party Quests, and now the Ant Tunnel at Sleepywood are at your disposal. Start Kerning Party Quests, or start destroying Honry Mushrooms (and Undead Mushrooms if you can) in Sleepywood.

The Road to Becoming a Bandit

Updates to come:
  • Revising the Training Areas and possibly the Equipment section.
  • Adding to the 'Road to Beocming a Bandit'
  • More pictures

Last edited: August 03, 2007

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Posted 29 August 2007 - 12:01 PM

It looks nice with pictures and such. I can't wait till it's finished!

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Posted 31 August 2007 - 09:55 AM

I disagree with the maxing of double stab! The point of sindit is to use L7 until you max SB! Also maxing darksight in 2nd job means you miss out on the new skills second job has to offer! Otherwise nice guide xDD

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Posted 03 September 2007 - 03:11 PM

I disagree with the maxing of double stab also. I thought the whole point of a sindit was to use L7. And I would want 20 avoid instead of only 3...

Guide looks nice though.


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Posted 03 September 2007 - 03:37 PM

This guide is really good, but just like the other people, I disagree with not maxing nimble body. Those 20 Acc are more important then you think.

When people make sindits, they give up Double stab to get L7, most sindits don't have both.

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Posted 06 September 2007 - 05:58 PM

Nice guide!
The pictures are a +.

This topic needs moar assissanz.


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Posted 15 September 2007 - 01:13 AM

not bad >.>, but yeah i dont like the skill builds lack of nimble body, im making a guide that im prolly never gonna fin. but heres a better build(in my opinion >.>) add it if you want

Lv10 +1 Lucky 7
Lv11 +3 Lucky 7
Lv12 +3 Nimble body
Lv13 +3 Keen eyes
Lv14 +3 Keen eyes
Lv15 +2 Keen eyes, +1 Nimble body
Lv16 +3 Disorder
Lv17 +3 Lucky 7
Lv18 +3 Lucky 7
Lv19 +3 Lucky 7
Lv20 +3 Lucky 7
Lv21 +3 Lucky 7
Lv22 +1 Lucky 7, +2 DarkSight
Lv23 +3 Nimble body
Lv24 +3 Nimble body
Lv25 +3 Nimble body
Lv26 +3 Nimble body
Lv27 +3 Nimble body
Lv28 +1 Nimble body. +2 Darksight
Lv29 +3 DarkSight
Lv30 +3 DarkSight

At lv 30, your skills should look like this-

NimbleBody- 20 (max)
KeenEyes- 8 (max)
Disorder- 3
DarkSight- 10
DoubleStab- 0
Lucky 7- 20 (max)

2nd Job
Skill Guide-

Lv30 +1 SavageBlow
Lv31 +3 SavageBlow
Lv32 +3 SavageBlow
Lv33 +3 SavageBlow
Lv34 +3 SavageBlow
Lv35 +3 SavageBlow
Lv36 +3 SavageBlow
Lv37 +3 SavageBlow
Lv38 +3 SavageBlow
Lv39 +3 SavageBlow
Lv40 +2 SavageBlow, +1 Dagger Mastery
Lv41 +3 Dagger Mastery
Lv42 +3 Dagger Mastery
Lv43 +3 Dagger Mastery
Lv44 +3 Dagger Mastery
Lv45 +3 Dagger Mastery
Lv46 +3 Dagger Mastery
Lv47 +3 Haste
Lv48 +3 Haste
Lv49 +3 Haste
Lv50 +3 Haste
Lv51 +3 Haste
Lv52 +3 Haste
Lv53 +2 Haste, +1 Dagger Booster
Lv54 +3 Dagger Booster
Lv55 +3 Dagger Booster
Lv56 +3 Dagger Booster
Lv57 +3 Dagger Booster
Lv58 +3 Dagger Booster
Lv59 +3 Dagger Booster
Lv60 +1 Dagger Booster, + 1 Dagger Mastery +1 Endure
Lv61 +3 Endure
Lv62 +3 Endure
Lv63 +3 Endure
Lv64 +3 Endure
Lv65 +3 Endure
Lv66 +3 Endure
Lv67 +1 Endure, +1 Steal, +1 Darksight
Lv68 +3 Darksight
Lv69 +3 Darksight
Lv70 +3 Darksight

i added 2nd job so you see DS gets maxed...>.>

Bandits MUST have Darksight, in job 4 you need it to use Assassinate

Edited by MizuKale, 15 September 2007 - 01:21 AM.

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Posted 15 September 2007 - 09:20 AM

nice guide fool keep working on it

[email protected]


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Posted 30 September 2007 - 04:08 PM

Would it be possible to not max Double Stab, and max Dark Sight, instead? I don't really care about Nimble Body, I can get accuracy from Sniper Pills. Luck gives avoidability. And, I don't want to wait 'till second job to max it, 'cause I want to be able to hide when I get over my head. I'm sure that'll happen quite often, too.

Nice guide! thumbsup.gif
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Posted 30 September 2007 - 04:18 PM

Wow... uh, I disagree very strongly with the skill build. Maxing double stab and lucky seven isn't a very smart thing to do. And not maxing Nimble Body is as well. First of all, you're a sindit. You're a SINdit. Which means you throw stars till you have a reasonable level of Savage Blow. Therefore you won't even use double stab. And if you don't raise Nimble Body, you're gonna miss that extra accuracy and avoidability big time, especially in the later levels. Also saw a few typos. Other than those two things, everything is good.

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