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You, your Bow, and Wolf Spiders

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Posted 31 July 2007 - 11:03 PM

You, your Bow, and Wolf Spiders
- A guide by TMobilePosah [v1.5]

This guide was written for bowman and crossbowman alike for the use of learning how to effectively navigate Wolf Spiders. May the knowledge gained here be of benefit to you.

Guide to mini map ScreenShots: I've taken some shots of the mini map and expanded them, and also did some simple editing in paint. You'll notice the different color lines and dots, and they represent either character movement, where you should be sniping from, etc.

General Key:
Yellow Lines:Indicate the general area where you need to lure enemies from.
Green Dots: Indicate the area or position from which you need to launch attacks from.
Red lines: Indicate your line of fire/projectile path.

<Section 1>

Wolf Spiders are nasty little mechanized arachnids that prowl deep below MesoGears. Small, fast, and hard hitting, they don't exactly seem to be up a bowman's alley. Do neat fear however. Wolf Spiders can be successfully trained on with a little resourcefulness, and as a Ranger or Sniper you have just what it takes.

First, the 411 on your enemy.

Wolf Spiders:

Level: 80
HP: 28 000 Exp: 1 200
KB: 1000 Wep ATT: 450 Wep Def: 700
Found in: Wolf Spider Cavern

Skills and Level:

I don't suggest attempting this map before level 80. Also, a decent amount of Arrow Rain or Eruption is an absolute necessity for this map. You'll be using Strafe sparingly and only when you need too. You probably shouldn't go before level 80 because your skills will be under-developed, especially since you'll probably be Mastering Strafe first and you'll be using Arrow Rain much more. Puppet isn't absolutely necessary but having it is very useful, especially above level 6. A long range mobbing skill is also useful, like Arrow Bomb. Iron Arrow does not work so well in this map, you'll have to Strafe or the like for Sniping if you are a Sniper.

What to bring:
Wolf Spiders can inflict a lot of damage if they run into you, so you'll want to keep contact to a very minimum (And this guide will help you accomplish that). My Ranger has 205 Wep Defense and when I get hit I take anywhere between 1500-1600 damage, so you'll need to pack along potions that can keep you a safe distance above that mark because it's pretty easy to die otherwise. I suggest buying Barbarian Elixirs; these pack the most punch for the best price (1000 mesos for 1500HP recovery = win). Those can be purchased in town. You can try experimenting with Potions that recover a percentage amount of HP like Horntail Elixirs, but thats up to you. Bring plenty of supplies, you don't want to run out of potions here, the spiders will rip you apart. Plus, as of now, Return to Town scrolls don't work and it's a pretty good jog to the map.

How to get there:

New Leaf City: Town Center -> Bigger Ben: Lobby -> MesoGears: Deity Room -> Soul Corridor -> Wolf Spider Cavern

You should be all suited up now and just dieing with eagerness to give those Wolf Spiders the what-for, eh? Well hang onto your arrow quiver there bucko, ain't no good if ya don't know how to get there. -Spits into a spittoon-. Wolf Spiders are at New Leaf City: this can be reached by taking the Subway from Kerning (costs 5000 mesos). Once you arrive in the main area of the city hang a left and head to Bigger Ben; travel up the teleport points along the tower and head inside. Once you're in Bigger Ben [i.e. MesoGears] you'll be traveling to depths deep below NLC. The journey can be tricky at first; the first map has secret portals located in the stone archways. At the second map just walk straight ahead and enter the portal to the far right. Once you're in the 3rd map you'll want to descend all the way to the bottom. There's two portals on the bottom, an upper and a lower one. You'll want to take the upper portal and this leads you to your destination: Wolf Spider Cavern.

<Section 2>

Wolf Spider Cavern is divided into about 4 sections with two completely identical platforms per section on either side (So what you did for one side can be repeated on the opposite side, since they're the same): The Uppermost Section, the Top Section, the Middle Section, and the Bottom Section. The Uppermost section could be included as part of the Top Section, however due to it's unique nature I'll explain it separately.

The Uppermost Section:

I mentioned this section is a little different from the others, and the reason being it's very difficult to reach. As a matter of fact, unless you possess Flash Jump (Hermits) or Assaulter (Chief Bandits) you can't even get to this section. It is possible for a Ranger or Sniper to kill the Spiders in this section, however it's rather difficult and requires very precise aim and maybe a well placed Puppet. You can only hit the Spiders from the highest platform when there in one spot, and if you hit them they'll just jump against the wall out of reach. If this happens, you should place a puppet near the center of this point on the lower section so they will swarm around this point and not against the wall, and you'll just have to hope you get some good shots in.
as of such, you probably should just leave this section alone unless you absolutely have to.

The Top Section:

This part takes some spider luring to avoid taking a lot of damage, but you might have to get your hands dirty and take a few hits unless you're a master of avoiding things. Take the warp point (In this case, the small wood fires across the map act as teleport points) to the inside of the wall and use a quick mob skill like Rain/Eruption/Inferno to get all the spiders attentions on you (Using Arrow Bomb or Blizzard only stuns/freezes, and this isn't really the point), and then lead them back down to the wall and take the teleport back outside. The Spiders will be jumping angrily against the wall to get you, however they can't get out to damage you and this leaves them sitting ducks for Arrow Rain//Eruption, which conveniently goes right through walls so you can plaster them all day without fear. The only damage you need to take is when you're luring. Occasionally though a spider will spawn on the outside of this map, and if this happens you should stop mobbing to take it out, otherwise you'll have to take unnecessary damage. The platform is small, but there's enough room to use Strafe, and for a monster of their caliber Wolf Spiders have a fairly low KB of only 1000, so keeping it at bay or pinned to the outer corner shouldn't be to much problem. If you can't get it away from you, use puppet on the corner and kill it.

The Middle Section:

Much like the top section, the middle section usually requires some spider luring. Get all the spiders attention and head toward the middle (Avoid touching them as much as you can). Jump off the edge of the map and hit the teleport below to bring you to the middle platform. From here you can snipe the Spiders all you want without fear. But like section the top, spiders occasionally spawn on this platform. It's somewhat smaller but if you can use a similar technique like the top and keep it away from, or use puppet if you have too. Also, if you have enough jump you can reach the top of the sign. From here you can hit spiders on the above platform, but you need a good deal of jump as I said.

The Bottom Section:

The bottom section is probably the most desirable for Rangers/Snipers. You can lure spiders from the side, but not too many spiders spawn outside the pit, and if they do they usually have a tendency to jump into the pit anyways so very little luring, thus very little damage/potions, is required. In the pit, there's 3 platforms; a lower middle platform, and 2 smaller platforms on either side of the middle one. Spiders can jump and hit you if you're on it, so you'll want to be on either of the two smaller platforms out of reach spamming Arrow Rain/Eruption on the hapless spiders below. Sometimes a Spider above you will try falling into the pit, but if you move to the side they'll probably jump right over you. If a spider lands on the center platform take precautions to avoid it so you aren't knocked off, like switching to the other platform for instance.


If you want to party in this map, the best spot for you is definitely the bottom. It has the easiest mobbing for Arrow Rain/Eruption and the lowest damage yield. Party members taking out spiders on the above platforms should keep your spawn rate constant so all you really need to do is spam Arrow Rain all day. Getting into parties is probably best idea so you don't have to deal with all the luring on the upper platforms. Of course you aren't the only one who wants the bottom; it's pretty good for other melee classes like Saders/WKs/DKs, or mages/priests who have a similar mob skill to Rain/Eruption. Sniping monsters from the center is also pretty, and if you don't want to you don't have to lure the spiders; they'll eventually come to you. Of course if you must, you can always do the top sections as well but see if you can get a Priest to follow you along.


Authors comments:

This is only the rough .TXT version of the guide. Other goodies like an index and some helpful screen shots will be added soon but at a later date; probably tomorrow, so just hang tight. Suggestions and comments not concerning the absence of screen shots are appreciated. mush1n.gif

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#2 mekeo

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Posted 17 August 2007 - 01:11 AM

Very nice guide, im gonna try this next level mush1a.gif.

but im not sure if i can do it that well, i actually tried today, and i had to use rain about 10 times to kill a mob =/, wasting alot of mp, my rain is only 1...im trying to max strafe and get it out of the way so i can get rain down.
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Posted 03 March 2008 - 09:42 PM

that is always a fun thing to do mush1n.gif

thanks for the help in killing Wolf Spiders mush1n.gif

off topic: I have 6 sets of Ilbi on my Hermit now because of my Ranger mobbing mush1n.gif

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Posted 10 March 2008 - 07:11 PM

I've looked up a little bit of information on this subject and it seems like a good idea, but would you recommend maxing Arrow Rain before strafe if you want to train at Wolf Spiders/FoG/Etc. since you'll be mobbing them?
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Posted 31 January 2009 - 03:20 PM

Thank you for this guide, it was helpful and detailed. mush1n.gif I will be using this once I get my arrow rain up..

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