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Dexless Banditsin Guide

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Posted 30 July 2007 - 08:16 AM

- Written by l_Jeff_l

Table of Contents

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___Version History :VsH:

___My own Experience :MOE:

___Banditsin Info :BSI:

___Dexless Info :DXI:

___Stat Allocation :SAL:

___Skill Build [1st Job] :SBA:

___Equipment/Potions [Lvl 1-30] :EPA:

[Everything above is finished in 1st draft]

___Training [Lvl 1-30] :TRA:

___Job Advancement [2nd Job]

___Skill Build [2nd Job]

___Equipment/Potions [Lvl 30-70]

___Training [Lvl 30-70]

Version History :VSH:

V. 0.4 - 7/30/07
Started with info up to level 30. Plan on continuing and also add recommended quest section.

My own Experience :MOE:

I have only made 1 dexless banditsin, and his name is Venacious. I'm actively training him, and he's level 41 currently. He's much stronger than other bandits, although slightly inconsistent without much dagger mastery yet. I never get KSed, and training is fun so far =)

Banditsin Info :BSI:

First off, banditsins are thieves who start off as claw rogues, but at the 2nd job advancement, become bandits. Eventually, they stop using assassin equipment when their bandit skills are strong enough.

Why become a banditsin if you're going to stop using assassin equipment eventually? Here are the pros and cons of becoming a banditsin.

- Fast training to level 30/40
- After switching to bandit weapons, you won't train slower than any other bandit with your stats
- Won't miss out on any good skills, and you'll even get double stab at later levels
- Come on, you'll be a bandit, that's gotta be a pro =P

- Get double stab later
- Less dark sight than a regular bandit
- Some people think this build is expensive, but in the long run, I don't think it's any more expensive than the regular bandit.

That being said, the cons are much less troublesome than the pros are helpful, so if you're relatively impatient but like bandits, this is your build =) You'll be needing the regular assassin's funding though to get some good stars and potions. Decent funding being maybe just 4mil, although I started off funded by just like 2mil but a friend gave me 10mil at around level 30.

Dexless Info :DXI:

Dexless thieves are thieves who cap their dex at 25 (the amount required to become a thief) and then train from there. Pretty straightforward right? If so, I'll jump straight to the pros and cons.

- A lot more luk than full dex
- Much stronger between level 35-Idk but a high level
- Only have to buy a few good equips instead of constantly buying and replacing.

- Needs funding to start
- Unless you have godly dex equips, training between like level 25-35, you might be weaker than the full dex thief because they'll have much better weapons.
- Less equipment variety

combine these pros and cons with the banditsin's pros and cons, and you get the reason why people may become dexless banditsins =D

Stat Allocation :SAL:

Okay so you're interested? Here's the build up to level 30 for your stat allocation.

What you want for your beginning stats is:
4/5 strength
x dex
x luk
4/5 int
However, I'd recommend not going higher than a total of 9 strength and int.

After you've gotten your starting stats, here's the stat build.

Get 25 dex as soon as you can.
Pump out LUK every level afterwards.

Pretty simple, huh =P

Skill Build [1st Job] :SBA:

Here's how I recommend you raise your skills between level 10-30.


Level 10: +1 Lucky7[1]
Level 11: +3 NimbleBody[3]
Level 12: +3 KeenEyes[3]
Level 13: +3 KeenEyes[6]
Level 14: +2 KeenEyes[8*]
Level 15-20: +18 Lucky7[19]
Level 21: +1 Lucky7[20*]
Level 22: +1 DarkSight[1] +2 NimbleBody[5]
Level 23-27: +15 NimbleBody[20*]
Level 28-30: +9 DarkSight[10]

This way, you can use Lucky 7 whenever you have enough MP (don't bother actually recharging MP in order to constantly use it until you have like 10 points in it), get good throwing range ASAP, get a little bit of dark sight for emergency use, max nimble body for accuracy and avoidability, and then get enough dark sight for it to be completely useable.

Equipment/Potions [Lvl 1-30] :EPA:

So what equipment should you use during your training prior to becoming a bandit?

[If you have an Independence Flag or w/e] Level 1-10: Use your independence flag at Victoria
[If not...]Level 1-5: Use whatever you picked out.
Level 5-10: Buy a razor and use it.
Level 10-30: Buy either a 10-12 atkclean garnier or a 17-19 atk scrolled garnier. You'll be needing this extra boost considering how long you'll be using it.

Level 1-10: Just use beginner clothes
Level 10-11: Level 10 thief clothes, doesn't matter which - Buy at Kerning
Level 11-16: Level 11 beginner clothes and gomushins. At level 15 buy a metal gear hat- Buy at Lith Harbor and Kerning
Level 16-25: Keep everything but buy the level 16 beginner pants. Get the ice jeans - Buy at Lith Harbor
Level 25-26: Keep everything but at this point buy a brown bamboo hat - Buy from people
Level 26-30: Buy whitebottom shoes and camo pants - Buy at Henesys

Highly Recommended
100% a garnier
100/60% your whitebottom shoes for speed, or jump if you're rich, but make sure you have enough for later equips.

Training [Lvl 1-30] :TRA:

Level 1-10: Green and blue snails at Maple Island, or if you have an independence flag, train at Henesys hunting grounds.
Level 10-15:

Edited by l Jeff l, 30 July 2007 - 08:17 AM.

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