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Announcement: MapleTip Rules and Welcome Message

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Welcome to MapleTip!

MapleTip is a MapleStory Fan website and forums, and like many other forums, we have our own set of guidelines are members should abide to. Please help keep the community sane by abiding to the following rules and guidelines.


Section One: Potential Warn and/or Ban Scenarios

Anybody found disobeying the following rules will be warned and/or banned approximately.


1. No cursing / foul language (10% warning per incident)

Cursing will not be tolerated. You will find cursing to be a difficult task anyway as we have filters set up to block specific curse words. Those that are persistent and / or know the ins and outs of the Invision bad word system may attempt to circumvent these measures. Circumventing the filters will be dealt with immediately. Examples may include the use of asterisks (*) or similar tactics. Also, use of any word indirectly indicate a swear word will result in a warn. By swearing, you give us access to change any word in your post. The only exception to this rule is in the "Complaints and Sewers" forum. Although there are filters that blocks swearing, you may bypass the filters and not be warned in those two forums only.

2. Member Bashing / Name calling / Insults (20% warning per incident)

Yes, they are all the same, we call it flaming. Members are NOT to engage in bashing other forum members or flaming posts and topics. These types of posts and/or topics will be deleted from the forum without warning. This forum is for the conversation of Maplestory and for the fans of Maplestory to converse. Personal Attacks do not have a place on this forum. If you have a problem with what somebody has said, or believe that their ideas are wrong then that is NOT an excuse to call them an idiot. Also ANY negative references to homosexuality, race, age, intelligence, gender, religion etc. will NOT be tolerated. These offending posts will be deleted without notice and you will be warned accordingly.

3. Posting Illegal / Inappropriate Materials (50% warning per incident)

We understand that you may want people to have "free things", however we must abide to copyright laws. Illegal or Inappropriate materials include but are not limited to, "warez", "hacking" of any kind, "cracks", "serials", virii, "trojan" programs, pornography, hate groups, and / or any sites or links dealing with generally objectionable materials. Also, you may not post any material that refers to any 'sexual behavior' or 'sexual comment'. These are illegal, and can result in an arrest.

Note: This rule may be edited as deemed necessary.

4. Key logging links / Scam websites / Scamming another person (Instant permanent ban)

Mapletip offers a very nice, friendly community and we would not appreciate it if you post links to key loggers or scam/phishing websites. Not only will you gain a ticket to banned land, but your ISP may receive an abuse email stating your immature decision. Bypassing the filter will also get you in much, much trouble. Also, if you scam someone in any way, directly or indirectly, on Mapletip or not on Mapletip, you will be banned. Just think of it like this, we like to protect our members, they're that cool.

Note: This rule may also be edited as deemed necessary.

5. Hacking the website (Instant permanent ban and report to ISP)

By hacking MapleTip in any fashion, which includes but is not limited to XSS attacks, SQL injection, Brute Force, etc, you will be IP blocked, ISP reported, and of course, banned.

6. Advertising another Website (10% warning per incident)

There will be no advertising of another website on MapleTip. You must obtain prior consent Life to advertise. This rule is here only because we are trying to reduce the amount of spam. Since there is no specific forum for advertising, no advertising of any website is allowed. The other side of this rule, is if you advertise a website that sells Maplestory items or services, you will be banned permanently. All advertised websites will obtain a cease operation notification, and your website will be placed on our "Important Annoucment" section as a potential scam / keylogger website. You SHOULD NOT advertise without permission. Advertising means, but is not limited to "The promotion of a service or idea for the sole purpose of profit, monetary or not".

7. Hacking on Maplestory (Instant permanent ban)

Hacking allows you to have an advantage over other players. We don't appreciate that as you are causing a negative impact on other people such as interrupting their training. We would appreciate it if you don't hack, but if you do, you will be banned.

To report a hacker, good proof is needed. Good proof contains the person's charcter name, picture of them not having knockback, having more monsters on platform than possible, and centered in the picture. We must be able to see their character picture too.

8. Cross server item transfer/Item Transfer/Account trade/Buying or selling accounts/Buying or selling mesos/Account Giveaway/ETC ( Ban)

You may not do any item transfers, buying or selling of any accounts, or buying or selling of any mesos. Anything of that effect will result in a ban. The reason behind this is because many users are scammed by doing the above, so to protect you, we have implemented this harsh rule.

9. Harassment (Permanent ban)

Harassing another member, yet not flaming them is very possible, but it can cause more damage than flaming to a person's life. An example is shown below:

Gavin calls Michael a pedophile, Michael is not a Pedophile, but Gavin keeps making up stuff to make people think that Michael is a pedophile. Gavin will be banned because he caused Michael much pain and suffering.

10. Flame Wars (Permanent ban)

We don't like war, it smells funny. This is why we'll ban anyone that starts or is part of one.

There are two types of flame wars, each with different types of punishments.

The person that starts a flame war that is small will gain a 50% warning on first offense, permanent ban on second offense.
The person that starts a flame war that is big will gain a permanent ban.


Section Two: Posting Guidelines.

While these are not hard and fast rules, failure to heed these guidelines can and most likely will result in your post being deleted or simply ignored by other people. Multiple instances where this guide is not followed or they are deliberately ignored will result in a warning.


1. Try not to post a paragraph that has over 15 sentences.

Reading one long paragraph, with no breaks in it, is not very easy on the eyes. Take some time when you post to look at what you are typing. Take full advantage of the BBCode buttons on the posting page to accent your text so it's readable. Use indents and breaks to form good structured posts. Think of your English teacher when you do this, failure to do anything correctly will result in an F in English. (I'm kidding)

2. Try to provide quality support.

Please do not feel obligated to post support for MapleTip. Some of the "support" posts have been wrong and only confuse the people who are trying to receive help. As a rule of thumb: DO NOT give support unless you are sure what the person's problem is and you know how to solve it, or are asked to post.

3. Excessive line breaking (10% warning per incident)

Excessive line breaking will not be tolerated in this forum. You may have only up to 5 line breakings; any more breaks will result in a warning. Excessive line breaking is not necessary and is considered spam.

4. Use the Edit Button. (10% warning per incident)

Use the edit button if you need to change what you've said or add something new to your post.

5. Don't Post Too Much. (10% warning per incident)

We realize that you would like to raise your post count and would like to participate actively in this extremely cool forum but it is not necessary to post in EVERY thread. It is really obnoxious to see a display name over and over again.

6. Don't dispute the moderators and/or administrators. (10% warning per incident)

You might consider getting a different opinion from another moderator/administrator to try and resolve the issue PRIVATELY. If a moderator tells you to do something, do it. Crying in the streets (public forums) won't help anything. You may also try to use our complaints forum to resolve this problem with an administrator or moderator. These topics will not be closed unless it is resolved.

7. Try to use proper English.

Posting like a dyslexic cat having a seizure on the keyboard will get you noticed, and will probably make you popular, but it will not be in a good way. Just take the extra two seconds to add somewhat proper punctuation, and capitalize the letters at the beginning of your sentences. We will understand if your first language is not English, just let us know that in advance. Make sure your posts are clear, and express your problem/request well. Use proper grammar and spelling.

Also, please try not to use many odd abbreviations. These forums are read by people around the world; they may not understand some of your jargon.

8. Please Be Patient.

Guides take a lot of time to make. It isn't like DB moderators live to make things for you, they have lives too. Please do not assume that they will make your guide right away, or ever. There just isn't enough time to make them all. As for the features, MapleTip currently has only one active website designer, Life, and he has a life too and cannot program 24/7. It takes some time to add new guides and you should be patient.

9. Honor the moderators and administrator.

The moderators devote their time and patience to see that these forums will grow, so a little respect for them is required. This is the same respect you give to your local police officer.

10. Don't announce that you're spamming and/or are a n00b.

This is sure to get the moderator's and administrator's attention in a negative way. People who do this are possibly new. Honest mistakes are OK but if you continuously do this, there may be consequences such as people pointing and laughing at you. Oh yes, a warning could occur too.

11. Respect the judgment of the moderators/administrators.

If an administrator or moderator has decided to lock a topic or delete some posts, please do not question their actions here on the board (i.e. posts threads similar to "Why was my topic deleted?" or "Where did all my posts go?")
If you wish to contact an administrator or moderator and talk with them about your thread or post, please do so by clicking the AIM button in the member's public profile or in posts by that member. You may also try the Private message system and complaints board.

12. Signatures (10% warning per incident)

Your TOTAL signature length may not exceed 560 x 360. Please note, this rule also applies to text. Your signature will be automatically deleted without warning and without the original signature if you do not comply with this rule.

13. Insignificant Posts/Non Contributing Posts. (10% warning per incident)

Posts that do not help the topic at all will give you a warning. Please understand that by simply posting the words "okay" does not improve a topic. Try stating a reason as to why you said "okay". If there isn't a reason to why you said what you said in a post, then the post is considered "Insignificant" and you will gain a warning.

14. Spamming Spree (Permanent ban)

If you create a large amount of spam posts within a short amount of time, you will be banned on the spot. It is your responsibility to take care of your account and to log out when you are away from your computer so the Sibling excuse is not acceptable.

15. Backseat Moderating (10% warning per incident)

We understand that you have strange fantasies of wanting to be a moderator, but can you please keep that to yourself during your private time? We know you love MapleTip very much, but instead of telling the moderator to close this, hit the report button so we know we should go there.

16. Repeating an answer already given

If the topic question has been answered, you don't have to answer it again with the same exact answer! Simply ignore the thread or report the thread so a moderator can come and close it.


Section Three: Flaming

As a large forum with many members, we take serious action against the 'flamers' and will warn them accordingly.


1. You were once a noob too (10% warning per incident)

Remember the time when you were 6 and didn't know how to ride your bicycle? Remember when you were level 3 and didn't know what SP was? Well, everyone was once a 'noob' too, and you shouldn't be flaming them just because they are new and doing things wrongly, but you should help them like how you would help a friend. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a 10% warning. Just imagine yourself being 40 and yet you still don't know how to ride a bike.

2. Don't laugh at other members (10% warning per incident)

One time, there was a member that was hacked. Many people laughed at him and called him a noob. Was that fair? What if you got hacked and were laughed by a crowd of people? Have sympathy in the person and tell them you feel sorry for them, even try to help the member. No matter what happened to the other person, you shouldn't laugh at them. It may possibly make them cry.


Section Four: Registration Terms.

We automatically expect the following from our members and guests.


1. You are over thirteen and understand that not everything is butterflies and magic pixie dust.

You may NOT register on this forum if you are UNDER the age of 13. Besides, you may not even register for MapleStory if you are under 13. Doing so is in violation of COPPA rules. If you are under thirteen, you can still register for MapleTip by sending a COPPA letter. You may find this while registering.

2. We do not accept liability for anything.

Mapletip is not responsible for any death or injury or mental distress related directly or indirectly to MapleTip. We understand that you may become entranced by our stunning graphics, but that is no excuse.

3. Administrators can read and release your Private messages.

Only during an investigation, your private messages can be read and released by an administrator at any time for any reason. We do not usually do this; therefore, you can feel secure about sending messages on MapleTip.

4. Administrators and Moderators can edit your posts

For the sake of spam, flaming, and other rule breaking posts, Administrators and Moderators have the right to edit your post. However, if you feel that the edit was unnecessary, you can complain in the Complaints forum.

5. Your name can not be deemed annoying or too long by others.

If you have a name like "WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", it is obviously annoying and too long. It will be changed to something else by an administrator if it is deemed a problem.

6. Privacy.

We will only disclose your personal information if and only if requested by law enforcement.


Section Five: Punishments

For everything you do that breaks a rule, the following will be given as



10% warning = nothing
20% warning = nothing
30% warning = nothing
40% warning = A bad reputation ;O
50% warning = inability to post for 3 days
60% warning = inability to post for a week
70% warning = 3 day suspension
80% warning = one week suspension
90% warning = permanent ban
100% warning = permanent ban

10% warning is removed from your warning level every 3 weeks so try not to get warnings.


Section Six: Unban.

If you feel you should be unbanned, read the following section


If you were banned unfairly, please include your username in the Complaints forum. If you were banned fairly, you will have to follow a different process. If you were banned but you regret doing what you did, you may issue a FORMAL apology and have a positive user base consensus specifically stating that they want you to be back on the forums. To do this, you can start a poll in the polls forum. To get unbanned requires you to apologize to the community and people you have hurt AND have the majority of the forums vote in favor of your unban.

Please note, Life and only Life has the power to ban or unban for any reason.


Section Seven: Your rights as a member.

You're a member. You have rights, exploit it.

1. Was a moderator's decision unfair?

If you were warned/suspended/banned by a moderator, feel free to post in our complaints forum. Please provide evidence and we will lift the ban, warning, or other punishment if we find it unfair or unjustified.

2. The only rules are on this page.

If a moderator warned you for a rule that isn't on this page, post a complaint up and you can get the moderator lose his or her position. This rule only applies to moderators and not administrators.

3. Express your mind and soul.

As a member, you can express all you want. (As long as you abide the rules above) Don't feel oppressed or intimidated by other members, they are all kind and sweet and willing to help you at a moment's notice.

4. The administrator makes final decision.

If a moderator has banned, but you plan to repeal, go ahead you have a chance. The administrator makes the final decision. Though, you can try even if it's just 10%.

5. Fairness

All members, regardless of anything, will receive fair treatment. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, green, purple, Asian, or an alien, it's all fair. (As long as you are fair to us!!)

6. Ex Post De Facto (After the fact)

You cannot be warned if what you did is before a rule was ever made.


We hope your head is not spinning after reading all these guidelines. The MapleTip community would like to invite you now to come on into these awesome forums, hang out with us and enjoy all the features of this great community. By registering, you have signed this agreement. Your login name indicates your signature. You automatically agree to every revision after this. If you don't agree, you can simply leave.

Thank you for reading,
Stephen (Life)

MapleTip.com Webmaster